Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How to produce excellent work

Do you want to get excellent results, no matter what work you are doing?

Do you want your work to be great?

The following tips should help in improving the quality of your performance and producing splendid work:

1. Love what you do or do what you love:
This article points out the importance of doing what you love: The only way to do great work is to love what you do

Deep interest in something will help you concentrate better in order to perform better.

2.Give full concentration:
You must give full concentration to any work you are doing in order to perform better in it. Become fully involved in it. Some tips to improve your concentration are: improve concentration

3.Be relaxed, comfortable:
In order to produce great work, it is important that you be relaxed. Being relaxed helps you in paying more attention to your work, having better concentration, being fully alert and having clear thinking. In order to be relaxed you need to love what you are doing(as mentioned in point#1). Having a deep interest in something helps in feeling comfortable and paying more attention to it.

4.Get as much knowledge about it as possible:
Whatever it is that you are attempting to do, try to gain as much knowledge as possible about the task you are performing. With increased knowledge, you will feel more comfortable. You may also gain new interest in the work which inturn helps your concentration.

All the points mentioned here are inter-related and one thing can lead to another. With knowledge you may find your anxieties about the task vanishing. Read more about this here: overcome fears through knowledge.

5. Practice:
If you want to become a master at anything, you need to keep practicing it till you become comfortable doing it and your performance improves. So another important means of achieving
excellence in your work is through gaining knowledge and implementation of that knowledge by continued practice.

As I mentioned earlier, all the above points are related to each other. Following one point should naturally lead to others atleast to some extent. You can notice how loving your work can naturally result in more concentration; how being relaxed can also improve concentration levels; how gaining knowledge can help in building interest about a particular task; how loving something can help in making us relaxed while doing it and so on.

You might like to try following all the above tips and keep at them till you see marked improvement in your work performance.

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