Friday, February 9, 2007

Tips for Dealing With Aggressive People & Handling Difficult People

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You may encounter agressive and difficult people at workplace, among friends,relatives, neighbours etc. If you have to deal with such people on a regular basis and don't know how to deal with them properly then it might be cause you considerable amount of stress and discomfort. Below are a few tips to help you deal with them in a better manner:

Some Don'ts:

Lets first discuss the don'ts which you have to guard against while dealing with difficult people.

1. First and foremost don't take their behaviour personally. Most of them behave in a difficult manner habitually and their attitude is not directed specifically towards you alone.

2. Don't try to fight with them. Fighting with them may only complicate matters further and can pave the way for a bigger argument.

3. Dont try to win the argument: Dont approach the argument with the mindset of winning it and proving the other person wrong. You may prove them wrong but that is unlikely to change their future behaviour. Instead of trying to win the argument, try to work towards a reasonable solution which will be in the best interests of everyone concerned. Remember your goal is simply to assertively express your own opinion, not try and win a battle of right and wrong.

How to cope with difficult people:

Now that we have seen some of the dont's, lets see some tips about what to do when people are making life difficult for us.

1. Overly aggressive people expect others to either submit to their wishes or to fight against them. So dont do either of those. Instead, stand up for yourself without fighting. Be calm and polite with them and do not shout back. Remaining calm and composed inspite of their shouting is the best response you can give to difficult people. They will usually not expect such behaviour and would be suprised.

2. Wait for them to run out of some steam, then respond with your views in a polite yet firm and confident manner. Its important that you don't interrupt them in the middle of their speech which can make them more angry. Instead wait calmly for them to finish, then take a deep breath, call the person by name and express your opinion. This is a far more effective approach.

Keep in mind that dealing with difficult people takes time,so be patient. You may not be able to change their behaviour but using the above tips you can atleast improve your own response and can stop letting their behaviour affect you negatively.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =)THANX FOR MAKING SUCH A COOL BLOG

Anonymous said...

Great advice,
There is a real bully at work who keeps on saying what a great leader he is and constantly talking about having a Phd as proof of his super-powers.

In every conversation he openly runs others down and says to your face how you aren't suitable to occupy your office.

What is bizzare is the fact that everyone starts to believe it after a while.

Is there any way of convincing co-workers of your worth with this type of figure around ?

Anonymous said...

Remind your coworkers that a PhD does not make him EMOTIONALLY intelligent. He should be reminded that to get people to work well and grow, he need focus on their strengths, build them up, not down. People will be affected by this man if they allow him, and only if they allow him. Let them know that you respect and appreciate them, and that there should be a culture of mutual respect in this and all workplaces.