Saturday, February 6, 2016

Entrepreneurs - Don't Take Advice From People Who Don't Understand Your World

If you are  a person with an entrepreneurial bent of mind you will have noticed from quite an early age that you are somehow different than most people. You want to do things that are different from what most others would do. Your ideas and plans seem impractical and even crazy to many. If that is the case then read the advice that follows very carefully. It can save you tons of frustration, anger, wasted hours and wasted energy.

Whenever you plan to do something, like starting a new business venture or are thinking of something crazy like quitting your job to start your own business, it is of no use to go to such people for advice who have never been entrepreneurs, those who resist change and who shun and run away from novel experiences.

In such cases, it is far better if you do not speak your intentions but rather keep them concealed within your breasts, and go on to do what you want to do because if you tell others they are going to stop you in many different ways.. So it is better not to tell them when they will not understand you. These people are not used to going against social conditioning or going against the stream to do things which they like or live life according to their terms.

What is the use of taking advice from people who have never lived life fully, who don't know the meaning of living and who are just following the norms of society and do what everybody else does or just do what they are told. They lack the courage to even think otherwise, even in their minds and imaginations, let alone actually doing the deed of going against popular customs. You and them are not the same. They will never understand why you want to take such a big risk and leave a good job to start your own business. They will think you are crazy or someone has brainwashed you.

The elders among them, who like to think themselves as wise and experienced, would tell you that you have not seen life, you don't know its ups and downs, you are immature and impractical. They will say that you would do well by listening to the advice of seniors as you are not fit to make your own decisions. These are timid, poor souls who cannot understand your crazy whims nor can you look at the world from their viewpoint. Their well-meaning words of wisdom are unlikely to resonate with you.

It is then best not to discuss your entrepreneurial plans or  ideas with them in the first place. However if you commit the mistake of mentioning the ideas then the next best thing is not to argue with these people as that will only drain you needlessly of your energy. These people will make you feel stupid and crazy to even think the way you are thinking. Better to stay quiet and say nothing. Eat your words and just listen silently to their 'sound' and 'practical' advice. When they are done, politely ask their leave and do what you desire.

If you are really seeking advice then ask people who will understand you, who think like you and who have done similar things in their lives. But be warned that such people are very few. They are rare to find. If you can meet someone who has done something similar to what you wish to do, you can speak to that person. Otherwise keep silent and keep your own counsel. Not consulting anyone or taking advice is better than taking it from fools.

I am not implying that you should not take advice and do whatever comes to your mind and act irresponsibly on impulse without second thought. But take advice from the right people. Who have done what you wish to do, have been there where you want to go. Or at least they should have an open mind and you should know them to be wise and understanding. You are welcome to discuss your matter with such people. At the same time, don't forget to consult yourself! It is important to think hard, maybe ponder repeatedly before taking any major step which can have huge impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

People with an adventurous or entrepreneurial spirit usually like to give things a try on impulse. If any thought comes to their mind and they find it interesting or fascinating, they don't care much about other things and just want to give it a try. They are more readily willing to experiment with new things. They actually want to have rich and varied experiences in life so that they can live life fully and experience all it has to offer. These people are almost always the first to get up after they have fallen down, try one more time after they have failed on previous attempt, and be willing to take risks to get to where they want to go.

They do not want to live life according to rigid set of rules passed down to them by their peers or parents. To them living is all about experimenting, experiencing, learning, growing and enjoying. They prefer to enjoy the thrill of a new experience rather than just stick to old ways. They might even get bored easily and crave new things. Are you one among them? If yes join our entrepreneur's group on Facebook.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Water And Weight Loss Myth - What Is The Truth

There is a simple trick which might help you lose a few pounds of weight without actually going on a diet. of course, the weight lost this way might not be too much, however, it is a good start. Specially for people who hate dieting, this can be an excellent trick.

What I am suggesting you to do is to drink a glass or even 2 of water before each meal. It might not be immediately before starting the meal, but it can be 10-15 minutes before you sit down to eat. There seems to be a study which supports this method - read about it here.

Drinking water before the meals might make you eat less. You might eat 70-100 calories less than you would normally have during the meal. Suppose you eat 3 times a day and eat around 100 calories less each time, that equals 300 calories less than you are accustomed to eating.

Notice, I am not asking you to force yourself to eat less. This can happen automatically and naturally because you drank water before the meals. Your appetite is going to be suppressed. My suggestion would be to do this in moderation as some people might get too much excited and try to drink huge amounts of water so that they may eat much less. But remember that it is not wise to reduce your calories drastically in a short amount of time as your body needs nutrients in order to function properly.

