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Importance of Drinking Water - Water is Amazing For Healthy Life

Why Should You Drink More Water?
Lets try to answer this question here. Lets try to find out why you should drink more water daily and is it really helpful?

This article talks about the importance of drinking enough water everyday and the numerous health as well as weight loss benefits of drinking enough water.

You know this advice has been repeated to us many times - "drink more water"! Still a lot many people struggle to follow this simple advice .

These people fail to realize the importance of drinking enough water everyday. They think that this habit is very difficult to develop. But it is not so.

I have written an article mentioning simple tips to make sure you drink more water every day. You can read it here :
Tips To Drink More Water - How to drink more water easily every single day of your life starting today!

It is said that you should drink atleast about 2 litres or more of water everyday! Does that seem too much for you? Wait till you read the benefits... Now let us start exploring the importance of drinking enough water!

What is the importance of drinking water?
You are probably completely unaware of how necessary and important water is for the healthy functioning of your body. Your health, well being of body organs, figure all are very much dependent on good supply of water.

If you do not drink enough water, all body functions and organs might be affected to some extent or other. So start drinking more water.

Here are some major benefits of drinking enough water everyday:

1. Drinking water is good for weight loss:
It is said that many times our hunger pangs are just indications that our body needs more water. It is said that people can easily confuse thirst for hunger and end up eating even though they don't need to eat at that moment.

So how can we find out whether our hunger is really hunger or just thirst? Whenever you feel hungry, gulp down a glass of water or more. If after a few minutes you still feel hungry then it can be an indication that you hunger is real.

If on the other hand, you don't feel so hungry then you might not have been hungry in the first place. It may have been just water your body was craving for.

So drinking more water can prevent you from confusing thirst with hunger and prevent overeating. It will also increase metabolism rate of your body - metabolism refers to the process of burning calories by the body.

The healthier the metabolism, the less likely you are to put on weight. So drink water for maintaining healthy metabolism and losing weight easily. Water is also an appetite suppressant.

2. End tiredness and fatigue:
Many many times, not drinking enough water can be the main culprit behind our feeling constant fatigue or tiredness. Water is known to increase energy levels of the body.

Just drinking a whole glass of water can do wonders to raise your energy levels a few notches and make you feel better. You can easily overcome laziness and sluggish feeling to a certain extent by keeping your body hydrated with enough water intake.

3. Think clearly, concentrate better:
Not only energy levels, but your overall concentration can immensely increase if your body is properly hydrated. You will gain more clarity in thinking. Research has shown that keeping body hydrated is necessary for optimum functioning of the brain.

So its absolutely recommended for students or employees to keep a bottle of water handy at your desk while studying or doing any work.

And do keep drinking from this bottle every now and then while working. It keeps you focused and its good for the brain.

Remember that we are constantly losing body fluids due to sweating, urinating and even bowels. So you need to constantly supply water to keep the body hydrated sufficiently.

4. Get well soon:
You might have heard the common advice given to people who are suffering from cold and fever - drink lot of water. This advice has some wisdom in it.

Water can be beneficial in controlling fever as well as thinning out the mucus in the body, when you are down with cold.

Drinking a lot of fluids can definitely help when you are sick. Moreover water can be excellent cure for many common problems like frequent headaches, joint pains, constipation etc.

5. Flush out toxins:
Drinking water detoxifies your liver and kidney. It carries away the waste materials from your body. So the simple method of flushing out unwanted toxins is to drink more water.

Remember that water is necessary for the proper functioning of kidneys. By drinking water, toxins from the body can be removed through urination, sweating and bowels. Water also helps in bowel movements, so those who are suffering from constant constipation can find this helpful.

Other benefits are :
1) water keeps your skin healthy, 2) its good for digestion,3) its good for your heart, 4) helps in prevention of allergies and many other diseases, 5)prevents you from overeating as well as laziness.

If you want to enjoy immense health benefits then you need to drink more water daily. I hope by now you have realized the absolute importance of drinking enough water everyday and hopefully start doing so very soon.

Remember this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have touched only a few major benefits here. There are many many more benefits to drinking water. So no excuses from now on, you need to drink more water. It comes absolutely free of cost to most of us!

A word of caution though ...
Do not get too carried away and drink excess water. You can exceed the daily recommended water quota by a few glasses but keep in mind that too much of anything is bad. Drinking too much water can be fatal!!!

If you drink water too excessively, then it might prove harmful to you. So stay within reasonable bounds. Moderation is the way of life and avoid excesses in anything - even in good things.

I found it necessary to briefly mention this caution to you before parting. Anyways drinking water is found to be very beneficial to your health.So drink more of it provided that you stay within reasonable boundaries.

Now that you know the importance of drinking enough water, its time to learn simple tips to help you drink more water every day so that you can easily fulfill your daily recommended quota.

This article answered the question - why you should drink more water. Now find out the "how" part. Here is my article - How do you drink more water everyday

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