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Why Do You Get Tired Easily & How to Stop Feeling Tired

Why Do I Get Tired So Easily? How Can I Put a Stop to My Constant Tiredness?
Do you always seem to get tired easily? Even after sleeping and resting a lot? You can take a little heart from the fact that you are not alone with this problem. Infact 25% of the people report high levels of tiredness throughout their life!

A word of caution ... constant tiredness can be bad for your health and immune system. Your lifestyle habits might be the major contributing factors to your tiredness problem. So you have to start doing something soon to stop your constant fatigue. This article might shock you as to the real cause of your tiredness.

Why do you get tired so easily?
You may be wondering what is causing the fatigue even though you have taken sufficient rest. The problem might be that you are taking too much rest.

You may notice a common habit among most people who complain about too much tiredness. Almost all of them say that they sleep a lot and take rest, yet they feel tired all the time. Does that indicate something to you?

You may find it hard to believe, but people who sleep too much or are couch potatoes - they tend to feel more sleepy and tired. The less the physical activity that you may be doing the more chances of feeling tired!

People whose work involves sitting for long periods can feel sleepy and drowsy because of lack of physical movement. Now this may be a little hard to believe at first.

We have all been led to believe that the more physical activity we do the more tired our body becomes. We believe that just sitting or lie down will not tire us out.

Simple Tips to Reduce Tiredness & Enjoy Yourself
But you try this out - increase your physical activity everyday for the next few days and see how active and energetic you begin to feel. If you feel too much sleepy, then try to reduce the amount of time you sleep daily and watch how less sleepy you actually feel after that!

This may sound weird but there is scientific reason behind it. Actually our bodies do not need 7-8 hours of sleep. we might infact be doing more harm than good by sleeping so much. Not to mention the extra hours that are wasted because of too much sleep.

People might suffer health problems from lack of sleep. At the same time, they may face health and tiredness problems due to excess sleep. If you are sleeping for 4.5-6 hours a day, it might actually be sufficient. The quality of sleep is more important than quantity.

However short power naps during the afternoon are known to be beneficial to health and for increasing energy levels during the day. After a tiring half day's work, a sweet short nap in the afternoon can do wonders to boost your energy levels and also compensate for any possible shortcoming in sleep the previous night!

By the way stress can be a big energy drainer making us feel tired very soon and easily. Moderate levels of regular exercise is known to be beneficial in handling stress and so can be good for reducing our tiredness levels too! Exercising can also improve your stamina.

Drinking a lot of water can also raise energy levels. Get into the habit of drinking atleast 2 liters of water daily. It is good for your body and energy levels.

A Proven Program to End Tiredness Problem
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