Monday, December 15, 2008

My Articles Related to Procrastination and Laziness

I have posted a few articles related to overcoming procrastination, goal setting and time management on this blog, on a few other blogs or websites and even on article directories such as ezine articles etc.

I want to list out my articles about how to overcome procrastination and about motivation here. Please go through the articles if you have time and let me know if you found them useful and what else you would like to read about related to this topic.

1. Tips to Overcome Procrastination - This article was posted on ezinearticles and deals with how to make long term changes to yourself in order to end procrastination problem.

2. Simple Procrastination Help - Simple strategy for dealing with procrastination and putting a full stop to it.

3. Why is Goal Setting Important - The benefits of goals and how they can help us avoid procrastination problem

4. Tips to Overcome Tiredness - Is tiredness stopping you from going after your goals? Read these tips

5. Overcoming Laziness - Do people often accuse you of laziness. These tips should be helpful to you then.

6. Strategies to Overcome Procrastination - Incase I forget, here are some brilliant strategies to avoid procrastination.

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