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How to Stay Slim After Marriage & Avoid Weight Gain

Have you gained weight after marriage?
People report that they start gaining weight after marriage. Do you have the same problem? Have you put on weight within a few years of your marriage?

There can be various possible reasons for this weight gain after marriage. One of the reasons could be that people get more comfortable and then start eating more.

Or else if even one of the spouse has a habit of eating a lot, the other may catch up unknowingly at first. Soon it can become a habit with both.

Holidays, picnics, parties, functions and going out with your spouse can all lead to some over-eating or eating unhealthy or fatty foods. This may turn to unwanted weight gain.

So you see some of the common reasons why people may pick up weight after they are married are:

1. Habits are shared between couples
2. A lot of picnics, eating out, and functions may happen leading to weight gain
3. People tend to become more comfortable and relaxed after marriage and they may not be as figure conscious or health conscious as before.

How to Lose Weight and Avoid Weight Gain After Marriage:
Now the question arises as to how to combat these factors and prevent weight gain. It needs a little bit of determination but it can be done. Here are some tips:

As mentioned above, habits are usually shared between couples. This can be turned into an advantage too. How can you use this as an advantage to keep slim or lose weight?

Its simple. You can start a healthy eating or a weight loss program along with your spouse. This way if you make a positive change in your life, your spouse can incorporate that in their life too.

For example, if you begin to start walking for 30 minutes a day, you can ask your spouse to join you and both can benefit from this. Any exercise plan, healthy eating program etc. can be started simultaneously by both of you.

So, in your weight loss efforts you will not be alone. You can enlist the support of your spouse. Even if they don't actively join along with you, still they can give you moral support and encouragement.

They can help you avoid temptations, giving up too soon, and can encourage you when you are disappointed and not getting results initially. If you were totally alone, you might have easily given up during such moments of trial.

Advantages of Marriage in Weight Loss and Staying Slim:
So you see, marriage can work to your advantage in adopting a healthy lifestyle in the following ways:

1. You can start a healthy fitness program with your spouse - both giving company to each other
2. Your spouse can encourage you and help you during tough situations and when you feel like giving up
3. Your love for your spouse and kids can serve as motivation to look good, stay slim and be active. This can propel you to start a fitness or exercise program with strong determination.

So, yes its definitely possible to stay slim, active and healthy even after wedding and kids. Like I said earlier, you need a dose of determination and will power. Start making marriage work to your advantage instead of disadvantage.

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