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How to Lose 3 Pounds in One Week Easily Like Many Others

Are you looking for easy fast weight loss plan? Before proceeding further let me ask you an important question - Did you ever try any weight loss program or diet plan before?

If you tried any plan which promised fast weight loss within 10 days or a week etc., then chances are you might have been very much disappointed with the results you got.

This is the case with most diet plans in the market. They are not effective for easy, fast weight loss. Do you know the reasons why you might have failed at earlier attempts to lose pounds quickly?

First of all, many diet plans are too strict to follow. Many average people cannot keep up with them for long.
Secondly, they eliminate certain food groups completely from your diet. This is very bad as our body needs all kinds of foods, even fat. What we have to do is restrict the intake of certain foods but not cut them totally.
Thirdly, many diet plans keep you starved throughout the day.

This is not at all a good weight loss strategy. As starving yourself will tend to lower your metabolism rate which can stop further weight loss after a few days.

Now lets change our focus from what doesn't work to what works. Lets find out how to lose 3-4 pounds fast and easy in a week or 10 days.

So how do you lose 3 pounds in one week or so? Is there any effective and good weight loss program?
Fortunately there are a few diet programs which can help you lose a few pounds in a week or so. There is a popular program called as "Fat Loss 4 Idiots".

The program says that you can lose about 9 pounds in 11 days. But this may be a little over-hyped. Still you should be able to lose atleast 4-6 pounds in the 11 day program.

So if your target is to lose around 3 pounds in a week, then you can achieve your goal with this program. You can keep repeating the 11 day cycles as long as you wish to lose further weight.

Suppose you lose 3 pounds every week by following this program, till you reach your desired weight. Wouldn't that be great? The good thing is that this diet plan is not at all difficult to follow like others and it is not so restrictive. So you can follow it with relative ease.

You can click here to visit the site - Fat Loss 4 Idiots Program

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Stay Slim After Marriage & Avoid Weight Gain

Have you gained weight after marriage?
People report that they start gaining weight after marriage. Do you have the same problem? Have you put on weight within a few years of your marriage?

There can be various possible reasons for this weight gain after marriage. One of the reasons could be that people get more comfortable and then start eating more.

Or else if even one of the spouse has a habit of eating a lot, the other may catch up unknowingly at first. Soon it can become a habit with both.

Holidays, picnics, parties, functions and going out with your spouse can all lead to some over-eating or eating unhealthy or fatty foods. This may turn to unwanted weight gain.

So you see some of the common reasons why people may pick up weight after they are married are:

1. Habits are shared between couples
2. A lot of picnics, eating out, and functions may happen leading to weight gain
3. People tend to become more comfortable and relaxed after marriage and they may not be as figure conscious or health conscious as before.

How to Lose Weight and Avoid Weight Gain After Marriage:
Now the question arises as to how to combat these factors and prevent weight gain. It needs a little bit of determination but it can be done. Here are some tips:

As mentioned above, habits are usually shared between couples. This can be turned into an advantage too. How can you use this as an advantage to keep slim or lose weight?

Its simple. You can start a healthy eating or a weight loss program along with your spouse. This way if you make a positive change in your life, your spouse can incorporate that in their life too.

For example, if you begin to start walking for 30 minutes a day, you can ask your spouse to join you and both can benefit from this. Any exercise plan, healthy eating program etc. can be started simultaneously by both of you.

So, in your weight loss efforts you will not be alone. You can enlist the support of your spouse. Even if they don't actively join along with you, still they can give you moral support and encouragement.

They can help you avoid temptations, giving up too soon, and can encourage you when you are disappointed and not getting results initially. If you were totally alone, you might have easily given up during such moments of trial.

Advantages of Marriage in Weight Loss and Staying Slim:
So you see, marriage can work to your advantage in adopting a healthy lifestyle in the following ways:

1. You can start a healthy fitness program with your spouse - both giving company to each other
2. Your spouse can encourage you and help you during tough situations and when you feel like giving up
3. Your love for your spouse and kids can serve as motivation to look good, stay slim and be active. This can propel you to start a fitness or exercise program with strong determination.

So, yes its definitely possible to stay slim, active and healthy even after wedding and kids. Like I said earlier, you need a dose of determination and will power. Start making marriage work to your advantage instead of disadvantage.

If you want to lose weight easily and fast without spoiling your health or embarking on difficult diet programs, click here: Easy Fat Loss Program

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Why Do You Get Tired Easily & How to Stop Feeling Tired

Why Do I Get Tired So Easily? How Can I Put a Stop to My Constant Tiredness?
Do you always seem to get tired easily? Even after sleeping and resting a lot? You can take a little heart from the fact that you are not alone with this problem. Infact 25% of the people report high levels of tiredness throughout their life!

