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You can Stop Feeling Tired and Sleepy All the Time

I used to feel very sleepy and tired all the time. I always wanted to sleep during the day and would feel tired so easily. Oh! what wouldn't I have given to stop feeling sleepy and tired and enjoy life of energy.

If you are like what I used to be then you know what I am talking about. You too might be suffering from this problem of feeling sleepy all the time - feeling sleepy at work, tired in the morning, during lectures or meetings.

In short - feeling sleepy all the time. Wouldn't you just love to stop feeling sleepy and get back your life? But imagine that suddenly your whole life changed for the better!

Imagine that you no longer feel sleepy and tired, or weak or fatigued. Imagine you no longer feel sleepy in office, in college or school etc.

Imagine that suddenly instead of feeling tired you wake up each morning with a burst of energy. Imagine that you don't even need an alarm clock to wake up, you can just wake up like that.

Imagine that you have become an early riser. Rising early has so many advantages. You can do a lot more when you wake up early in the morning. You are full of energy in the morning times.

Stop Being Tired and Sleepy: Get More Enthusiasm and Energy
Imagine going through the whole day without this feeling of constant tiredness, feeling sleepy and unable to do anything. Suddenly these familiar feelings no longer bother you, wouldn't it be so great?

You can now do all the important work which you seem to have been putting off for so long. All your office work can now be done with full concentration, energy and enthusiasm.

Your enthusiasm never leaves you, whatever it is that you do. It is even infectious and other people too get infected with your enthusiasm when you come in contact with them.

Sleep Less But Have More Energy
You don't even need to sleep many hours each night in order to get this kind of strong energy throughout the day. Just a few hours of sleep is more than sufficient.

For this you have to first learn how to make your sleep more effective. So that you can then save time by sleeping less and still being healthy and active.

Imagine what it would be if you can save even 1-3 hours each day because you now sleep less and utilize these saved hours for something constructive and useful.

How to Stop Feeling Sleepy and Tired?
Wouldn't you like to have all these advantages for yourself? Wouldn't you want your life to change dramatically for the very better? Wouldn't you want to put an end to this constant and excessive tiredness and sleepiness?

Most people who are suffering from sleepy problem would definitely love the idea of being able to experience life the way I mentioned above.

If you are like such people, then there is good news. You can head straight to this site and check out this useful resource for changing your life for the better.

Enjoy more energy, improve stamina, get better health, quality sleep and overcome tiredness, laziness, drudgery and fatigue - End Tiredness Program: Just What you Wanted

More Benefits:
Do you know that by solving your problem of constantly feeling sleepy, you will also improve your overall health as well as body immune system. Your concentration powers too can improve dramatically.

You will also learn how to avoid common mistakes that can make you more tired. All these are added bonuses when you solve your sleepiness problem. Now there is no need to feel sleepy all day and lead a life of constant fatigue.

Do you know that nearly 25% of people suffer from similar problem. They are tired all the time and need more energy. Check out now - Stop Feeling Tired and Sleepy

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Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast - Eat Apples & Lose It

In this article I will tell you 1 simple trick that you may realize it to be one of the best ways to lose weight fast and easily.

You might have tried many weight loss methods but without success. But the amazing thing is that common everyday foods and simple habits, can sometimes be the best ways to lose weight fast. They can be really effective when other things have failed.

Apples can be very good for your weight loss. If you want to burn fat in a healthy manner, then start eating apples regularly. Eating apples can be one of the best ways to lose weight fast and naturally.

How does apple help you to lose weight fast? It helps in several ways..

1. You should eat atleast 3 apples a day, maybe even more sometimes. If you can replace your snacks with apples, you can be doing yourself a very big favor.

Whenever you feel like having some unhealthy snacks, eat an apple or a banana instead. Initially you may have to force yourself to do it, but after some time it can get easier to eat apples instead of munching unhealthy and fattening snack or bakery items.

2. You can also eat a full apple before meals. By doing this, you will tend to eat less as you already had something as filling as a whole apple.

3. Apples are low in calories. A medium sized apple carries only 70 calories or so. So you can munch on apples without much fear of putting on weight.

4. Apples are rich in pectin which is a fiber that promotes healthy digestion. It also gives you a feeling of fullness so that you will not want to eat much for a few hours after having an apple.

5. Apples have high water content. Many people nowadays do not drink sufficient water. It seems that not drinking sufficient water can lead to food cravings - I know it seems strange!

6. Apple is a good source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required by your body.

7. Researchers from the University at Rio De Janeiro revealed that their studies conducted on women who added fruits to their diet showed that people who added apples or pears to their diet plans lost more weight than those who didn't do so.

So Start Eating More Apples and Lose Weight Fast and Quickly:
We might have all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It seems that it can help keep excess pounds at bay too. And its such a yummy, delicious fruit.

Isn't eating apples one of the best ways to lose weight fast and naturally? So start before meals and also replace your unhealthy snacks with apples, carrots, cucumber or bananas.

If you can do this consistently for a few days, before you even realize it you may have lost a few pounds of weight, wow!

By replacing your snacks with healthy ones you are not only helping in weight loss but also developing a healthy habit by avoiding to the utmost the unhealthy snacks you used to eat before.

But this trick is meant to boost your weight loss by a few pounds a month. Don't expect to lose lots and lots of weight fast with this.

So the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast and Easy:
By replacing your snacks with healthy ones you are not only helping in weight loss but also developing a healthy habit by avoiding to the utmost the unhealthy snacks you used to eat before.

