Saturday, March 17, 2007

The easy way to achieve goals

The easiest way to achieve goals is to break them down into small parts which you can do easily. If you have any goal which you feel difficult to achieve, it is important that you break it down so that it becomes more manageable for you.

If you don't break down goals into smaller parts, then you are likely to feel a lot of difficulty in going after them, and there will be a risk of giving it up soon if you encounter a lot of initial obstacles.

That is why break each big goal into small parts. While breaking down goals, make sure that each part is easy for you to do. You should feel and believe that you can achieve this particular part easily.

If after breaking down a goal into a smaller parts, you still don't completely feel you can achieve a particular task with ease then you need to break it down even further till you absolutely feel confident of achieving it with ease .

This is very important - you should feel the task you are going to attempt is easy to do. If you consider it difficult, then break the task down more and more till it becomes easy. In this way you will face a relatively difficult task in small steps rather than all at once, so that it now becomes easy for you.

Once you have successfully completed one step, go to the next step. Consider achieving your goals as step by step process with each preceding step leading to the next one.

Successfully completing a task, no matter how small it is, would increase your confidence. You can now attempt the next task with more confidence than before and so on.

Instead of attempting to eat the whole meal in one big gulp, it is better to eat it in smaller bites which are easier to swallow. Likewise is the case with setting and achieving goals: divide your goals into smaller parts and make sure each part is something which you feel easy to do.

All the best!

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