A word of caution ... constant tiredness can be bad for your health and immune system. Your lifestyle habits might be the major contributing factors to your tiredness problem. So you have to start doing something soon to stop your constant fatigue. This article might shock you as to the real cause of your tiredness.

Why do you get tired so easily?
You may be wondering what is causing the fatigue even though you have taken sufficient rest. The problem might be that you are taking too much rest.

You may notice a common habit among most people who complain about too much tiredness. Almost all of them say that they sleep a lot and take rest, yet they feel tired all the time. Does that indicate something to you?

You may find it hard to believe, but people who sleep too much or are couch potatoes - they tend to feel more sleepy and tired. The less the physical activity that you may be doing the more chances of feeling tired!

People whose work involves sitting for long periods can feel sleepy and drowsy because of lack of physical movement. Now this may be a little hard to believe at first.

We have all been led to believe that the more physical activity we do the more tired our body becomes. We believe that just sitting or lie down will not tire us out.

Simple Tips to Reduce Tiredness & Enjoy Yourself
But you try this out - increase your physical activity everyday for the next few days and see how active and energetic you begin to feel. If you feel too much sleepy, then try to reduce the amount of time you sleep daily and watch how less sleepy you actually feel after that!

This may sound weird but there is scientific reason behind it. Actually our bodies do not need 7-8 hours of sleep. we might infact be doing more harm than good by sleeping so much. Not to mention the extra hours that are wasted because of too much sleep.

People might suffer health problems from lack of sleep. At the same time, they may face health and tiredness problems due to excess sleep. If you are sleeping for 4.5-6 hours a day, it might actually be sufficient. The quality of sleep is more important than quantity.

However short power naps during the afternoon are known to be beneficial to health and for increasing energy levels during the day. After a tiring half day's work, a sweet short nap in the afternoon can do wonders to boost your energy levels and also compensate for any possible shortcoming in sleep the previous night!

By the way stress can be a big energy drainer making us feel tired very soon and easily. Moderate levels of regular exercise is known to be beneficial in handling stress and so can be good for reducing our tiredness levels too! Exercising can also improve your stamina.

Drinking a lot of water can also raise energy levels. Get into the habit of drinking atleast 2 liters of water daily. It is good for your body and energy levels.

A Proven Program to End Tiredness Problem
Finally find the solution to completely and permanently end your tiredness, fatigue and sleepiness. Become super-active, energetic and healthy. You can find the solution to your tiredness problem here - End Your Tiredness Now

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The Top Weight Loss Program for Fast & Easy Fat Loss

Do you want to lose weight really fast and easy? There are many weight loss programs available in the market which promise you the moon. But don't get fooled by them. You really need to study the background and the results before trying out a weight loss program whether online or offline.

To cut short your search, I will mention one of top weight loss programs that has been doing rounds on the internet. It is regarded by many as the best online weight loss program. This program is called as "Fat Loss 4 Idiots".

Lets see briefly what makes this program special from countless others in the market.
FL4I - The Fast and Easy Weight Loss Program
Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a fast and easy weight loss program. It is just a 11 day program - that means you can start seeing results within just days and you do not have to wait long. You may lose a few pounds in 11 days and you can repeat those 11 day cycles as many times as you wish till you have succeeded in your weight loss goals.

Its an easy weight loss program because it is not at all so strict like the other diet programs which make you starve or eat only certain kinds of foods. This program is not at all restrictive, so its quite easy for many people to follow it. And there are no special foods to order in order to practice this program.

Fl4I - The Effective and Best Online Weight Loss Program
How can you lose weight with this program while so many other diets fail? The reason is simple - most diet plans start wrong. They make you starve or cut out certain food groups completely. This can infact be harmful for weight loss as it lowers your metabolism.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots, on the other hand, relies on a method called "calorie shifting" to lose weight quickly and easily. Calorie shifting means you are made to eat different amount of calories on different days of your 11 day cycle. This will confuse the body's metabolism and make the body lose fat faster.

You are made to eat different kinds of foods with varying ratio of fats, carbs and proteins. And you have to eat 4 meals a day in your 11 day diet cycle. All these tend to help boost your metabolism rate, keeping it active, rather than lower it like in the case of other weight loss programs.

So you see it is quite an effective weight loss program - infact regarded as one of the best online weight loss program.