Make a commitment to follow this tip for atleast a month to see good results. Do not give up too soon. Remember this is not something to be used for weight loss and then forgotten soon afterwards. You should make it a habit of replacing your unhealthy snacks with healthier ones like apples etc.

Find out how to lose weight in ten days - Best Way to Lose Weight in 10 Days
A good 11 day weight loss diet program for you to lose weight fast and easy - 3 Week Diet

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How to Lose Weight Fast and Surprise Everyone - Enjoy Fast Weight Loss

So you have failed at another weight loss diet? You might be thinking how to lose weight fast as nothing seems to be working for me right now!

Why is it so damn frustrating to try and lose weight fast? You seem to be trying every program available in the market and yet no success.

You really want to lose weight fast and enjoy life like before. Because of your weight you seem to be feeling embarrassed and self-conscious.

Only if you can finally lose a few pounds quickly and surprise one. Wouldn't it be absolutely great?

If you have the exact same feelings I mentioned above, then most probably you are not at all alone!

I do agree that many weight loss programs out there are just scams or plan ineffective when it comes to losing weight. But still do not despair, there is still hope and still effective weight loss programs out there.

Do Not Lose Heart - You can Still Lose Weight Fast and Easy:
While it may be natural to lose heart if you have tried many times before, but do remember those folks who were over-weight but lost weight successfully.

Many people before you have reported to losing weight and enjoying fitness like they had before their obesity problem. You too can be one among such people, but you need to be courageous, a little bit patient and consistent.

One of the big problems with people is that they want to lose too much weight in a very short period of time. It is because of this tendency that people get sucked into so many weight loss scams.

Keep one thing in mind - if you want to get thin overnight, then that is highly highly unlikely to happen. You might spend years with this wish and not lose any weight at all.

I am suggesting that you take a middle path. By all means try for faster weight loss but not too fast - not too much too soon!

Why You Shouldn't Try for Very Rapid Weight Loss:

  • Too rapid weight loss is not possible most of the times
  • You will try to take unhealthy shortcuts for fast weight loss
  • You will tend to fall for ineffective and scam programs
  • You are likely to end up disappointed and discouraged than before

Instead of following tips and program which are proven to work for healthy weight loss, you might end up going after those ineffective and scams that promise you the moon .

Fast Weight Loss Program That Can Benefit You:
The middle path is to try to lose weight but not very fast nor very slow. Within short period of time you might realize that you have actually lost a considerable amount of weight and have not spoiled your health also.

If you are convinced that this is the best way to lose weight then let me point you in the direction of 1 such weight loss diet program which can help you to lose weight fast (maybe you will start losing weight within a week) - Easy Weight Loss Plan

It is a 11 day plan and you might lose a few pounds if you follow it properly. You can repeat the same program for another 11 days to lose further weight. You can even take a break in between and then again resume another 11 day cycle.

Just keep in mind not to get overly ambitious and spoil your health. Take small steps and be consistent. You might lose weight faster than you imagine!

Discover how eating fruits and vegetables daily can be good for your weight loss - Vegetables weight loss

Finally subscribe to free weight loss newsletter filled with tips and strategies to lose weight fast and keep it off permanently here - Free Weight Loss Newsletter and Resources

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick Weight Loss in 10 Days

So you want to lose weight in ten days? It is not that difficult to lose weight in ten days but you should keep 1 thing in mind. You may not be able to lose a lot of weight in 10 or 14 days.

But you can definitely start losing some and continue for more days until you have finally reached your dream weight.

In order to lose weight quickly you don't have to starve yourself. Infact, it is bad for weight loss if you starve yourself. This is so because the body's metabolism rate drops when you aren't eating properly.

Slow metabolism means less weight loss. So your dream of losing weight quickly in 10 days might not be realized. Also stay away from appetite suppressants and other dangerous diet pills. There are other healthier ways to lose weight quickly.

What you have to strive for is try to lose small amount of weight in 10-15 days and then continue that plan for another 10-15 days. So you can keep losing weight in ten day cycles.

This is a better approach than trying to lose all weight in short time and failing. Losing some weight is better than not losing at all in your greed to lose too much too soon, isn't it?

Here is my review of a diet program which can help you lose weight in 10 days or so. Check it out here - FL4I Review

You can check out how to lose weight quickly here -
How to lose weight in 2-3 weeks

Find out 2 common foods that help weight weight loss

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Rules for Permanent Weight Loss - Why These Rules are Important

Rule #1 for Permanent, Healthy Weight Loss:
One of the first rules of permanent weight loss is to eat right. Eating right in no way means to eat more. It means that you have to make healthy food choices.

Healthy food choices mean that you have to avoid unhealthy foods, junk foods or foods with low nutritional value. Instead of that you need to eat foods that provide nutrition and are not harmful to your body.

At the same time, you should not completely stop eating a particular food group. It is because our body needs all kinds of foods in order to have a balanced diet necessary to remain fit in the long run.

If you totally avoid any 1 food group, you might develop deficiency after some time related to that food. It can cause illness or other health problems for you.

What you can do is to lessen the frequency and amount that you eat from a group which is not good for your weight like fats etc. Do not completely stop eating fat, but lessen the amount as well as the frequency of it.

Rule #2:
Another rule of healthy permanent weight loss and fitness is to be physically active. See, you cannot remain fit and healthy without being physically active. Our bodies were not designed to lead sedentary lives or be couch potatoes.

The excuses of not having enough time to exercise, or being too lazy should be shrugged off. You have to find out ways and methods to include sufficient physical activity during your day.

