Monday, January 14, 2008

Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success

Tom Venuto is one of the world's leading experts on fat loss. Tom is a bodybuilder, personal trainer, nutritionist, best selling author, and a success coach. He is the author of 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle'.

From the link below you can download for free - his interview with Tom Nicoli (Clinical Hypnotherapist) that was featured on Dateline NBC's "Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge".

This ebook is titled 'Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success'. You may find very useful advice and tips in this e-book. Download it free of cost below. Just left click on the image below. Note: do not right click.

Left Click on the above Image in order to download this ebook. Do not right click. All the best for your weight loss success.

A little more about Tom Venuto:

Tom has been associated with the field of health and fitness from the age of 14. By the time he was 20, he had started training other people.

He has a degree in 'Exercise Science'. After that he got certified by the top exercise organizations in the world, the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and has worked as a personal trainer for various health clubs.

More recently, he started using the medium of Internet to reach a more wider audience. He launched a web-based program called 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle' . You can learn a lot in this ebook which consists of 337 pages of solid information like - bodybuilding fat loss diet plan, list of fat burning foods, abdominal fat loss and many other things.

Hope you enjoy the book. Let me know your comments.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Feeling of Success

"The first and most important step toward success is the
feeling that we can succeed."

Nelson Boswell

Do you have that feeling that you can succeed at it while starting
a new project or task? If you don't then better to work on developing
that feeling first before embarking on the project.

Thursday, January 10, 2008 - Get Paid to Blog Your Opinions

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Monday, January 7, 2008

16 Public Speaking Delivery Tips: Moving from Bad Public Speaking To Good

Few people realize the importance of public speaking. They are always trying to avoid public speaking opportunities.

Instead of trying to avoid, we should try and improve our speech skills, learn how to get rid of public speaking fears and anxiety, learn some useful public speaking delivery tips and mark out a strategy, etc.

Those who try to avoid speaking in public, are letting go of very useful and excellent opportunities to improve themselves, their careers or business, get their ideas across to many people and earn handsomely. Famous public speakers can earn in thousands

The main aim of public speaking would be to get your message across to the audience and make them 'interested in what you want to say.'

One of the best ways to make the audience interested is to focus each of your speech to address some of the problem which the audience is facing.

If you are trying to solve a problem for your audience, then anything you say would be of interest to them, wouldn't it? Bad public speaking is where you focus entirely on yourself and not keep the audience's needs in mind.

Here are 16 simple public speaking delivery tips which should enhance your effectiveness while on stage:

1. Tone of voice: How you say something can be more important than what you say. Vary the tone of your voice and avoid monotony otherwise your audience might doze off.

2. Eliminate Umm'ss and Aaah's: While speaking, sometimes you may get stuck and take time to think of what or how to say. At such times, many people may make sounds like Ummmh or Aaah etc.

This kind of thing may make you look stupid. Avoid doing it as it is a bad public speaking practice.

Instead of that remain silent for a few moments while trying to come up with something to say. Silent pauses are better than making such sounds.

3. Pace: Nervousness and public speaking go hand in hand. If you are nervous, you may tend to speak fast.

It is important to speak slowly and clearly. If your words are not clear, then its very difficult to make any sort of good impression on the audience.

4. Volume: The volume of your voice is also very important. It should not be too high so that it looks as if you are shouting, nor should it be so low that the people have difficulty in hearing

5. Get to the point quickly: While giving speech, it is better if you get to the point you want to make quickly and not beat around the bush for long.

You don't need to tell the audience everything you know about a subject, but only of what they need to know. Try to pick out only the most relevant and best information to give to your audience.

Studies have shown that the people remember very few facts that were conveyed during the speech anyway. So stay with the most important information.

6. Pay attention to your arms: Its important that you do not fidget with your arms. Also remember not to put your hands in pocket, nor place them behind the back.

It is preferable to leave the hands comfortably by your sides. They should also move freely so as to allow free and natural-looking gestures.

7. Posture: Keep a relaxed and upright posture while giving speech. Leaning either forward or backward should be avoided. Keep your legs shoulder width apart in order to get good balance.

8. Correcting your mistakes gracefully: If you make a mistake and it is obvious, do not apologize. Just make the necessary correction and carry on with your speech.

9. Preparation: Prepare well for your speech as that can prevent panic. Preparation consists of knowing the audience and knowing the subject.

Know the needs of your audience and match your content accordingly. Also know the subject thoroughly so that you can approach the stage with self-confidence.

10. Calmness: Appear calm and relaxed even if you feel nervous inside. Speak slowly and clearly, put necessary emotions in your voice.

11. Technique to make yourself be heard by everyone in the room: Speak to the person farthest away from you so that you voice can be heard clearly by everybody. See how nicely this technique works.

