Saturday, December 6, 2008

Overcome Procrastination by Taking More Time to Do Things

If you face a problem of procrastination because you overburden or over-commit yourself, then struggle to finish off the tasks on time which you assumed earlier that you will finish with ease, then you may be suffering from a problem similar to mine.

I too would think that I will do such and such a thing within this time and then do another thing etc. I would underestimate the time or effort required to do the task.

Needless to say, I would soon feel overwhelmed or disappointed even frustrated when I fail to achieve the objective within my time frame.

Here are a few helpful tips to handle such problem. We should set healthy deadlines. D not set too tight deadlines for yourself. A yourself the time frame to complete tasks without hurrying up or difficulty, even after taking breaks in between and maybe even lazing off for some time in between.

A Neat Little Trick:
Double or triple your estimated time to complete tasks and see how easy it becomes for you to get started with enthusiasm and attack the task with such aggression which you previously didn't imagine possible.

Since our original problem was underestimating the time required for a task, what we can do is increase our estimated time. Life becomes so easy then!

You can avoid putting too much burden on yourself so that you don't feel like even starting the work. I allow myself the luxury of completing tasks without too much time pressure and this has gained me so much peace of mind - thank you.

Procrastination Gone:
By allowing myself a long time frame to complete tasks at leisurely pace, I find so much peace of mind. I immediately find it so easy to motivate myself to go after these tasks with new found enthusiasm and aggression. My procrastination problem is all of a sudden automatically completely cured or atleast reduced to a considerable extent.

Its so much fun to work on things when you aren't pressured by time constraints. The work quality can improve greatly as you now have the time to focus even on minor details and do them to perfection.

More Creativity and Better Work
Your creativity can also be enhanced as you have more time to think and plan on how you will approach and complete the task and what improvements you can think of making. This kind of thinking can help in getting your juices flowing and completely transform you from a procrastinator to someone who seems so passionate about this particular task.

You may surprise yourself and others greatly by this transformation. It may seem unbelievable even to yourself at first. And all this after making just a small change - i.e. increasing your time estimate and giving yourself a lot more time to finish off the task at a comfortable and healthy pace.

What this does is that it almost immediately relaxes you and puts you in a more positive frame of mind. Your apprehensions might fade away and a new positive beliefs overtake them. Just try it out a few times and judge the results yourself!

No More Excuse for Procrastination
Another benefit is that it removes any weak excuses you might have about not finishing the work. Now you have allowed yourself sufficient time to think about, plan in detail, research, draft, edit and improvise your work till you are satisfied.

I tend to feel shameful if I am still unable to complete my work even after so much time I have alloted to it. So I will try my level best not to put myself to shame and do the work with fierce determination. Wow! I didn't know before that I was blessed with such determination and strength.

So most of the time I will complete my tasks on time. That too without putting too much pressure or burden on myself and taking breaks in between and working at a pace I find comfortable and not too exhausting.

Sometimes even if I don't finish off within the time limit, its not such a big problem because most of the work might have been done by then. Only a small percentage would be remaining which can be easily knocked off quickly.

Removing Distractions
Sometimes its a great tool for preventing distraction. As your time limit is nearing end, you will feel compelled and motivated to finish off whatever remains of your task.

Initially you might have given in to certain distractions because you had a lot of time on your hands, but when nearing the end you can find great determination to fight off distractions and laziness. Isn't it cool?

I have observed this phenomena when experimenting with this strategy. This is because of the above mentioned reason - you don't want to feel ashamed of not completing the task even after allowing yourself so much time for it.

Want to hear another benefit of this strategy - it allows time for any unforeseen delays like some unexpected phone call or visitor or any other urgent work which is quite possible to come up and keeps you away from your work. You will now have the time to deal with these delays and still make it within your specified deadline. Ok, enough said, now go out and actually try out this technique if you want to defeat procrastination problem and avoid feeling overwhelmed or over-scheduling yourself.

Am I taking more time than necessary?
You might argue that by following this advice it will take a lot of extra time to get things done because you are setting huge time frames for each task.

In reply to this above doubt, I will pose 1 simple question to you - isn't it immensely better to get things done a little bit late than not to get them done at all?

Moreover, you might have wrongly estimated the time frame initially when you planned to get some work done in few minutes or hours. It might have taken you almost this much amount of time anyways because you were in the habit of wrongly underestimating the time required for any task.

Atleast this strategy will prevent you from certain breaking of confidence and lowering of self-esteem by far exceeding your initial under-estimation of time.

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