Thursday, December 14, 2006

Overcoming Fears

One of the best ways to overcome fear is to learn more about it, get knowledge about the thing that we fear. That will help in reducing the fear because once we have good knowledge about a particular thing, we become comfortable doing it and the fear begins to fade away.

Many people are afraid of public speaking because it involves a lot of skills like preparing a good speech, delivery of the speech, how to address the audience, body language, tone of voice etc. Since many people have not mastered these skills, public speaking involves a lot of uncertainties to them and they are afraid of walking up to the stage as they fear that they may make complete fools of themselves.

One way to overcome this fear is to study in detail the various skills involved one by one, such as they should study about the basics of body language, how to maintain a confident and correct posture, they should study and master effective speech preparation and delivery. Once they master the various skills involved in public speaking, they will feel a lot more comfortable and eventually they fear is likely to vanish into the thin air. (Check this out if you want to master public speaking skills - click here

This is because they have step by step mastered and become comfortable with various smaller skills that are needed for giving a good speech or presentation on stage. They have divided the task of public speaking into smaller pieces, then studied and mastered each piece until they became perfect in it or atleast became comfortable in it.

If you observe people who are good at something or have successfully overcome a fear of something, you are likely to find that they took the time to learn how to do it until they mastered it. They broke the task down into smaller chunks and mastered the individual chunks.

This is a systematic approach of overcoming fear as you are taking small steps at a time and getting comfortable with them, you are confronting your fear in small steps.
This is the key to overcome fear - to handle it in smaller chunks and not all at once.

Uncertainty is likely to give rise to fear, while knowledge kills it. So arm yourself with knowledge about anything which you are afraid of. Break the task into smaller components and take the time to learn those various components. You will then no longer be uncertain or unsure about the things you fear, you will now possess the knowledge of it which will help in making the fear go away.

If you are good at something, it is unlikely you will feel afraid of doing it, on the contrary you will feel confident and comfortable in doing that thing. So in order to master fear, make a commitment to study and master whatever it is that you fear. Break the object of your fear into smaller parts and deal with each part one at a time till you have mastered it, then move on to another part. If you are afraid of public speaking, break it down into different parts, study each part, arm yourself with knowledge of that, practise it till you become perfect then move on to the next part. If you keep doing a thing repeatedly you will not fear it, because you have learned from doing it repeatedly, you have become comfortable with it.

So here is the summary of this article - Educate yourself in order to remove fear. Study the various aspects of your fear by breaking it down into smaller parts, and master each part till you feel comfortable.

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