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Burn The Fat Ebook Review - Is it Really Good or Another Scam?

If you are looking for genuine, no-nonsense information on weight loss and fitness, then this book - "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" might just be what the doctor ordered for you. It is not like the other over-hyped books which promise much but dissapoint you later on.

First of all, it is written by an expert in the field of fitness - Tom Venuto. If you don't know who Tom Venuto is, then you can keep reading below - but first a little bit about what this ebook is about.

"Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM)", is not just another weight loss book. It is very different from others, infact it is a massive ebook comprising of 337 pages filled with facts about fat loss and fitness. This book stresses on the no-quick fixes mentality and wants people to lose weight in a healthy manner.

This book also has goal setting strategies for good health and weight loss. Goal setting is such an important aspect of our life and Tom really gives some good insights about this which can be helpful in other walks of life too apart from just losing weight.

The book mentions that each person has a unique body, that means different persons will respond differently to diet and exercise and hence lose weight in varying degrees. People have different body types which is explained in the book.

The book also has a section about what foods you should be eating and those you should avoid and some replacements of bad foods that you may already be eating. He also covers the topic of liquid foods. Tom also exposes a few popular body building supplements and the information he has mentioned about them in a straightforward way is commendable.

In the Burn the Fat ebook, there is no such perfect magic ratio of eating carbs, fat and protein. Each individual has a different body type, activity level, metabolic rate etc. and his weight loss diet plan should take into consideration all these factors. Not many weight loss programs out there in the market would focus on this point. However this book stresses on this important point and also it is explained in a nice manner so that it doesn't sound so confusing for us laymen.

A Little Caution About the Book:
However if you want to purchase this book, be sure that you are willing to invest the time to read the ebook thoroughly and make the effort to implement the knowledge. This book is filled with knowledge related to fitness, weight loss and muscles. It is a no-nonsense guide separating fact from fiction and myth. If you want truly genuine information in today's over-hyped world, then this book is truly a gem in that sense.

This book focuses on long term and permanent weight loss and not just a quick weight loss solution that is unhealthy to begin with and the results are only temporary. Permanent and healthy weight loss does take time and effort. It requires patience and persistence. You also require solid, accurate information which can be obtained by reading this book. Even though it might be difficult (it is not a book to be read in a couple of evenings), but it is recommended that you read this book cover to cover.

If you do not get anything out of it, atleast you will know certain facts about your body composition and fat loss so that you are not fooled by other weight loss programs and you can avoid spoiling your health.

Some Drawbacks of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle E-Book:
The only negatives of the book are - 1. too much information and too long to read for newbies (but this can be overcome with a little bit of determination and patience on your part), 2. it takes time to read, understand and digest all the information presented in the book (this too can be overcome with time, patience and persistence). The advantages of forcing yourself to finish the book is that you can then be equipped with the real knowledge and not fall for the gimmicks of the weight loss industry out to dupe you and spoil your health in the process.

Bonuses Along With Burn the Fat Ebook:
There are some nice bonuses that come with this ebook. Among them are 2 ebooks -
1. Foods that Burn Fat: In this report, you can learn about foods that burn fat and improve your body metabolism.
2.Foods That Turn to Fat: While it is important to know what foods can assist you in fat loss, it is also important to know what foods to avoid while trying to lose weight so that your food choice improves automatically.

Who is Tom Venuto?
Finally, lets also discuss a little bit of Tom Venuto, the author of this ebook. I have written in detail about him in my article - Safe weight loss solution

Tom Venuto is an experienced fitness trainer and has been a famous body builder as well as nutritionist. He is also the writer of many fitness related articles on the internet. He has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

He is currently certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and also a certified personal trainer (CPT) with the National Strength And Conditioning Association. He has also worked as fitness consultant in various health clubs. He was also featured on NBC's weight loss challenge program where he gave an interview.

You can find many people talking about him and his ebook in various weight loss forums and groups on the internet. A lot of people have something positive to say about his book, which goes on to show that it is not another quick weight loss scam like so many others but a genuine book from an experienced person talking about healthy, permanent weight loss.

Note: It might seem as the book is about body building, but it is more of fat loss and the information is useful for both men and women. If you want to get more details about his ebook and want to download it and start reading it you can go here - Burn the Fat Download

If you have anything to share regarding this weight loss program, you can leave your comments!

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Natural & Safe Fat Burning

The Obesity Problem:
In today's world, a lot of people are getting obese. People of all ages - children, teens, adults, maybe even old people are getting over-weight. It seems that this is almost becoming a fashion nowadays. Being obese is not good for health, it can cause many health problems. Add to this the fact that over-weight people do not usually look as pretty as those who are blessed with good physique. So it does not come as a surprise that people with weight problems want to lose weight as soon as possible. They want to get rid of these extra pounds off their body soon.

So, it isn't a big surprise that many quick weight loss programs and fad diets exist in the market today. They make promises to people that they can lose weight quickly and easily and the people who are naturally eager to lose their weight fall for such claims. This has helped the weight loss industry thrive and it is growing bigger and bigger.

But the problem is that most of these diet or weight loss programs are not effective. But initially it seems that they are effective. What usually happens is that when people start these fad diets, they may lose weight initially and it seems that this diet program is working. But soon, the weight loss might really stop. I will explain below why this happens.

