Thursday, December 14, 2006

Becoming a Better Public Speaker

In this post, let us discuss how we can become a better speaker by eliminating verbal pauses from our speech. Verbal pauses refer to the umm.., aahh’s… that we say when we struggle to find something intelligent to say in our speech. This can happen with the best of us, such kind of verbal pauses make us seem unintelligent to our audience. So effort must be made to eliminate verbal pauses from your speech.

The first step is to become aware of this behaviour. You can watch how other people speak and notice whether they speak without any verbal pauses. Next you can notice your own speech, or ask others to observe you while you speak and let you know of the frequency of verbal pauses during your speech.

Becoming aware of your tendency will help you make efforts in overcoming this habit. After you have become aware, the next step would be replace this habit with another better one. So what would you replace this habit with?

Instead of verbal pauses, make your pauses silent. Instead of saying umm or aah, just remain silent for brief moment until you come up with something intelligent to say. Remember you do not have to keep on speaking during your speech, you can afford brief moments of silence without the need to fill up with any sounds.

Hope this article would help you to become aware of your verbal pauses, and replace them with silent pauses which should make you a better speaker atleast by some degree. For mastering public speaking, click here

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