What you can do here is to find out some strenuous activity that you enjoy doing. It can be simple one like going out with your friend for an evening or morning walk, or playing a sport which provides you with enough exercise.

Once you can find something that gives exercise to your body and which you enjoy, you might find it easier to do it on consistent basis. It will not feel like a burden.

Amazingly, you might find it easier to find the time for physical activities out of your busy schedule if you enjoy those activities. If you don't enjoy something, then you tend to come up with a lot many excuses for not doing it - and one of the common excuse is not having enough time!

You can further help your cause by doing simple activities throughout the day like climbing the stairs instead of the elevator once in the day, parking your vehicles a little farther than you like so that you have to walk the extra distance to your office or home. Or do some household work that involves moving about, lifting things etc.

All these can be beneficial to you if done on regular basis. So try to develop the habit little by little.

Rule #3:
Do you have stress in your life? Too much stress is known to be at the back of many illnesses and diseases. At the same time it can be bad for your weight too.

How can it be bad for weight? One of the reasons is that people who are stressed out or depressed tend to eat more. People are likely to develop the habit of over-eating if they are in stress.

Stress will not only induce you to eat more, but can also affect food choices. People normally make unhealthy food choices when under the influence of high stress.

So find ways of relaxing yourself. Spend some quality time in nature observing the birds, the trees, or sitting at the beach observing the waves and hearing the sound as they splash against the rocks.

Spending time totally absorbed in such natural settings can tend to lessen our stress and make us stronger to face the challenges once we get back to our normal work.

You might also try out other relaxation techniques whichever you find helpful to you. Learning how to cope with stress can be an essential skill for leading a healthy life and avoiding obesity.

Rule #4:
Proper sleep is also important. The quality of sleep is more important than the quantity. Research seems to point that lack of quality sleep might lead to weight gain because of various reasons such as poor food choices, over-eating, improper digestion etc.

So do not neglect the importance of having a restful, relaxing sleep at night. The amount of time you sleep is very less important than the quality of sleep. You should enjoy a peaceful, restful sleep at night so that when you wake up you are feeling full of energy and are in good spirits.

If you find yourself feeling rested, happy and energetic when you wake up in the morning and you don't feel fatigue, then it can be an indication that you had a good night's sleep. Thats a thing to be happy about.

If you still feel tired, fatigued even after sleeping for several hours, then you probably have a problem. You might want to consult a doctor or something. Here is a resource you may find useful - End Tiredness and Avoid Sleep Deprivation Problems

Condition for Permanent Weight Loss
You see all the above rules I mentioned for weight loss are such things which are absolutely essential part of our life and they have far reaching effects even in other aspects of our health besides weight.

If you do not pay proper attention to eating healthy, exercising sufficiently, having proper sleep, handling stress effectively - then not only is that harmful for your weight problems but also bad for your overall health.

These problems might affect your health in many different ways and if such unhealthy habits continue then you might face a lot of health issues later in your life.

So weight loss is not an isolated issue or something to be considered just on temporary basis. If you want to be slim and fit forever then you need to change your whole lifestyle for the better.

You have to pay attention to all the things I mentioned above. Only then can you enjoy weight loss and also keep that weight off after losing it.

Otherwise if you take temporary approaches like taking diet pills, going on strict diets etc. then they may work only for a short period. After that you are likely to again gain back the weight you dread. Not just that, you are likely to also spoil your health further in the bargain.

So unless people are ready to change their lifestyle, their eating habits etc for the better, there may not be an easy alternative solution to the present obesity epidemic.

Healthy Permanent Weight Loss Solution:
I recommend the following program if you want permanent and healthy weight loss - Burn the Fat Program

This is written by a fitness expert Tom Venuto who has more than 20 years of experience in fitness, nutrition and body building field. So it is not a rubbish book like countless others in the market.

You can also read my detailed review of it here - Burn the Fat Review

Also check out my article - Healthy Weight Loss Tips

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How to Lose Weight in Ten Days or So

If you are in a hurry to lose weight in few days, then you can check out this program - Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

This is a good diet to lose weight in ten days or so. It is unlike many other diet programs out there .

See if you try to follow many of the quick weight loss diets in the market, you might end up getting frustrated. Why? Because firstly they are very hard to follow.

Secondly they make you lose weight in an unhealthy manner. Thirdly, the weight loss might not be permanent. You may gain back the weight after few days because of various reasons like loss of metabolism etc.

But this quick weight loss program is a little different. It is not so strict and doesn't ask you to starve yourself. So if you want to lose weight in 10 days or 15 days then you can definitely give it a fair try -  Lose weight in 3 weeks

An Alternative Weight Loss Program:
Still, it is definitely not the most healthy or ideal way to lose weight. But many people have found it effective in losing some pounds quickly. If you are looking for a more healthy approach to weight loss, you can try out this program - Burn the Fat

Another helpful article for you - Fruits, Vegetables for Weight Loss

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Overcoming Laziness and Procrastination Tips - Finally Become Active

Laziness Is Your Enemy
The world keeps moving and changing. For people who do nothing, they are as good as dead. If we do not keep improving ourselves with each passing day, it can actually mean we are slipping back.

In time, we will be overtaken and devastated simply because we were lazy to not utilize our time, resources, energy and skills to enhance our knowledge, experience, career, business, relations whatever.

So keep this in mind. We need to constantly monitor and be aware of where we are heading. Laziness can be a great enemy of ours which is not to be taken lightly.

Procrastination can stem out of laziness. Though there may be other reasons why we procrastinate, but many times laziness and procrastination go hand in hand together like childhood friends.

