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Some Rules for Permanent Weight Loss - Why These Rules are Important

Rule #1 for Permanent, Healthy Weight Loss:
One of the first rules of permanent weight loss is to eat right. Eating right in no way means to eat more. It means that you have to make healthy food choices.

Healthy food choices mean that you have to avoid unhealthy foods, junk foods or foods with low nutritional value. Instead of that you need to eat foods that provide nutrition and are not harmful to your body.

At the same time, you should not completely stop eating a particular food group. It is because our body needs all kinds of foods in order to have a balanced diet necessary to remain fit in the long run.

If you totally avoid any 1 food group, you might develop deficiency after some time related to that food. It can cause illness or other health problems for you.

What you can do is to lessen the frequency and amount that you eat from a group which is not good for your weight like fats etc. Do not completely stop eating fat, but lessen the amount as well as the frequency of it.

Rule #2:
Another rule of healthy permanent weight loss and fitness is to be physically active. See, you cannot remain fit and healthy without being physically active. Our bodies were not designed to lead sedentary lives or be couch potatoes.

The excuses of not having enough time to exercise, or being too lazy should be shrugged off. You have to find out ways and methods to include sufficient physical activity during your day.

What you can do here is to find out some strenuous activity that you enjoy doing. It can be simple one like going out with your friend for an evening or morning walk, or playing a sport which provides you with enough exercise.

Once you can find something that gives exercise to your body and which you enjoy, you might find it easier to do it on consistent basis. It will not feel like a burden.

Amazingly, you might find it easier to find the time for physical activities out of your busy schedule if you enjoy those activities. If you don't enjoy something, then you tend to come up with a lot many excuses for not doing it - and one of the common excuse is not having enough time!

You can further help your cause by doing simple activities throughout the day like climbing the stairs instead of the elevator once in the day, parking your vehicles a little farther than you like so that you have to walk the extra distance to your office or home. Or do some household work that involves moving about, lifting things etc.

All these can be beneficial to you if done on regular basis. So try to develop the habit little by little.

Rule #3:
Do you have stress in your life? Too much stress is known to be at the back of many illnesses and diseases. At the same time it can be bad for your weight too.

How can it be bad for weight? One of the reasons is that people who are stressed out or depressed tend to eat more. People are likely to develop the habit of over-eating if they are in stress.

Stress will not only induce you to eat more, but can also affect food choices. People normally make unhealthy food choices when under the influence of high stress.

So find ways of relaxing yourself. Spend some quality time in nature observing the birds, the trees, or sitting at the beach observing the waves and hearing the sound as they splash against the rocks.

Spending time totally absorbed in such natural settings can tend to lessen our stress and make us stronger to face the challenges once we get back to our normal work.

You might also try out other relaxation techniques whichever you find helpful to you. Learning how to cope with stress can be an essential skill for leading a healthy life and avoiding obesity.

Rule #4:
Proper sleep is also important. The quality of sleep is more important than the quantity. Research seems to point that lack of quality sleep might lead to weight gain because of various reasons such as poor food choices, over-eating, improper digestion etc.

So do not neglect the importance of having a restful, relaxing sleep at night. The amount of time you sleep is very less important than the quality of sleep. You should enjoy a peaceful, restful sleep at night so that when you wake up you are feeling full of energy and are in good spirits.

If you find yourself feeling rested, happy and energetic when you wake up in the morning and you don't feel fatigue, then it can be an indication that you had a good night's sleep. Thats a thing to be happy about.

If you still feel tired, fatigued even after sleeping for several hours, then you probably have a problem. You might want to consult a doctor or something. Here is a resource you may find useful - End Tiredness and Avoid Sleep Deprivation Problems

Condition for Permanent Weight Loss
You see all the above rules I mentioned for weight loss are such things which are absolutely essential part of our life and they have far reaching effects even in other aspects of our health besides weight.

If you do not pay proper attention to eating healthy, exercising sufficiently, having proper sleep, handling stress effectively - then not only is that harmful for your weight problems but also bad for your overall health.

These problems might affect your health in many different ways and if such unhealthy habits continue then you might face a lot of health issues later in your life.

So weight loss is not an isolated issue or something to be considered just on temporary basis. If you want to be slim and fit forever then you need to change your whole lifestyle for the better.

You have to pay attention to all the things I mentioned above. Only then can you enjoy weight loss and also keep that weight off after losing it.

Otherwise if you take temporary approaches like taking diet pills, going on strict diets etc. then they may work only for a short period. After that you are likely to again gain back the weight you dread. Not just that, you are likely to also spoil your health further in the bargain.

So unless people are ready to change their lifestyle, their eating habits etc for the better, there may not be an easy alternative solution to the present obesity epidemic.

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