FL4I - An Inexpensive and Popular Weight Loss Program
Even though this is such a popular weight loss program, it is quite inexpensive and cheap to try out. The cheap price range makes it affordable for many people to give it a try.

What's more interesting is that it comes with a money back guarantee. So if you are not seeing proper results after trying out this inexpensive weight loss program, you can even ask for a full 100% refund of your money.

All these above features make it a very popular weight loss program online. Thousands of people tried it out and this program has been discussed in many forums and weight loss communities. This is an indication of the popularity of this effective and cheap weight loss program.

If you want to give it a try, go here - Fat Loss 4 Idiots Program: 11 Days to Your Weight Loss

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Easy Tips to Drink More Water Daily Without Forcing Too Much

Many people will tell you that you need to drink a lot of water if you want to stay healthy, have more energy, lose weight and flush out toxins from your body. It is usually recommended that you drink atleast 8 glasses of water or more per day. This is about 2 liters or more of water daily!

But for people who do not have this habit, how can they drink more water? The are unable to force themselves and are looking for tips to drink more water easily without pushing themselves too much.

Another question that can arise is how can we keep track of how much water we are drinking? Lets try to tackle both questions head on and explore simple tips to drink more water as well as keep track of your water intake.

How Much Water are You Drinking Everyday?
In order to track how much water you have drunk and how much still you need to drink in order to fulfill your daily quota, keep a container of water - of about 2 liters volume. Usually a glass of water is about 250 ml, so 4 glasses of water approximately equal 1 liter.

Everyday fill this container with water. Then whenever you feel thirsty or want to drink, try to drink water from this container only. By the end of the day you should finish off the water in the container.

This way you can keep track of how much water you are drinking daily. Now let us tackle the next question - how do you motivate yourself to drink more water for weight loss, or better health specially if you are not in the habit of drinking lot of water.

A Very Simple Tip to Drink More Water Everyday for the Rest of Your Lives:
This is quite an easy and simple tip. I have tried and find it absolutely easy to drink lots of water using this trick. If you can follow this easy tip then you don't have to worry about not drinking enough water ever in your life!

Actually what you can do is set hourly quota for drinking water. Suppose you are planning to drink 8 glasses of water everyday, then it comes to less than half a glass of water per hour.

But since you will be spending about 6-8 hours sleeping and would hardly drink at that time, so deduct 8 hours from 24. It comes to about 16 hours.

Now your aim is to drink 8 glasses in 16 waking hours. That's an easy calculation now - drink 1/2(half) glass of water per hour.
So make an hourly commitment to drink atleast half a glass of water. As each hour passes by, you should force yourself to drink atleast half glass. Wow, isn' t that so easy now?

Drinking half glass should not be too difficult for most of us, even if we do not feel so thirsty at that time. By simply following this hourly commitment, we can easily achieve our desired goal of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. This water is very helpful for various bodily functions and it is also good for weight loss.

More Tips to Drink More Water:
So you see how simple, easy and effective the above tip can be to drink enough water everyday. Just follow that tip and you should be able to increase your water intake without much fuss.

However for your convenience, I will mention further tips to drink more water everyday:

Tip #1: People who sit for long hours on their desks or in front of computer can keep a bottle of water at their desk while working, studying etc. This can serve as a constant reminder to you to keep drinking water.

Many times I feel like drinking water but I am sitting somewhere and feel lazy to get up. Keeping a bottle of water at my desk can prevent from feeling lazy to drink water if its not within easy reach.

Tip #2: If you are in a cold place or the weather is cold then drink warm or lukewarm water instead of hot drinks like coffee etc. The tip to drink more water in cold weathers is to go for lukewarm water.

Sure you can have tea and coffee a few times, but drink lukewarm water more frequently. It not only quenches your thirst but also keeps your body properly hydrated.

Tip #3: If you want to easily fulfill your daily drinking quota then drink more water when you wake up in the morning.

Drink a couple of glasses or more of water when you wake up in the morning. In the mornings, your body is naturally de-hydrated and it needs some water.

And by drinking lot of water early in the day, we are making it easier for us to fulfill our daily quota as we have to drink less water during the rest of the day now.

Tip #4: If you want to take this a step further, you can even set reminders on your mobile phone reminding you at critical times of the day to drink water. Just in case you forget!

Tip #5: Now the final tip and also the most important one if you want to get into the habit of drinking more water. Drink a glass of water NOW! Get up now and drink a glass of water. You can resume reading after that.

This final tip is very important. How many times we intend to do something but keep postponing it. We think we will start from tomorrow. But guess what - that tomorrow never comes.