Problems With Quick Weight Loss:
Almost anybody can lose weight by creating calorie deficits. That means if you are consuming less calories than you are burning you are bound to lose weight. Most of these diet programs try to create calorie deficit by restricting the amount of food you eat, and also the types of food that you eat. So you begin to lose weight initially. But there are a few problems with this:

1. The first problem is that most of this weight loss is not fat loss, but water loss from your body. The ideal weight loss would be when you lose fat.

2. Second problem is that this weight loss will stop after some time. During the early days of your dieting, you may be glad that you are losing weight, but soon enough you might hit what is called as the dieting plateau. Your body metabolism rate drops to keep up with the reduced calorie intake and this causes the weight loss to stop too.

3. Problem number 3 .. this kind of weight loss is not good for your health. As you are trying to lose too much weight too fast, it can damage your health. Also by suddenly reducing your calorie intake too much, you might further damage health. You might feel weak and loss of energy. You are not really practicing safe diets.

It might be far better to improve your eating habits and reduce your eating gradually. And in many cases, these diets do not allow you to eat a balanced diet. Remember that a healthy balanced diet is essential for healthy body functioning. Your body needs all kinds of different nutrients like minerals, vitamins etc.

4. Problem number 4 with quick weight loss diets -- the weight loss you experience initially might be temporary. You might soon gain back the weight that you lost, once you stop the dieting program. Why this happens is because you were most probably losing water weight and not fat, so you are gaining it back when the body starts rehydrating (and it is essential that that body does re-hydrate).

So you see the problem with the quick weight loss methods - they are usually unhealthy, make you lose water rather that fat, just temporary weight loss, and they do not encourage you to change your lifestyle for long term permanent results - changes like improving your eating habits, exercising etc.

So What Is The Solution? The Safe Weight Loss Information Guide:

Quick or rapid weight loss is certainly not the ideal solution. I think its better to aim for permanent, healthy weight loss. Strive for natural weight loss. And one more important thing is that, not only should you lose weight in a healthy manner, but also keep off that weight once you have lost it. So permanent, long-term and safe weight loss is the ideal solution.

How can you achieve permanent and safe weight loss?
For that you might have to make permanent changes to your lifestyle and inculcate healthy habits. You might need to start slow and gradually build on. Get over the overnight quick fix mentality to lose weight.

There is one guide which can help you if you want natural safe weight loss. This guide has been written by Tom Venuto who is a very experienced fitness trainer and nutritionist.

This is a massive ebook spanning more than 300 pages. And the good thing is that it is an ebook, which means it is instantly downloadable to your computer so that you can start reading it immediately. You can go here for more details - Burn the Fat Website

Who is Tom Venuto - A Little About Tom Venuto:
Let me tell a little bit of who Tom Venuto is, and why should you listen to his advice.

Tom Venuto has been in the field of body-building and fitness right from 1983. He has also been a fitness trainer, health club manager as well as nutrition consultant. He is also a writer of many fitness related articles. He has written and published hundreds of articles all over the internet related to weight loss, body building and fitness.

Tom Venuto also has a degree in exercise science as well as 2 certifications - 1. "Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist" (CSCS) and 2. “Certified Personal Trainer” from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).

You can find Tom's articles on such big authority sites like as well as numerous weight loss forums and groups on internet.

Now all these are very excellent credentials. We can trust an individual with this background, atleast to a certain extent, isn't it? Nowadays it is very important to get the right information from the right person, because the internet offers anonymity and hence anybody can claim to be an expert on any topic in order to rip people off. Being ripped off is bad enough but worse than that is that people can spoil their health by following bad advice.

Why This Weight Loss Book is Better:
The weight loss and fitness industry is filled with unauthentic and misleading information, usually from crooks who are after quick money and will show you dreams of losing weight overnight without any dieting or exercises or whatever tall claims they can think of. There can also be very contradictory information on weight loss and fitness. In such a scenario, it can be very confusing for a beginner or a novice.

Tom Venuto, has taken such a complicated topic and has tried to make it as clear as possible for newbies. The advice mentioned in the book is doable by common folks and more importantly it focuses on healthy, natural and safe weight loss plan that is also permanent and not just temporary.

And given the background of Tom, he does seem qualified to give advice in this field. Added to this is the fact that this weight loss ebook has become extremely popular on the internet and a lot of people have discussed about this ebook in numerous forums across the internet. People, ranging from common people to nutritionists etc. have given positive feedback about it. And Tom practically follows his own advice and has been doing so from the past many years.

However one thing to note with this program, is that you won't find any quick weight loss solutions. The ebook focuses on permanent weight loss which can only come through making permanent healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Also For Women:
This weight loss ebook is also for women and not just men or somebody who wants to build a body like Tom's. Seeing the website, you might get the impression initially that this book is only for body building enthusiasts, but that is not the case. Infact anyone who wants to learn natural fat loss secrets and genuine advice can benefit by reading this ebook.

So if someone wants to read genuine advice from a qualified person, and not fall for gimmicks or cheats, then they can have a detailed look on this book -
Tom Venuto's Weight Loss E-book

Free Report:
Tom Venuto, had also featured on NBC's "Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge" program and there he had given an interview. You can download the transcript of the interview free of cost from this link - Tom Venuto Interview

Have a happy natural, safe fat burning time!