The body gets these nutrients from the food you eat so you have to eat properly otherwise your health is going to suffer. It is not worth losing weight by spoiling your health. This might cause you to face many ill consequences in the long run.

Another reason why drinking water 10-20 minutes before meals might be a good idea is that at times a person may be dehydrated and mistake his thirst for hunger. It means that we humans can sometimes be mistaken and think we are feeling hungry when actually we are feeling thirsty due to mild dehydration. If you feel slight hunger, then drink a glass of water and wait for around 15 minutes. If you are still feeling hungry then that might be real hunger and you can sit down to eat.

On the other hand, if your hunger diminishes greatly after having a glass or two of water, it might not have been hunger in the first place. Dehydration is very bad for health. It can make your thinking slow, cause headaches, affect mental performance as well as bring about a host of other problems.

In the dehydrated state, the blood of the human body becomes thick which makes it harder for the heart to pump it. Thus, drinking plenty of water can be good for the heart and also be helpful in preventing high blood sugar levels. So, this above trick can not only be useful for helping you to lose weight but also for providing other health benefits.

However, there is also another side to the picture. In recent years, there have been many claims that drinking huge volumes of water can aid in weight loss. Many health experts and nutritionists have been quick to tell people to drink at least 8 ounces or even more of water everyday for losing weight and enjoying better health.

Well, it appears that this advice is a little exaggerated. There may be many factors on which would depend how much water your body actually requires - like weather conditions, age, body weight, how much labor intensive work you do etc. So, there is no one rule fits all situation.

Our body can get the fluid requirements from vegetables, fruits and juices. This article here suggests that the drive to encourage people to drink lots of water can have vested interests as the propaganda seems to have driven up sales of bottled water.

However, this does not contradict what I have said above. Drinking water before meals might be helpful in losing weight by making you eat less and also making you more active. As I had mentioned above, you need to follow this advice in moderation and not go overboard in drinking water. After a certain limit, excess water intake can be harmful for your health!

Another thing I mentioned above was you should not expect huge loss of weight by drinking water before meals. Drinking plenty of water alone might not be sufficient for causing weight loss. You need to follow a well formulated diet plan as well.

When health experts said that 2 liters of fluids a day are good for enjoying optimal health, most people assumed it is 2 liters of water. However, that does not seem to be the case. Your body gets the fluids from food you eat as well as tea and coffee (despite their caffeine content).

So, the food you eat as well as any additional fruits, vegetables and juices all contribute to the overall fluid intake. You don't need to actually drink 2 liters of water as that is not what the health experts meant in the first place! Hope I have cleared off some water weight loss myths in this short article.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trouble Getting To Sleep - Try These Simple Solutions

There are many over the counter drugs that can be used to induce sleep. However, using drugs to induce sleep not only increases the chances of side effects but also lowers your immunity in addition to making you dependent on them.

The good news is that you can easily employ natural ways that can enable you to have that elusive sleep. It is common knowledge that most of health complications are diet related. Therefore, the best natural remedy is knowing how to use your diet to enable you to have that sound sleep.

There are several diet related natural remedies for people who have trouble getting to sleep. These natural remedies can enable you to have a comfortable sleep. Some of these include;

Almonds – Almonds are known to be rich in Magnesium. Magnesium is known to relax the muscles and promote sleep. Almonds also contains rich source of proteins necessary to stabilize blood sugar levels thus bringing down the heightened level of adrenalin which works in such a manner that induces the dormant rest cycle necessary for sleeping.

Green tea – Decaf green tea is rich in thiamine, a compound known to help in sleep inducement. You can also use green tea and Chamomile tea intermittently to achieve the best result that helps you to avoid the addictive tendencies.

Dairy products – Milk, yoghurt, cheese and such other dairy products contain tryptophan which facilitates sleep inducement. On the other side, dairy products are rich in calcium. Calcium is known to have stabilizing effect on nerve fiber which is essential for relaxation of the brain’s nerve muscles.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is known to contain a variety of nutrients such as Magnesium, Calcium, Silicon, Phosphorous and Potassium which are all positive ingredients in sleep inducement. The best way to take oatmeal is to avoid adding sugar. Instead of sugar, you may opt for banana or any sweet fruit dressing.

Banana –  This is a very good food for people having trouble getting to sleepTaking some two bananas before going to bed can go a long way in helping you have a stress-free sleep. Banana is rich in both Potassium and Magnesium, elements best known for their sleep inducing properties. Bananas are also rich in tryptophan, which is known to aid in the production of Melatonin, a hormone known for calming the nerves.

Cereals – Other than oatmeal, most cereals, especially blended with warm milk and cherries, are known to be a rich source of tryptophan. Taking cereals help in the secretion of sleep hormones in the bloodstream.