So the best time to start this healthy habit is today and now. So no excuses, get yourself a glass of water now, if you are serious about developing this habit. Then come back to finish reading this article.

Remember that all the tips mentioned here are useful if you want to get into the habit of drinking more water. But these tips will not be of any use if you fail to act on them. So we should all try to start any good habit at the earliest possible moment!

You Should Drink More Water When You Do the Following:
#1: If you drink diuretics(fluids which steal water away from your body) like coffee, tea etc. then you need to drink even more water to compensate. Drink a few extra glasses of water if you are in the habit of frequently drinking tea, coffee, soda or other cool drinks.

#2: If you are involved in exhausting physical activity then you again need to increase your water intake a lot. Because you have to compensate this extra loss of water due to the physical activity. So drink extra glasses in addition to the normal 8 glasses a day rule!

#3: Drink more water if you want to lose weight. It is said that fat people need to drink more water. Water can help in weight reduction, and increase in metabolism. So drink more water to lose weight and keep it in control.

Enjoy Good Health By Drinking More Water From Now On:
By following all these above tips, you can keep your body hydrated and functioning in a healthy manner without much difficulty. The above tips are meant to make it easy for you to drink more water everyday for the rest of your life without too much difficulty or forcing yourself.

Do you know that when you drink more water, you will feel more energetic and less sluggish or lazy. Its such a cool tip to raise your energy levels and overcome tiredness or laziness to a certain extent. Keeping your body sufficiently hydrated can also be good for combating stress and other health disorders.

People have reported other health benefits too after drinking sufficient water, some of them have said that it eliminates leg cramps too. Leg cramps may occur if you are dehydrated. So you need to drink more water at such times. You might even have to reduce intake of salty foods.

Want Healthy, Fast Weight Loss?
If you are looking to lose weight in an easy manner without spoiling your health, then drinking lots of water by itself is not sufficient. No doubt it helps a lot in weight loss, but you need to do more.

Here is a simple weight loss plan which can help you in losing weight within 11 days or so. This program also encourages you to drink lot of water daily and has a 11 day guide to lose weight. Go over to check out the details - Healthy, fast weight loss program

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Importance of Drinking Water - Water is Amazing For Healthy Life

Why Should You Drink More Water?
Lets try to answer this question here. Lets try to find out why you should drink more water daily and is it really helpful?

This article talks about the importance of drinking enough water everyday and the numerous health as well as weight loss benefits of drinking enough water.

You know this advice has been repeated to us many times - "drink more water"! Still a lot many people struggle to follow this simple advice .

These people fail to realize the importance of drinking enough water everyday. They think that this habit is very difficult to develop. But it is not so.

I have written an article mentioning simple tips to make sure you drink more water every day. You can read it here :
Tips To Drink More Water - How to drink more water easily every single day of your life starting today!

It is said that you should drink atleast about 2 litres or more of water everyday! Does that seem too much for you? Wait till you read the benefits... Now let us start exploring the importance of drinking enough water!

What is the importance of drinking water?
You are probably completely unaware of how necessary and important water is for the healthy functioning of your body. Your health, well being of body organs, figure all are very much dependent on good supply of water.

If you do not drink enough water, all body functions and organs might be affected to some extent or other. So start drinking more water.

Here are some major benefits of drinking enough water everyday:

1. Drinking water is good for weight loss:
It is said that many times our hunger pangs are just indications that our body needs more water. It is said that people can easily confuse thirst for hunger and end up eating even though they don't need to eat at that moment.

So how can we find out whether our hunger is really hunger or just thirst? Whenever you feel hungry, gulp down a glass of water or more. If after a few minutes you still feel hungry then it can be an indication that you hunger is real.

If on the other hand, you don't feel so hungry then you might not have been hungry in the first place. It may have been just water your body was craving for.

So drinking more water can prevent you from confusing thirst with hunger and prevent overeating. It will also increase metabolism rate of your body - metabolism refers to the process of burning calories by the body.

The healthier the metabolism, the less likely you are to put on weight. So drink water for maintaining healthy metabolism and losing weight easily. Water is also an appetite suppressant.

2. End tiredness and fatigue:
Many many times, not drinking enough water can be the main culprit behind our feeling constant fatigue or tiredness. Water is known to increase energy levels of the body.

Just drinking a whole glass of water can do wonders to raise your energy levels a few notches and make you feel better. You can easily overcome laziness and sluggish feeling to a certain extent by keeping your body hydrated with enough water intake.

