Thursday, March 29, 2007

How to handle challenges

Alan Downs, in his book The Fearless Executive, mentions this technique for overcoming fears, handling challenges and going after your goals:

Identify the smallest unit of task you can manage with regards to your goal. Then do it. He gives the following example - suppose you are asked to evaluate and prepare a report of all 2,000 stores of your company.

Break the task down into the smallest unit that you feel comfortable in accomplishing. It could be the evaluation of a single store or a small district of stores. You decide for yourself. While doing the smallest manageable task, give it your complete focus and energy. Then move on to the next task.

This is one of the best and most effective ways of pursuing your goals. I had mentioned this same principle in my previous post - Easy way to achieve goals
I am mentioning this same principle again in order to stress its importance as has been very nicely described by Alan Downs in the book.

Are you aware of Alcoholics Anonymous? They use "just for today" technique to overcome drinking habit. They just focus on giving up alcohol one day at a time.

So what's the big challenge that is haunting you?
In the words of Alan Downs : "Stop focusing on the whole of it and focus on one small part that you can do. When you are finished with that, focus only on another part. " Well said Mr. Downs.

Tackling a task step by step can be an excellent strategy for getting things done quickly and efficiently. You need high energy to go through your day and complete important tasks. If you feel low on energy or feel sleepy or lethargic during your day, then you need to check out this resource - 4 Step Sleep Plan for High Energy : Sleep less and have more energy. Be active all day

Stress can be a big hurdle to overcome while doing tasks. Fear of not being able to complete things on time, fear of boss or whatever fear and axiety you feel, can serve as a block to doing things properly. You need to find out ways to handle stress, let go of fears, be positive and focus on the task. If you ever feel anxiety and feel at a loss to control it, then you might find this resource extremely helpful. Do check it out - Anxiety and panic reduction

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