Do you know what are the disadvantages of being lazy?
First of all, you will be condemned to a low quality life. Simply because you didn't study well while in college due to laziness. In your career you don't take the required actions to increase knowledge and expertise and become indispensable part of the company.

If you are in business, laziness can be fatal. You can lose clients or orders if you fail to act on time. You may find excuses not to work hard or work overtime even though your business demands it.

Laziness can also be bad for relationships and friendships. By being lazy, we might not do the things that are needed to be done. Even simple requests by out family members or friends might go unheeded causing them appointment because of us.

Laziness and procrastination are also big time wasters. If you want to be good in time management, then you have to eliminate the habit of procrastinating.

Firstly, you should be aware of when you are feeling lazy. Awareness and acknowledgment of the problem can be the first step towards solving it.

Low Energy Levels, Tiredness and Laziness:
One of the main causes of laziness can be because of low energy. Sometimes we just do not have the physical energy to do a task. We feel tired, bored, sleepy etc.

There can be many reasons why we feel tired. Sometimes we are genuinely tired because of hard work. In that case, the remedy is simple - we need a good rest. Then we should soon be back to our former best.

But in case we feel tired all the time then its an indication of some problem. Either we are suffering from lack of quality sleep, or we are not eating properly. Our dietary habits can also affect our energy levels.

Stress, depression and physical illness or problems can also affect energy levels and make us feel tired. You need to analyze what possible reasons could be contributing to this problem. Maybe you might also need the help of a qualified doctor in such cases.

However there are a few suggestions which can be helpful to you in overcoming your constant fatigue and tiredness. There is 1 such helpful program which you can check out here - End Tiredness Now

You can also check out my articles about healthy sleeping tips, and power naps to improve your energy. You can also call power naps as short energy sleep.

If tiredness is not the cause of your laziness, then continue reading below...

Simple Tips for Overcoming Laziness & Procrastination:
Most of the time laziness occurs because we are not sure of what to do. We lack a clear picture in our minds or do not have a plan of things to do. This can cause confusion and lead to laziness.

One of the ways you can avoid laziness and overcome it to a considerable extent is to have a daily plan of activities.

The day before, make a plan of activities or tasks for the next day. Include those things which are important and have to be done the next day. Spend some time visualizing yourself doing these things tomorrow.

Then when tomorrow comes try your best to finish all the activities on your to-do list. Once you have a plan, it might be easier for you to escape from the pangs of laziness.

At the same time, also make sure that your to-do list does not include too many activities. We might also procrastinate when we feel overwhelmed or tired. Just be easy on yourself and set realistic deadlines for activities and do not try to do too much otherwise you would be setting yourself up for appointments.

This brings us to another reason for laziness. If we feel we have failed in something then it could also cause us to become lazy next time around.

So make sure that you do not overwhelm yourselves. Make your to-do list small. Its better to have just a couple of important activities in your daily plan and do them and then have the rest of the day free than to have tens of activities many of which you fail to do.

When this happens, you will no longer feel like maintaining a to-do list from the next day onwards. You will quit this good habit. So a good strategy is to be easy on yourself and make your to-do list such that all assignments can be easily accomplished the next day.

You should also have some time for relaxation and for unforeseen emergencies which might cause delays. If you have some difficult tasks in that list, break them up into smaller chunks until you no longer feel difficulty or incapable of doing them.

If you have failed in some thing before, and now you are procrastinating in doing that thing again, what you can do is to analyze your past performance. Find out what mistakes you made. Think how you can do it in a better manner this time around.

If you still feel unable to do that thing, ask yourself what strengths or skills do you think you need to accomplish this task. Then you can try to find means of developing those skills and acquiring that necessary knowledge.

All the above tips should be helpful in curbing this weakness called laziness.

Another technique to overcome laziness and procrastination:
There is a very effective technique to overcome procrastination problem.

I call it the 10 minute technique - which can help you to motivate yourselves to do things which you dislike or hate but still cannot escape from them.

You can read about it here - Motivating Yourself

Finally, I recommend this resource to everybody interested in removing bad habits from their life whether it is procrastination, laziness, lack of persistence etc. Bad habits can stand as obstacles in the way of our dreams. Learn how you can eliminate them in 21 days or less than that by changing the way you think about them - Eliminating Bad Habits

The Successful Habit:
Another important suggestion is to start small and improve gradually in any aspect of your life. Do not try to take giant leaps. Usually people who are in a hurry often get late in achieving things they so desperately desire.

It is because they are always trying to take shortcuts or trying to do too much and obviously fail. And it is usually people who are consistent and persistent who are successful.

If you have been lazy all your life, its not wise to all of a sudden try to be the most active person you can dream of. Remember the story of the hare and tortoise you heard in childhood? The moral of the story was - Slow and steady wins the race.

So take small, baby steps towards improvement. Stretch your comfort zones little by little. Expand your horizons and improve your talents one small step at a time.

Consistency is the key and you cannot be consistent if you are too hard on yourself. You can only do those things consistently which do not burn you out.

This resource can help you in eliminating bad habits so that you can become consistent - Habit Busting

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How to Stop the Procrastination Habit - Its Easy to Stop Procrastination

You can stop the procrastination habit to a large extent with 1 simple technique which I will disclose in this article.

This technique is very simple yet effective to cure procrastination. I have tried it many times with good results. This technique can be used for any work which you feel like putting off because you are not in the mood for it right now.

The Simple Technique to Stop Procrastination Habit:
You are now going to learn how to stop procrastination habit in 10 Minutes. I will explain this technique with the help of an example.

