Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stop Bleeding in 15 seconds

Researchers seem to have found an amazing liquid that can stop bleeding in 15 seconds!!!

Uncontrolled loss of blood can lead to loss of life. But now researchers at Massachusetts Institue of Technology and University of Hong Kong have found a liquid that may help in stopping bleeding anywhere in body within 15 seconds.

The researchers published their findings in the journal "Nanomedicine. This research was published in the October 10, 2006 online edition of the journal "Nanomedicine".
They explained how they tested the liquid on wounds in various parts of hamsters and rats -- brain, spinal cord, liver, intestine and skin. Each time, the wound stopped bleeding in about 15 seconds.

According to a researcher, this liquid looks like water, and you can put it anywhere there is a cut or bleeding, and it stops the bleeding without a clot. Researchers are confident that this liquid can be very important in emergency medical situations because of the speed of its action. It may also help in reducing infections.

Ellis-Behnke, from MIT adds that when you wipe away the liquid, bleeding resumes, but if you reapply the liquid it stops.

The researchers may have discovered the liquid by accident and still studying its mechanism. You can view pictures and videos of it by going to this link:

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