3. Think clearly, concentrate better:
Not only energy levels, but your overall concentration can immensely increase if your body is properly hydrated. You will gain more clarity in thinking. Research has shown that keeping body hydrated is necessary for optimum functioning of the brain.

So its absolutely recommended for students or employees to keep a bottle of water handy at your desk while studying or doing any work.

And do keep drinking from this bottle every now and then while working. It keeps you focused and its good for the brain.

Remember that we are constantly losing body fluids due to sweating, urinating and even bowels. So you need to constantly supply water to keep the body hydrated sufficiently.

4. Get well soon:
You might have heard the common advice given to people who are suffering from cold and fever - drink lot of water. This advice has some wisdom in it.

Water can be beneficial in controlling fever as well as thinning out the mucus in the body, when you are down with cold.

Drinking a lot of fluids can definitely help when you are sick. Moreover water can be excellent cure for many common problems like frequent headaches, joint pains, constipation etc.

5. Flush out toxins:
Drinking water detoxifies your liver and kidney. It carries away the waste materials from your body. So the simple method of flushing out unwanted toxins is to drink more water.

Remember that water is necessary for the proper functioning of kidneys. By drinking water, toxins from the body can be removed through urination, sweating and bowels. Water also helps in bowel movements, so those who are suffering from constant constipation can find this helpful.

Other benefits are :
1) water keeps your skin healthy, 2) its good for digestion,3) its good for your heart, 4) helps in prevention of allergies and many other diseases, 5)prevents you from overeating as well as laziness.

If you want to enjoy immense health benefits then you need to drink more water daily. I hope by now you have realized the absolute importance of drinking enough water everyday and hopefully start doing so very soon.

Remember this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have touched only a few major benefits here. There are many many more benefits to drinking water. So no excuses from now on, you need to drink more water. It comes absolutely free of cost to most of us!

A word of caution though ...
Do not get too carried away and drink excess water. You can exceed the daily recommended water quota by a few glasses but keep in mind that too much of anything is bad. Drinking too much water can be fatal!!!

If you drink water too excessively, then it might prove harmful to you. So stay within reasonable bounds. Moderation is the way of life and avoid excesses in anything - even in good things.

I found it necessary to briefly mention this caution to you before parting. Anyways drinking water is found to be very beneficial to your health.So drink more of it provided that you stay within reasonable boundaries.

Now that you know the importance of drinking enough water, its time to learn simple tips to help you drink more water every day so that you can easily fulfill your daily recommended quota.

This article answered the question - why you should drink more water. Now find out the "how" part. Here is my article - How do you drink more water everyday

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Simple Secret to Improve Memory Power & Memory Skills

Shall I tell you a simple principle which can be used to improve memory power while studying, researching or trying to remember some information?

Its a very important principle to keep in mind with regards to improving memory power and concentration. This tip can really help you and can be counted among the best tips to improve memory your power if you can utilize it properly.

How do you remember what you read, study or watch? Its simple - your mind tends to remember things easily if it finds them interesting!

If what you are trying to learn and remember interests you then you will not have such a difficult time in remembering the information - even the smaller details.

Try remembering some information which is of no use or interest to you. Most people would agree that its difficult to memorize such information. So in order to improve your memory power and remember what you are reading, you have to develop interest in that subject.

But the problem for most people is how to develop this interest in the first place. If you find something boring or tedious, how can you develop interest in it so that you remember easily?

How to Develop Interest So That You Can Increase Your Memory Power and Retention:
One of the ways you can develop interest in anything and thereby increase memory power and retention capacity for it is to find out details about that thing. Find as many details as you possibly can about a thing or subject.

The more details you can find and study, the more interest you can find growing within yourself for that thing. You might be surprised that you could find something interesting about a subject which you couldn't stand at all previously!!!

You might not develop a burning passion for a subject which you previously were uninterested in. But you can gain sufficient interest by gaining more and more knowledge about it and studying minute details related to that topic or subject.

So initially, you may have to force yourself to study the subject. But later on as your knowledge for it grows, you may find it easier to study more about the subject. Gaining more and more knowledge is one of the surefire ways to improve memory power!

The Simple Secret to Improve Memory Power and Skills
This is one of the best, simple and long-term methods of improving your memory skills and remembering easily anything related to any subject or topic. This is how your mind works - it works best when it has to deal with things that it is fond of and loves.

So try to develop interest in your preferred subject by gaining knowledge about it and studying it in small detail. Remember that initially you might have to force yourself a little bit and patiently read about a subject. But soon things should become easier and easier for you.

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