Tuesday, March 6, 2007

An effective way to solve problems

One of the best ways to solve problems is by writing them down. When you write down a problem and some possible solutions, you can get more ideas than you previously had. You may gain better clarity about the problem and new ideas can pop into your head.

The process is simple - just make the habit of writing down any problem, goal, your to-do list etc. One more advantage of writing is that you can overcome the problem of forgetting as important things might slip away from your mind when you are involved in some other activity.

Writing about your goals, problems and their possible solutions also helps you in focusing better and hence you can make more mature and intelligent decisions.

Just take a pencil and paper and start jotting down any thoughts you have about the problem at hand. You should write whatever you are thinking and not think about what to write. This is the most important point to remember.

Keep writing down all thoughts you have in your mind about a problem. After a few minutes of writing, you may feel much better about the problem as you have uncluttered your mind by putting your thoughts on paper.

If you were previously confused about the problem, your confusion may have lifted a little bit or you may have got some new ideas to try out for overcoming the problem. Keep adding to these notes if new thoughts about the problem arise.

A final piece of advice:
Think about some current problem in your life which you may have been trying to solve from some time. Try writing it down on a piece of paper or open a word processing document and start typing away. You may be surprised at how much more effective this is than just trying to solve it in your head.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent point!!!

Good advice for self-improvement, organization, and time-management, as well as more analytical problems (like how to launch a cat into near Earth orbit- initial angle, speed, etc.) as well as personal problems (e.g. "Do I stay or do I go?")