Suppose, you have to write a lengthy report which has to be submitted within a few days to your boss. You really want to start writing it now but when you sit down to write, you immediately feel bored, sleepy and do not want to continue further.

Does this situation sound similar? Most students face a problem like this when they sit down to study, right? No matter how much they try, but they are unable to open the book and study.

All the parental pressure and exam fear cannot motivate them to endure the boredom of studying seriously for their exams.

What we can do in such situations is that decide in your mind that you will do this activity for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, if you want to quit you will quit or continue if you want to.

Do the thing that you are putting off for some time and then quit after some time. This is a very simple strategy.

Just try and force yourself for just ten short minutes. If you try to motivate yourself to start a thing and continue till completion, you are likely to fail in motivating yourself.

But if you try to motivate yourself for just 10 minutes, then it shouldn't be such a big problem - isn't it? Now force yourself to do that task for those 10 minutes without distractions. Focus fully and seriously on that task during these minutes.

After the time is up, do not force yourself to continue. You can continue or quit depending on your mood.

The Effectiveness of This Technique:
When you try it out a few times, you might be really surprised to find that once you begin and dedicatedly do an activity for some time you will not want to quit it in the middle. Most of the time you will continue more than 10 minutes. Just try a few times and see for yourself!

This can be called as your 10 minute technique. Now if you are really unable to force yourself for even 10 minutes then reduce the time to 5 minutes.

You can even have some other variations. Like instead of doing a task for 10 minutes, decide that you will write 1 page of the report today. Do not set time limit but set some other goal in place of it.

While studying, you can decide that you will study 2-3 pages atleast or finish a particular topic. Then when you have done so, think if you want to continue further or quit.

This technique has been tried out many times by me and most of the times I have been satisfied with the way I was able to overcome by moods and distractions and get some important work done which I might not have finished otherwise.

The main trick is to break down your work so that you can do a small chunk at a time without feeling overwhelmed. This technique achieve that same thing.

The beauty of this technique is that it can be equally effective on making you do things which you absolutely hate or dislike immensely. You might have found it extremely difficult to do them in normal situations.

Eliminating Bad Habits
If you liked this technique, then you might also be interested in knowing how to overcome other bad habits you have which might be proving a hindrance in the way of your success or dreams.

Would you like to know how to eliminate bad habits like overeating, smoking, procrastination, bad habits in relationships etc. You name it.

Ending bad habits requires a change in the way you think. Just forcing yourself to stop a bad habit may be very difficult and many people might not be able to do it.

If you want to learn how to eliminate bad habits within 21 days by changing your attitude, then I definitely recommend you to check out this resource today - Bad Habit Busting Program

Another article which might be of interest to you - Strategies to overcome procrastination

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Motivating Oneself in Difficult Times

Do you have trouble sticking to your plans? Are you inconsistent while pursuing your goals? Do you give up midway while dieting or exercising?

If you are facing similar problems to those mentioned above, then you have a problem of motivating yourself. If you keep putting off things, then probably you suffer from lack of self-discipline and procrastination.

What can we do with such problems?
It can be quite simple to learn the trick of motivating oneself in difficult times, if you just know how to. In this article I will provide some tips and suggestions for doing so.

First of all, we should learn how to act despite our moods and feelings. If we have to do something, then we should do it even though we might not be in the mood for it right now. We really have to motivate ourselves.

Pain in the Knee:
Just imagine that you were rushing on to do something urgent. On your way, you banged against the door and hurt your knee. You really feel the pain in your knee.

So what do you do? You stop momentarily because of the pain. But then after a few moments, you go back to doing what you had set out to, isn't it?

Even though your knee still hurts, but there are other important things that you need to do right now and you don't pay much attention to the knee pain.

You carry on inspite of the pain and probably would soon forget all about the pain, once you get absorbed in the work.

This should be the case even with emotional pains or moods. Suppose you have to do something important and are not in the mood. You stop momentarily and acknowledge the mood.

But then you consider the importance of the task at hand and evaluate whether it is possible to delay it a little bit till you are in the right mood. If its not possible, then you have to ignore the mood just like you ignored the knee pain and do the task anyways.

It Gets Better With Practice:
Motivation in tough situations is simple. You just have to get into the habit of ignoring moods, fears, insecurities, pressure and other such emotional pains like you ignore mild physical pains and carry on with the work.

If you can develop the habit of doing this, you can find it easier to stick to your plans and resolutions. You will find it easier to motivate yourself to do something whatever your mood is.

This habit can be very beneficial to you in difficult situations. But first you need to train yourself well. Does anybody send their military to war without training them?

Similarly, you have to just develop this habit in less difficult situations first. After some practice, you can do it in difficult situations as well!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fruits, Vegetables for Weight Loss?

In this article, let me point out the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for weight loss. How can these help in losing and maintaining weight without the need of supplements or dangerous diet pills. First of all, lets find out why raw, organic foods are good for us.

Why is it good to eat raw, organic foods?
Many experts say that the more processed the food is the difficult it is for the body to recognize them. The more natural - organic you eat, the better you function. That is why organic unprocessed fruits and vegetables are so good for health.

How fruits and vegetables help in weight loss?
Fruits and vegetables have high fiber and water content. They give the feeling of being full quite soon. This makes a person to stop eating.

To lose weight we should consume lesser calories than we burn or burn more calories than we consume. It can be difficult for people to eat less initially.

This is where vegetables can be helpful. We can eat fruits and vegetables as they are satiating and it seems we feel full earlier so we are likely to eat less.