Edamame – This is a recipe rich in Soya derived from Soy beans. It is rich in estrogen-based compounds that are known to help prevent hallucinations and nightmares thus helping you have a trouble-free sleep.

By the way, if you have trouble in sleeping, then you may feel tired and sleepy during the day. So, this article should be helpful for you: Stop feeling sleepy and tired

I have listed several natural remedies if someone is facing trouble going to sleep easily. You might try and see which one works best for you. Different people may find different remedy effective for them. So, all the best!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Write Good Content Because Your Mom Wants Good Content, Not Spam

Write Good Content - Create Helpful Sites - Remember The Below Advice:

Don't Spam Your Mom
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Press Release Site - Very Cheap

Press releases are an excellent way to promote your new business or website. You can gain massive free exposure with the help of press releases. Whenever you launch a new website, product or service, try submitting a well-written press release to the top sites. You may instantly gain lots of traffic and top Google rankings.

The problem with many press release sites is that they are either too expensive to submit to, or the cheap ones don't fare too well in search engines. However some sites are free to submit to and can help in getting a lot of attention from the search engines.

One such site is the

Their press release submission service is very cheap. You can even submit a free press release, but it is recommended to pay a small fee and get some additional features. The paid submission is quite affordable with price ranging from $5-$30 or so.

Check it out here - Free press release

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Sell An Idea or Product to Anyone - How to Make it a Best-Seller

There is an excellent short report by Seth Godin about how to make your products sell like crazy. You can get a free copy of the book. Download link at the end of this article.

Step 1 of the Plan:
The plan presented in this short report is simple - approach just one person with your novel idea or product and convince that person to try it out. Once you are able to sell to that person and after trying it out, the person should fall so much in love with it that he cannot help but recommend the product to dozen other people.

The person should become crazy about your product. He should consider himself very very lucky that he was able to get his hands on this product. He should be smiling to himself whenever he uses your product or service.

He should run to tell others about it. He should talk in an excited manner while talking about your product.

Imagine how this person would recommend your product to others. He wouldn't get tired of recommending your product to others. He will send an email to all people who he knows might benefit from this product. He will not recommend your product just once or twice but will keep on doing so whenever there is an opportunity for doing so.

If one such person falls in love with your product, then others who will try out are likely to do so too. They should get so used to your product that they cannot imagine living without it anymore now.

You can very well imagine the viral effect when 10 or 100 people start promoting your product or service in such a manner.

This is how quality products rise to fame. It is not a single person or company which will promote it, but many others will do so out of their own free will.

If your idea, product or service doesn't cause this level of excitement, then you are better off thinking of the next idea or product instead of working hard at marketing something that is not making people go crazy.

If just one idea or product of yours can make people go crazy then you might enjoy success comparable to that of Walmart, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Yahoo, Youtube, Google, Amazon, Ebay, Squidoo etc.

A New Perception about Marketing:
This book will give you a different perception of marketing. It is now about finding such winning products or ideas which will inspire people to tell others because it benefits other people and not just you. You will then no longer need to market your products too much as others will do it for you.

Your website is a product, your book or even a short article is a product. Your blog post is a product, an idea which you want to spread to others is a product, a service you are providing is a product.

Almost anything you are trying to market is a product and the above guidelines apply to it. When writing an article, try to make it so powerful that people will feel compelled to forward it to others rather than just read and a little later forget about it.

Finally, here is the download link to this short 5-page report:

Hope you will enjoy the book as much as I did.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Improve Your Listening Skills by Paying More Attention

In order to be a good leader and exceptional speaker, I feel you need to be a good listener too. Too few people I guess have this ability whereas it is such an important one to have.

If you have a hard time focusing on what others are saying then you need to improve your listening skills a great deal. If you can easily pay attention to other people and don't interrupt in between then you probably have good listening skills already.

If you improve your listening skills you can become a good communicator. Your speaking skills can improve automatically too.

One of the better tips to improve your listening skills is to pay full concentration to other people. When they talk, do not keep thinking of your reply. Pay full attention to their talk.

People will appreciate this a lot. They want to be heard and listened to. In turn, they might listen you out more carefully. In this way you can get your message across to others more easily than being hasty in speech.

It also lets you understand others more easily and better. Hence you can craft out your replies in a better fashion. So you see, it is important to improve your listening skills by paying more importance and attention to others.

If you believe that what the other person has to say is important, then you might find it easier to listen to him. Having such a belief and attitude can greatly help in improving your listening skills.

If you feel the other person and his views are not important and if you have a closed mind, then it is difficult to pay attention to their talk.

So you see it is a matter of belief and attitude. Having the right attitude when it comes to communication is a great benefit for yourself and others with whom you are interacting.