Friday, December 26, 2008

How to Earn Money on Internet Quickly

I love internet marketing mainly because it is a convenient way of making money from your home. I mentioned some other reasons why I love internet marketing.

Just read that article and come back here. However making money on internet may not be all that difficult and at the same time it may not be all that easy too.

What we have to do is to take action, be persistent, avoid distractions, be consistent and follow a tested business model. There are many business models we can follow in order to make money on internet.

I came across 1 such model which seems pretty interesting and impressive. Its named conduit method . The advantage with this method is that it seems to be a fairly simple method to implement for beginners and they can earn a lot of money from that.

Another tried and tested plan presented by the same author of the above method is discussed here - Lazy SuperAffiliate Tactics

I definitely feel that both the above methods are worth a serious try - something I intend to do soon.

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Why Diets Don't Work & Why Weight Loss Fails

In a hurry to lose weight? Many people resort to diet pills or starvation diets for losing weight quickly. But there are 2 sad things with that.

Firstly both these methods can be absolutely ineffective for weight loss. Secondly, both can cause health problems.

Why is that so? Read the harmful effects of diet pills here - Bad Effects of Diet Pills
Regarding starvation diets, then they can cause decrease in metabolism rate which is likely to stop further weight loss.

There is another drawback - both of the above are temporary weight loss solutions. Just think about it - once you stop dieting or stop taking diet pills what will happen?

If you go back to your previous eating ways, won't you gain back that weight again? That is assuming you lose the weight in the first place (which is again doubtful).

What's the solution to lose weight and stay slim then? One such solution happens to be - Calorie Shifting Fat Loss

Brief customer reviews of this program are available at: Customer Reviews for Fat Loss 4 Idiots

There might be other effective weight loss methods too. This goes on to show that we need not resort to desperate or unhealthy methods as there are healthy ways of losing weight naturally and fast!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

7 Tips to Lose Belly Fat & Aim for a Flat Stomach Fast

Do you want tips to lose belly fat fast and easily? Here are some good things to begin with for losing the dreaded belly fat as well as weight loss.

1)Exercise early in the morning: Exercising early in the morning can be good for losing belly fat. Jog or do brisk walking for 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday before breakfast.

If you cannot do this everyday, atleast try to do it on most days of the week. However, note that exercising alone may not be completely effective in helping you lose belly fat.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol: Alcohol contains high amount of calories. There are 7 calories per gram of alcohol.

Another reason to stay far away from alcohol is that it has a huge impact on the body sugar levels. Studies also suggest that alcohol consumption is likely to increase your appetite leading to overeating and thus affecting your efforts to lose belly fat fast.

3)Avoid junk food: Junk food has become the bane of modern society. We have got so used to it so much that it is difficult to give it up.

But realize that eating too much junk food can be a primary cause for developing lot of belly fat. Eating junk food can raise your appetite levels making you eat more and also eat unhealthy fattening foods resulting in gaining more fat around your stomach.

4)Drink lot of water: Guess what happens whenever you drink lot of water? If you haven't guessed it, here's the answer - you will feel the need to frequently rush to the washroom.

How does this help you to lose belly fat? Actually it is your body's way of releasing water that it has been retaining for long. You may be surprised to know that the more water you drink, the less of it is retained by the body.

So you can lose some water weight and also lose belly fat by drinking more water. Along with this water, unwanted pounds are also shed off by the body.

5)Reducing stress: Just before you think that I have gone nuts, let me explain how stress can come in the way of losing belly fat fast.

Actually, high levels of stress can cause your body to produce a hormone called as 'cortisol'. This cortisol is released in your body during periods of stress and it has been linked to weight gain.

Research seems to point out that stress can hinder with your body's capacity to reduce belly fat. By incorporating stress relieving activities in your schedule and learning how to relax, you can do a world of good to your efforts to lose the belly fat.

So the new mantra is ... relax, avoid tension and stand a much better chance to lose belly fat.

6)Eat balanced diet: A balanced diet is so important when you are trying to lose belly fat. Proper dieting can be one of the fastest way to lose a lot of weight quickly and permanently. It can be much more effective than exercise too!

Avoid unhealthy foods and those foods that have high levles of sugar or caffeine. Try going for foods which are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Examples of such healthy foods are vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, whole grain etc.

Such kind of healthy foods keep your insulin levels even and control blood sugar levels as well as your hunger. So you can develop a much better control over your hunger if you get into the habit of eating healthy nutrition rich foods and stop eating junk!

Gaining control over hunger means you stand a much better chance of getting rid of belly fat quickly, easily and permanently without putting in too much effort. Avoid eating processed food as much as you can and try eating natural food as much as possible.

7)Get sufficient sleep: Peaceful, calm, relaxing and restful sleep at night is one of the keys to long lasting health and strong immune system.

If your immune system is strong, your body can fight off diseases and keep fit. Such fitness is necessary if you want to lose weight permanently and stay slim.

When you are tired, you may tend to feel hungry or feel like eating something. This can lead to unhealthy food choices or overeating ultimately leading to weight gain and a pot belly.

