Sunday, October 25, 2009

You Can Lose Weight By Giving Up One Habit

What is that one habit which will help a lot in weight loss?

It is the habit of watching TV. Everyday so many people sit in front of TV all evening, doing nothing useful.

Think about the time when TV wasn't invented. People would be busy doing something useful. Or atleast they would play some games in their leisure time.

Now, so many people come home from their offices or colleges and their evenings are usually spent in front of the idiot box.

This has made so many of us lazy. As it is, technology has made humans a little bit lazy. Watching TV for hours will add to that.

And most people will have something to eat in their hands while watching the idiot box. A bag of chips, a cup of coffee etc will usually accompany this TV watching habit.

Giving up this habit can go a long way in helping lose weight fast. Once you give up this habit, you will struggle to find ways to pass your leisure time. Soon, you will discover or try out newer and hopefully healthier ways of spending this time.

So stop watching TV and start losing weight. I know it is not easy to give up an age-old habit. You can check out the power of positive habits for this purpose. You can also discover how to change a habit in 21 days or less!

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