Remember that people feel full based on the volume of food they eat and not necessarily based on calories.

Low Fat Foods or Low Energy-Density Foods?
Eating just low fat foods is not the ideal weight loss solution. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and low in fat and energy density. People who consistently eat low energy density foods are likely to stay slim when compared to those who simply consume low fat foods.

It is best to eat raw, uncooked and organic fruits and vegetables. They can also act as snack replacements for unhealthy fattening snacks like chips, etc. Naturally fiber rich foods are better for weight reduction than artificially fiber-added foods.

You can further help weight loss by increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables and at the same time reducing the fat intake. Studies seem to show that people tend to eat more fruits, vegetables tend to lose more weight.

Benefits of Eating Vegetables and Fruits:
1. You feel full early because of the volume eaten
2. You tend to retain the full feeling for much longer, so that you don't feel hungry again soon
3. They are good for digestion
4. They have high water content
5. They are low on calories and fat, but high in nutrition and other essential minerals, vitamins etc.
6. They provide a lot of other health benefits besides weight control
Studies have shown that high fiber diets are likely to succeed in causing weight loss.

Not only that, but after losing weight you can keep that weight off by continuing with the habit of eating fruits and vegetables. They are beneficial in weight control and management.

Are you looking for a good healthy weight loss program? I recommend you this program - Fat Loss 4 Idiots

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Super Healthy Weight Loss Ideas: Follow These & Lose Weight Easily

Are you looking for fast but safe way to lose weight?
Below are some tips which should be helpful to you if you want to maintain good health and control your weight. See weight loss should not be a temporary solution for you, but you should aim for permanent and safe, healthy weight loss.

In view of this the below given points should be really useful. Try to make them part of your daily life as they really are some useful healthy weight loss ideas.

Suggestions for safe and fast weight loss:

1. Eat Slowly, Chew Food More:

If you want to avoid overeating, then eat slowly. We tend to eat more when we eat fast. This is because our stomachs send message to our brains that they are full only 15-20 minutes after they are full. So we realize it a little later that we have had our fill. This can be avoided to a certain extent if we eat slowly and chew food more.

There was a study conducted at University of Rhode Island in USA which revealed that women who are in the habit of eating slowly tend to stay slim. There are other benefits of eating slowly too - Why chew slowly?

2. Have a traditional family dinner:
Yes you heard it right! A traditional family dinner may be very much useful to fight obesity, atleast in the case of kids.

Child health experts say that a families that eat together have better nutrition levels than those who don't. A traditional family meal can help in prevention of child obesity and may be more than useful for grown up adults too to fight their weight problem.

While experts are still not sure of the exact reasons why this happens, but most of them give out 1 reason that family meals usually contain healthier food.

Parents are the biggest influence in a child's life. So having a healthy meal every time can later on influence the child's eating habits in future life. Children who eat with their families may grow up with these healthy eating habits.

3. Drink Plenty of Water:
Water doesn't have any calories. At the same time it is filling and refreshing. It is a natural appetite suppressant. Water is also needed for various body functions.

When we do not have enough water, our body will start storing the water that is already there. What happens when your body starts storing up water is that the body water retention will increase leading to increase in water weight. Your weight can increase because of water too and not just because of fat.

The way to stop too much water retention in your body is to drink more water. The more water you drink the more water will be used up for the essential functions and your body will function in a healthy manner. You can also try to lessen sodium intake in order to prevent unwanted water retention in the body.

4. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables:
The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are many. They are high in nutrition and packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. What's more they are low in calories too. Fiber is good for your digestion. They can also provide us with a boost of energy.

If you are in the habit of munching on fattening snacks like potato chips etc. then you might have realized how difficult it can be to give up this habit.

Instead of giving up this habit completely, you can lessen it to a major extent. Also try to replace the snacks with something more healthy. This is where vegetables can be useful.

Have some carrots, cucumber, tomato etc. handy in the refrigerator and you can much on these whenever you feel like it. Atleast you will save on a few calories.

So Are You Up To It?
Take it as a challenge if you are serious about maintaining a fit body.

Following the above healthy weight loss ideas may not be so easy at first. But with practice it can become easier and easier for you. Start slow and gradually try to firmly incorporate these suggestions in your life.

By consistently following these suggestions for safe and fast weight loss, you can really see some differences in your fitness and health levels. You may not just lose weight but also be healthy, energetic and happy.

Recommended Resources:
The Healthy Weight Loss Program

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is The Best Way for Teens to Lose Weight?

Exercise can be the bet way for teens to lose weight. Teens are young and they should develop the habit of being physically active. That can not only help the shed off some extra pounds but also keep them active, energetic and healthy.

They can avoid many health problems later on in life by being physically active in this age. So they should be encouraged towards physical activity and hard work, not just for weight loss but also for other benefits.

Benefits of Exercise:
Exercising is known to reduce stress. In today's environment, specially for the younger generation, there seems to be a lot of stress and pressure. Whether it is at college studies or at work, people nowadays are stressed out. Research has proved that exercising can be good to reduce stress apart from being good for weight problem.

Exercising also can help in increasing body's metabolism which means more calories will be burned by the body resulting in weight reduction. Exercises can also increase a person's stamina and endurance and make the person hard working which is good for the society if the younger generation is taken away from television and turns out to be hard working generation.

Aerobics, swimming, walking, jogging, horse-riding etc. are good outdoor activities for teens which can definitely help in weight loss. The good thing is that these are also pleasurable activities and may not completely feel like exercising at all. In fact, people might enjoy and look forward to such activities once they get habituated to it.