12. Conviction: Speak with conviction as if you really believe in whatever you are saying (as you should, otherwise why are you saying it). The conviction should reflect in your voice, tone and gestures.

13. Pauses: Pause at times during your speech to allow yourself and the audience time to reflect and think. Do not just rush through the presentation leaving everyone out of breath.

14. Attention grabbing: Attention spans of audience can be short. So every few minutes you should try and catch their attention by doing things like fluctuating your voice, telling an anecdote, moving around the room, asking them a question etc.

Think of ways you can catch the faltering attention of the audience again.

15. Slowing down at important junctures: Slow down for important points in order to emphasize them. Important points should be given special emphasis. Slowing down your pace can provide that.

16. Have fun. It all boils down to how much fun you had on the stage, how much relaxed you felt while giving the speech, and how much did the audience it. Try to control your nerves if you want to make a huge impact with public speaking.

If you are relaxed and enjoying every moment of your speech, it will most likely be enjoyable for the audience as well.

The above tips should prove useful to you in giving a good presentation or speech on the stage.
All these tips should help you develop your own strategy. These are high impact public speaking strategies which most top public speakers adopt (either consciously or by habit).

If you are interested in improving this skill, you should read more public speaking books, practice and get on the stage whenever you get a chance to do so. To learn more about how you can become a very good public speaker, I recommend the following resources to you:

1. FAQ on public speaking - This guide can help you with answering some of the most burning questions about public speaking. The topics covered range from how to make your speech interesting, what does it mean to be yourself, how to convert fear into positive energy, how to prepare a speech, differentiate yourself from other speakers by discovering your 'purple cow' and many other topics.

2. Speaking With Confidence - This guide shows you how to prepare a powerful speech using a 9 step plan, how to organize your speech, how to sound natural and enthusiastic, build rapport with the audience, answer hostile questions, manage speech anxiety and lot more.

3. You can also refer to an additional resource on public speaking benefits and how you can earn lot of money through it here - Speaking for Millions

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Friday, January 4, 2008

How to get over fear of failure - 2

This article is the second part of the 2-part "getting over fear of failure" series. The first part is here - Failure Fear - Part 1

Letting Go of the Pressure of Achieving Goals
Another method of overcoming fear of failure is to get okay with the idea of failing. Mentally prepare yourself and get comfortable with the idea of failing. If you can do this then you will no longer fear failure.

Most of us are so desperate to succeed in our goals that we shudder to even think about the prospect of losing or failing in our goals. We do not want to fail at any cost. Just the thought of it is enough to disappoint and discourage the best of us.

If you have such a mindset then you are not likely to perform to the best of your ability. This constant fear and thought at the back of your mind will limit your freedom to act with courage and confidence.

When you are starting any project or want to accomplish any goal, if you feel that you have to succeed no matter what, then you will feel the pressure. If however you make yourself get comfortable with the idea that its okay even if you don't acheive your goal and fail in your attempt, then you will feel relaxed and can pursue your goals in a far better, resourceful and relaxed manner.

This strategy can really help in overcoming fear of failure and taking action without having to force yourself.

The question now arises - how can you get comfortable with the idea of failing? How can you convince yourself that its okay and no big deal if you fail?

You can find some helpful tips in this article - The Power of Letting Go

In addition to the tips mentioned in that article, one technique which I like is to imagine in detail what it would be like if you fail and your worst fears come to pass. Imagine vividly how things
will be, how you would feel etc.

Initially you might feel uncomfortable imagining failure, but if you keep doing it you can after some time start feeling okay with the prospect of failing. You will no longer dread it as much.

Even though it might seem a bad idea to imagine failure, but the intention is important here. You are imagining with the intention of getting yourself comfortable with the idea of failure.

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Leave your comments below!

How to get over fear of failure (part 1) - A new way of viewing failure

Why do people fear failure? What are the causes of fear of failure?

Fear of failure can result from a perfectionist attitude or too much self-criticism. Another reason why people fear failure might be because our society looks down upon failures.

Overcoming your fear of failure

If you look closely at the lives of successful people, you may find that they have found ways to deal with and get over their fear of failure. Different people may have different ways of overcoming fear of failure.

A simple way to overcome this fear is by changing the definition of failure, changing what you consider as failure.

If your present definition of failure (like most people) is falling down then change it to not getting up after falling down.

If you view failure not as falling down but not getting up and making another attempt, then your fear of failure can diminish a lot.

Here is a Chinese proverb for you:

Failure is not falling down. Failure is not getting back up
Try adopting this definition of fear and see what difference it makes in your life.

Go to second part of this series - Fear of Failure - Part 2

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