Tuesday, March 6, 2007

How to get the most out of a good book

There are many good books out there and some of them contain a lot of useful information. Are there any strategies you can use to derive maximum benefit out of a book? I am presenting below a few strategies which have been useful to me:

Read it more than once:
If the advice given in a book is good, it helps to read it more than once, even several times. The first time you may miss some important tips. It helps to develop the habit of reading good stuff several times before putting down the book.

Sometimes it is better to read a good book many times over than reading several different books.

Concentrate properly while reading:
The following exercise should help you read with more concentration. Every time you finish reading a page, stop and recall what you have read. Then take a look at the page to see if you have missed some points while recalling. If you keep doing this, soon you may develop strong concentration skills so that you don't miss much while reading.

Highlight useful points:
Whenever you come across any point which you think might be useful, underline it with a pencil. After finishing the book, you may want to go through the highlighted texts again to remind yourself of the important stuff in the book.

Write down some notes:
In addition to underlining points in the book, you can write down notes in your own words about what you have understood about a particular tip, suggestion or topic. This will not only confirm whether you have understood the point clearly or not, it will also help you in remembering it better because of repetition.

Act on it:
Finally, the most important point to get the maximum benefit out of any book is to act on the good advice presented in it. Unless you implement what you have read, you cannot get true benefit out of any book, no matter how good it is.

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