Thursday, January 10, 2008 - Get Paid to Blog Your Opinions

Paid blogging has become quite popular among bloggers who want to blog for money. But the problem is where do you find advertisers who are willing to pay you for your opinion? This is where services like smorty come into picture. provides an easy opportunity for bloggers to earn decent money by posting reviews to other websites or products.

It is a service which connects bloggers with Advertisers. Advertisers pay bloggers to review and write opinion posts about their websites or products with links to their site.

The advantage for advertisers is that they get one way links to their website, they get more exposure, they can get their website or product noticed in the blogosphere.

Advertisers can specify certain conditions like what keywords to use in the opinion post and what pages of their site should be linked to, and will pay only for posts which they approve. It can be a cost effective way to advertise on blogs and get permanent links to their website.

The benefits for bloggers are obvious. They get join smorty 2 get paid to blog by writing opinions about the advertiser's products. Bloggers can select subjects of their interest to write about. Payments are made weekly through paypal, so they do not have to wait for longer duration to get their payments.

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