By getting proper sleep at night, you can ensure that you stay active during the day so that you burn more fat, lose belly fat and stay energetic and fit.

Keep in mind that quality of sleep is more important than quantity. You may sleep for 7-8 hours but don't feel so rested and another person may sleep just 5 hours and be happy, healthy and active.

So try to improve sleep quality by cultivating proper sleep habits. Realize that proper sleep habits may indirectly have an impact on your weight and even assist you in your quest to lose belly fat quickly.

If you are seriously looking to lose some weight, do check out these two programs:

1. Fat Loss 4 Idiots
2. Rapid Fat Loss

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Monday, December 15, 2008

My Articles Related to Procrastination and Laziness

I have posted a few articles related to overcoming procrastination, goal setting and time management on this blog, on a few other blogs or websites and even on article directories such as ezine articles etc.

I want to list out my articles about how to overcome procrastination and about motivation here. Please go through the articles if you have time and let me know if you found them useful and what else you would like to read about related to this topic.

1. Tips to Overcome Procrastination - This article was posted on ezinearticles and deals with how to make long term changes to yourself in order to end procrastination problem.

2. Simple Procrastination Help - Simple strategy for dealing with procrastination and putting a full stop to it.

3. Why is Goal Setting Important - The benefits of goals and how they can help us avoid procrastination problem

4. Tips to Overcome Tiredness - Is tiredness stopping you from going after your goals? Read these tips

5. Overcoming Laziness - Do people often accuse you of laziness. These tips should be helpful to you then.

6. Strategies to Overcome Procrastination - Incase I forget, here are some brilliant strategies to avoid procrastination.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Overcome Procrastination by Taking More Time to Do Things

If you face a problem of procrastination because you overburden or over-commit yourself, then struggle to finish off the tasks on time which you assumed earlier that you will finish with ease, then you may be suffering from a problem similar to mine.

I too would think that I will do such and such a thing within this time and then do another thing etc. I would underestimate the time or effort required to do the task.

Needless to say, I would soon feel overwhelmed or disappointed even frustrated when I fail to achieve the objective within my time frame.

Here are a few helpful tips to handle such problem. We should set healthy deadlines. D not set too tight deadlines for yourself. A yourself the time frame to complete tasks without hurrying up or difficulty, even after taking breaks in between and maybe even lazing off for some time in between.

A Neat Little Trick:
Double or triple your estimated time to complete tasks and see how easy it becomes for you to get started with enthusiasm and attack the task with such aggression which you previously didn't imagine possible.

Since our original problem was underestimating the time required for a task, what we can do is increase our estimated time. Life becomes so easy then!

You can avoid putting too much burden on yourself so that you don't feel like even starting the work. I allow myself the luxury of completing tasks without too much time pressure and this has gained me so much peace of mind - thank you.

Procrastination Gone:
By allowing myself a long time frame to complete tasks at leisurely pace, I find so much peace of mind. I immediately find it so easy to motivate myself to go after these tasks with new found enthusiasm and aggression. My procrastination problem is all of a sudden automatically completely cured or atleast reduced to a considerable extent.

Its so much fun to work on things when you aren't pressured by time constraints. The work quality can improve greatly as you now have the time to focus even on minor details and do them to perfection.

More Creativity and Better Work
Your creativity can also be enhanced as you have more time to think and plan on how you will approach and complete the task and what improvements you can think of making. This kind of thinking can help in getting your juices flowing and completely transform you from a procrastinator to someone who seems so passionate about this particular task.

You may surprise yourself and others greatly by this transformation. It may seem unbelievable even to yourself at first. And all this after making just a small change - i.e. increasing your time estimate and giving yourself a lot more time to finish off the task at a comfortable and healthy pace.

What this does is that it almost immediately relaxes you and puts you in a more positive frame of mind. Your apprehensions might fade away and a new positive beliefs overtake them. Just try it out a few times and judge the results yourself!

No More Excuse for Procrastination
Another benefit is that it removes any weak excuses you might have about not finishing the work. Now you have allowed yourself sufficient time to think about, plan in detail, research, draft, edit and improvise your work till you are satisfied.

I tend to feel shameful if I am still unable to complete my work even after so much time I have alloted to it. So I will try my level best not to put myself to shame and do the work with fierce determination. Wow! I didn't know before that I was blessed with such determination and strength.

So most of the time I will complete my tasks on time. That too without putting too much pressure or burden on myself and taking breaks in between and working at a pace I find comfortable and not too exhausting.

Sometimes even if I don't finish off within the time limit, its not such a big problem because most of the work might have been done by then. Only a small percentage would be remaining which can be easily knocked off quickly.

Removing Distractions
Sometimes its a great tool for preventing distraction. As your time limit is nearing end, you will feel compelled and motivated to finish off whatever remains of your task.

Initially you might have given in to certain distractions because you had a lot of time on your hands, but when nearing the end you can find great determination to fight off distractions and laziness. Isn't it cool?

I have observed this phenomena when experimenting with this strategy. This is because of the above mentioned reason - you don't want to feel ashamed of not completing the task even after allowing yourself so much time for it.

