Friday, January 4, 2008

How to get over fear of failure - 2

This article is the second part of the 2-part "getting over fear of failure" series. The first part is here - Failure Fear - Part 1

Letting Go of the Pressure of Achieving Goals
Another method of overcoming fear of failure is to get okay with the idea of failing. Mentally prepare yourself and get comfortable with the idea of failing. If you can do this then you will no longer fear failure.

Most of us are so desperate to succeed in our goals that we shudder to even think about the prospect of losing or failing in our goals. We do not want to fail at any cost. Just the thought of it is enough to disappoint and discourage the best of us.

If you have such a mindset then you are not likely to perform to the best of your ability. This constant fear and thought at the back of your mind will limit your freedom to act with courage and confidence.

When you are starting any project or want to accomplish any goal, if you feel that you have to succeed no matter what, then you will feel the pressure. If however you make yourself get comfortable with the idea that its okay even if you don't acheive your goal and fail in your attempt, then you will feel relaxed and can pursue your goals in a far better, resourceful and relaxed manner.

This strategy can really help in overcoming fear of failure and taking action without having to force yourself.

The question now arises - how can you get comfortable with the idea of failing? How can you convince yourself that its okay and no big deal if you fail?

You can find some helpful tips in this article - The Power of Letting Go

In addition to the tips mentioned in that article, one technique which I like is to imagine in detail what it would be like if you fail and your worst fears come to pass. Imagine vividly how things
will be, how you would feel etc.

Initially you might feel uncomfortable imagining failure, but if you keep doing it you can after some time start feeling okay with the prospect of failing. You will no longer dread it as much.

Even though it might seem a bad idea to imagine failure, but the intention is important here. You are imagining with the intention of getting yourself comfortable with the idea of failure.

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Patty said...

Excellent article with great advice - using visualization to picture an event before it happens always helps me to feel more secure when it actually does happen. Love your site! Great information!