Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Procrastination Can Be Useful

Can procrastination ever be your friend? Can procrastination be good? Can it ever be useful to us?

Everyone of us believes that procrastination is a bad habit which can affect our success. Even I used to think like that. But after reading an interesting article, I realized that procrastination can also be good in some situations.

We just have to know when to make use of our ability to procrastinate and when not to. Anyways the link to the article is here - power of procrastination.

The Benefits of Procrastination
What the article states is that procrastination habit can be good when dealing with anger, worry and other negative emotions.

Suppose something made you angry, if you wait for some time and not react to it immediately, chances are that atleast some of the anger may have subsided and you may react in a better and more mature manner. You might not say or do something which can cause you to regret later.

Similarly, if you are in the habit of worrying too much, then you can procrastinate on that. You can say to yourself - "I will not worry now but postpone it for later when I have free time. Maybe I will give an hour or two in the evenings after reaching home to worry about everything that is not going on right in my life right now".

This kind of procrastination can be good as you will free your mind for the more important matters right now.

Even in decision making, I think that a little bit of delay is good. If you have an important decision to make then its better to avoid the urge to make hasty decisions. Taking time to research, learn the details and think over the matter coolly should be essential ingredients in any decision making activity. Here also procrastination can be your friend.

The Final Verdict...

So the final verdict is in. Procrastination need not always be your enemy. In some situations it can be a useful tool to use. You just have to know when and which things to put off for some more time and which are not to be put off.

If you can use common sense then you can make good use of procrastination power. Otherwise it can be your terrible enemy too!

Useful Resource:
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