Want to hear another benefit of this strategy - it allows time for any unforeseen delays like some unexpected phone call or visitor or any other urgent work which is quite possible to come up and keeps you away from your work. You will now have the time to deal with these delays and still make it within your specified deadline. Ok, enough said, now go out and actually try out this technique if you want to defeat procrastination problem and avoid feeling overwhelmed or over-scheduling yourself.

Am I taking more time than necessary?
You might argue that by following this advice it will take a lot of extra time to get things done because you are setting huge time frames for each task.

In reply to this above doubt, I will pose 1 simple question to you - isn't it immensely better to get things done a little bit late than not to get them done at all?

Moreover, you might have wrongly estimated the time frame initially when you planned to get some work done in few minutes or hours. It might have taken you almost this much amount of time anyways because you were in the habit of wrongly underestimating the time required for any task.

Atleast this strategy will prevent you from certain breaking of confidence and lowering of self-esteem by far exceeding your initial under-estimation of time.

If you want to change your habits and eliminate bad habits from your life so that you can enjoy a successful and fun-filled, happy life - click here: Say Goodbye to bad habits in 21 days or less

If you feel too sluggish or low on energy, if you are going through each day of your life feeling constant fatigue and tiredness then you need to address this problem. Constant tiredness and low energy are indications of some underlying issue which should not be ignored for long. Here is an excellent resource to really help you - How to overcome tiredness now and forever

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What to Do When You Feel Tired: 5 Tips to Stop Tiredness

Do you often and easily feel tired and/or sleepy without any particular reason? You are not working too hard, getting sufficient rest and still feel tired all the time. This problem is baffling you.

If you are suffering from tiredness problem described above then chances are that you are not getting sufficient exercise during the day.

This may sound completely contrary and even crazy. You might be thinking that you are feeling tired and I am saying that you should get more exercise in order to feel less tired? Have I gone nuts?

Top Reasons for Tiredness:
You might be surprised to know that if our bodies do not get sufficient physical movement, we will actually feel tired as well as sleepy. Our bodies were not designed to just sit idly or lie all day long without doing anything.

I am not saying that the only reason why you ever feel tired is because of lack of physical activity. Ofcourse there are other factors and causes for tiredness. The causes of tiredness may range from lack of proper sleep, low sugar levels, too much stress, obesity, poor diet, thyroid problems, medication etc.

If you do not suffer from any serious health problem or sugar problem, and still face the problem of being tired without doing any particular hard work, then chances are that your lifestyle habits like improper eating, or insufficient exercise might be contributing in some way to the feeling of being tired all the time. You may need some help and tips to stop tiredness and get back your life.

Tips to Overcome Tiredness & Lethargy - How to Avoid Feeling Tired and Sleepy All the Time
Try some tips in order to overcome tiredness and feel some energy when you require or want it:

1. Drink a glass of water: I have found this extremely useful. Whenever I have a glass of water, it immediately refreshes my mind and nerves and I feel some energy coming to me all of a sudden.

Try to drink 8 or more glasses of water a day and you may feel active and energetic throughout the day. Try to have water at regular intervals, so if you haven't had water from a long time then get yourself a glass of water. Its most probably free for you, isn't it?

2. Take short naps during the day: Now short naps are called as power naps and not without reason. They help to energize our tired bodies. Naps as short as 10-20 minutes during the day, specially in the afternoons, can really revive your dying energy levels and can make you go on for another couple of hours or more without any feeling of tiredness!

3. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits: They are low in calories. So you can have a lot of them without the danger of putting on too much of unwanted weight. Not only that but they are so rich in the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Include a lot of salad with your meals, and replace your unhealthy snacks like potato chips or oily items with carrots, cucumbers and other healthy food choices. You may soon notice a rise in your energy levels.

4. Spend some time in the sun: Try to get some morning sunshine. The early morning sunshine can be very beneficial to health, body as well as in keeping you active during the day.

5. Walk for 30 minutes: Seriously, walking is an excellent exercise. It provides movement to all parts of the body. If you can get into the habit of walking daily without fail for 15-30 minutes, then you may enjoy various health benefits.

Your energy levels may soar. You may feel motivated to have more physical activity than you are currently having. You may not feel like sitting in front of that damn T.V. and spoiling away your health and time.

The dose of fresh air that you can get when you go for a pleasant walk early in the mornings or evenings is also an excellent blessing. Walking alone may be boring for most, so try to take some friend along with you. Both of you can enjoy pleasant talk as well as benefit from the walking!

Ending Tiredness Problem Forever:
Finally, learn to handle stress without letting it create havoc with your life. Learning to discipline oneself and staying away from eating too much, eating unhealthy foods etc. and finally taking medical advice for chronic and extreme conditions are also in order.

Do you know that constant long term tiredness and fatigue might weaken your body's immune system and make you susceptible to diseases? If you are suffering from constant tiredness and want to get rid of it, I can recommend you a resource for that here - Ending Tiredness Now

I hope you enjoyed the article. Your feedback is welcomed!