Another Important Habit for Teens:
Another important habit which can be inculcated in teens is encourage them to eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables. Today's teens are addicted to fast food, cool drinks and other such junk food which do not have any nutritious value. Rather they are harmful to the health.

People who have the habit of munching on snacks and chips, can instead develop the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables. For example - munch on carrots and cucumber instead of chips. Likewise drink vegetable juices instead of cola etc.

This can be an excellent strategy for maintaining good health and not to mention for keeping weight under check.

So the best way for teens to lose weight is to develop healthy eating habits and start exercising. These healthy habits can do a world of good for them and can be very beneficial in later years when they grow old too!

Check out this weight loss program: Burn the Fat, Build the Muscle

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Procrastination Can Be Useful

Can procrastination ever be your friend? Can procrastination be good? Can it ever be useful to us?

Everyone of us believes that procrastination is a bad habit which can affect our success. Even I used to think like that. But after reading an interesting article, I realized that procrastination can also be good in some situations.

We just have to know when to make use of our ability to procrastinate and when not to. Anyways the link to the article is here - power of procrastination.

The Benefits of Procrastination
What the article states is that procrastination habit can be good when dealing with anger, worry and other negative emotions.

Suppose something made you angry, if you wait for some time and not react to it immediately, chances are that atleast some of the anger may have subsided and you may react in a better and more mature manner. You might not say or do something which can cause you to regret later.

Similarly, if you are in the habit of worrying too much, then you can procrastinate on that. You can say to yourself - "I will not worry now but postpone it for later when I have free time. Maybe I will give an hour or two in the evenings after reaching home to worry about everything that is not going on right in my life right now".

This kind of procrastination can be good as you will free your mind for the more important matters right now.

Even in decision making, I think that a little bit of delay is good. If you have an important decision to make then its better to avoid the urge to make hasty decisions. Taking time to research, learn the details and think over the matter coolly should be essential ingredients in any decision making activity. Here also procrastination can be your friend.

The Final Verdict...

So the final verdict is in. Procrastination need not always be your enemy. In some situations it can be a useful tool to use. You just have to know when and which things to put off for some more time and which are not to be put off.

If you can use common sense then you can make good use of procrastination power. Otherwise it can be your terrible enemy too!

Useful Resource:
If you want to gain more control over this procrastinating habit, go check out - End Bad Habits in 21 days or less. It can be a good guide to help you eliminate bad habits from your life (like procrastination etc.) which can be affecting your success and goals.

Productivity Tips for Online Businessmen

This article is not just for internet marketers but also for anyone who is looking to earn money through internet based means whether it is freelance writing, freelance programming, affiliate marketing, selling products online, selling on ebay, etc etc.

How to do your online business?
Many people nowadays are excited and attracted with the prospect of working from home. Whether its freelancing, internet based marketing, selling on ebay etc. - there is no doubt that there is a huge choice available for people to make money from the comfort of their homes.

But at the same time also remember that many people fail to make good money in their online ventures. The reasons can be many ranging from bad advice, failure to do what they had to do, not sticking to a plan long enough etc etc.

So you have to be careful before you build castles in the air. Be practical and realistic. Realize there are many genuine opportunities to earn legal money online from your home. But do not be under the false impression that this is easy money and no hard work is required. Also do not expect overnight riches.

There are some other points which you need to keep in mind which are essential for long term online business success. Please read the below points carefully -

1. Focus on value creation is the advice of Steve Pavlina who makes a lot of money online through his website and blog. He is a recognized self help expert.

According to him, business can make money in the short run without creating much value, but it will be hard for them to sustain the money flow if they do not create enough value.

On the other hand, if you focus on value creation a lot then money is likely to follow sooner or later. And when it starts flowing, it is likely to flow a lot.

2. Simplify your online life: The more you keep your online life simple, the easier it will be to focus your efforts on the essential things so that you are not distracted, confused or frustrated.

Instead of giving suggestions on how to simplify your online life, I will provide a link to such a post which has advice for you written in a much better way than I can - Simplify your online worklife

3. Beat the procrastination habit - Many people use different methods of beating the dreaded procrastination habit. Use whatever works for you. You can even get ideas here - Procrastination Beaters

Learning to beat procrastination habit is very very essential for your online business success. You need to be able to do things that matter on a regular basis.

Sometimes you will not be in the mood, other times you will be too tired or busy with some other things. There will also be thousand distractions for you, specially if you are working from home.

All these can make you procrastinate. You have to have a plan to counter it, otherwise you won't be able to complete important tasks specially since you do not have any boss over your head to shout when you don't complete your tasks on time.

4. Learn to kill distractions: The online world is filled with scams, products with big promises and tall claims and thousands of other distractions.

You may subscribe to a lot of newsletters, may download a lot of ebooks or softwares etc. All these will steal away your time. You will browse and land on many websites which will attract you and capture your attention.

It is so easy to get distracted when you are browsing the net. It is important to stay focused and with patient determination you should follow dedicatedly a well-tested plan. You should not be distracted easily and leave things in the middle to pursue some other plan.

Carefully choose a master internet marketer to learn the tricks of the trade from him/her. And follow their advice seriously without distractions. Give their advice sufficient time before you reject it or try something else. Its no use trying out hundred things and leaving each in the middle and moving on to the next thing.

