Friday, October 17, 2008

Motivating Oneself in Difficult Times

Do you have trouble sticking to your plans? Are you inconsistent while pursuing your goals? Do you give up midway while dieting or exercising?

If you are facing similar problems to those mentioned above, then you have a problem of motivating yourself. If you keep putting off things, then probably you suffer from lack of self-discipline and procrastination.

What can we do with such problems?
It can be quite simple to learn the trick of motivating oneself in difficult times, if you just know how to. In this article I will provide some tips and suggestions for doing so.

First of all, we should learn how to act despite our moods and feelings. If we have to do something, then we should do it even though we might not be in the mood for it right now. We really have to motivate ourselves.

Pain in the Knee:
Just imagine that you were rushing on to do something urgent. On your way, you banged against the door and hurt your knee. You really feel the pain in your knee.

So what do you do? You stop momentarily because of the pain. But then after a few moments, you go back to doing what you had set out to, isn't it?

Even though your knee still hurts, but there are other important things that you need to do right now and you don't pay much attention to the knee pain.

You carry on inspite of the pain and probably would soon forget all about the pain, once you get absorbed in the work.

This should be the case even with emotional pains or moods. Suppose you have to do something important and are not in the mood. You stop momentarily and acknowledge the mood.

But then you consider the importance of the task at hand and evaluate whether it is possible to delay it a little bit till you are in the right mood. If its not possible, then you have to ignore the mood just like you ignored the knee pain and do the task anyways.

It Gets Better With Practice:
Motivation in tough situations is simple. You just have to get into the habit of ignoring moods, fears, insecurities, pressure and other such emotional pains like you ignore mild physical pains and carry on with the work.

If you can develop the habit of doing this, you can find it easier to stick to your plans and resolutions. You will find it easier to motivate yourself to do something whatever your mood is.

This habit can be very beneficial to you in difficult situations. But first you need to train yourself well. Does anybody send their military to war without training them?

Similarly, you have to just develop this habit in less difficult situations first. After some practice, you can do it in difficult situations as well!

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