This guide may help you set goals and stay motivated and focused to achieve them - whether its online business or any other goal in any area of your life: Goal Setting Guide

You can find more tips here - 46 Productivity Tips for Work-at-Home People

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Eat a Frog to Beat Procrastination

Procrastinating With Your To-Do List

Many times people hesitate to do something because they don't like a particular task. It might be difficult or boring for them. So they procrastinate.Sometimes a single task on our to-do list can make us procrastinate and we may end up not finishing most of the things on that list.

A simple tip, in such cases, could be to do the worst task on your to-do list first whenever you begin. Now this may seem counter productive. But the fact is that once your worst task is finished, you will usually find it easier to complete the remaining tasks.

The Benefits of Doing the Worst Task First:
When you are starting out to do something, you will likely have more energy. So it should relatively be easier to motivate yourself in the beginning to do any unpleasant or difficult task rather than later.

And when the difficult or unpleasant task is over, you will be on cloud nine. The rest of the activities in your list might seem like a treat to you when you consider that a huge mountain is out of the way.

You might actually enjoy doing the remaining tasks and finish them also with a lot of fervor and energy. Finishing off an unpleasant task might have done wonders to your confidence level and also give you a huge psychological advantage while going after the rest of the to-do list.

Eating a Frog for Breakfast
Imagine that you eat a frog or something equally terrible daily for breakfast before leaving for the office. How terrible would you really feel? Would any other event during that day have such an effect on you as eating that frog??

By eating that frog early in the day, you are setting yourself up to face whatever unpleasant things might happen later on. You may not be as bothered by these things as they are not so terrible as eating a frog. You have already experienced something much more terrible for the day and other less terrible events might not have that much negative impact on you.

Similarly, doing and finishing off any dreadful task from your to-do list can make it much easier to finish off the remaining tasks with ease, confidence and enthusiasm!

I am not saying to really eat a frog. It means facing your fears head on and doing at thing first which you dislike the most.

Try out this simple technique and see whether it really works wonders to defeat your procrastination habit or not.

I have written a similar article here - Do the Worst First

Make a Worst To-Do List:
You might be in the habit of making a "to-do list" of activities daily. If so, you can separate the really difficult or dreaded tasks from that list and make a separate list of "worst to-do list" which includes all the difficult activities. Now you can devote certain times of the day to do activities from this list only - like once in the morning and evening etc.

Focus on 1 thing at a time as multitasking introduces stress as well as reduces productivity. Focusing completely on a single thing can help you complete it faster and better.

Finally, don't forget to check out this resource - End Bad Habits in 21 Days. It can be a useful resource if you want to eliminate bad habits including procrastination habit.

You can even check out more of my articles on procrastination, productivity etc. here - Procrastination Beaters

Don't forget to leave your feedback and suggestions. Let me and others know how this technique or other such techniques are working for you.

3 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination

Here are 3 useful strategies to counter procrastination problem while dealing with important tasks related to your goals or your to-do list.

If you find yourself procrastinating and often putting off things and being guilty of not completing your to-do lists, then the below given tips can come in handy for you. Just read and try them out whenever you get the next opportunity. Who knows you might get a very pleasant surprise!

Useful Strategies for the frequent procrastinator
1. Remind yourself constantly about your goals:
When you have goals that are important to you and you do a good job of constantly reminding yourself of them, then you are likely to take action in the direction of your goals.

This strategy of reminding yourself about what you want to achieve can be a very good strategy to overcome procrastination and force yourself to complete important tasks.

You can constantly remind yourself of your goals by writing the down in bold, colorful and big letters and sticking them somewhere where you can see many times during the day. Also make it a habit of reading out your goals atleast twice in a day (preferably morning and evening) so that it stays fresh in your mind and you are easily motivated towards taking action.

2. Make a smaller "to do" list:

Its a very good habit to make daily to-do list of important activities which must be accomplished during that day. But the problem is that many times you may have many tasks in your to-do list and might not be able to do them all.

A simple strategy in such cases would be to make a smaller "to do now" list of activities which are more urgent, more important, or more easy from among your big to-do list. Then finish all activities from this smaller list.

This strategy can help you avoid procrastination and feeling overwhelmed when you have so many things to do. It can also keep you from getting distracted and focus on the really important things first.

By following this strategy, you can atleast get some activities done if not all from your original to-do list.

3. Try to finish as much of a task as possible:
This is another useful technique. Many times out tasks can take up a lot of time to complete. This can make us procrastinate and try to avoid them.

In such cases, a good strategy is to try and complete as much of a task as you feel like or is possible within a particular time frame. You can go back to the task later to finish off the remaining part.

This strategy is better than trying to finish off the whole thing at once if you feel it difficult. If you do not find any difficulty in completing the whole task at a single time then by all means do so.

But if you find some difficulty and tend to procrastinate because of it, then use this technique to good use. Try and take the task to the furthest point possible before quitting it. Sometimes you would have to repeat this cycle 2-3 or more for a single task before it is fully complete.

The above tips can be really useful if you care to try them a few times. After some time you may even add your own slight modifications to these techniques to best suit your needs.

It is said that habits can make or mar a man. Really successful people have strong habits which have stood them in good stead. If you too want to gain more control over your habits and want to know how to overcome bad habits which might affect your success, go to - Habit Busting in 21 Days or Less

Some More Resources for You:
1. Do you want to achieve goals and become a super-achiever in life? Do you want to stay focused and have concentration with regards to your goals? Do you want to know how to always have the motivation to go after your goals until you achieve them? Check out - Shawn Lim's Goal Setting Formula

There is another good resource to solve problems creatively and add quality to your work - 5 Step Problem Solving

Hope the article and the resources will be useful to you and provide you with long lasting benefits which you can use and re-use many times in your life.

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