Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Productivity Tips for Online Businessmen

This article is not just for internet marketers but also for anyone who is looking to earn money through internet based means whether it is freelance writing, freelance programming, affiliate marketing, selling products online, selling on ebay, etc etc.

How to do your online business?
Many people nowadays are excited and attracted with the prospect of working from home. Whether its freelancing, internet based marketing, selling on ebay etc. - there is no doubt that there is a huge choice available for people to make money from the comfort of their homes.

But at the same time also remember that many people fail to make good money in their online ventures. The reasons can be many ranging from bad advice, failure to do what they had to do, not sticking to a plan long enough etc etc.

So you have to be careful before you build castles in the air. Be practical and realistic. Realize there are many genuine opportunities to earn legal money online from your home. But do not be under the false impression that this is easy money and no hard work is required. Also do not expect overnight riches.

There are some other points which you need to keep in mind which are essential for long term online business success. Please read the below points carefully -

1. Focus on value creation is the advice of Steve Pavlina who makes a lot of money online through his website and blog. He is a recognized self help expert.

According to him, business can make money in the short run without creating much value, but it will be hard for them to sustain the money flow if they do not create enough value.

On the other hand, if you focus on value creation a lot then money is likely to follow sooner or later. And when it starts flowing, it is likely to flow a lot.

2. Simplify your online life: The more you keep your online life simple, the easier it will be to focus your efforts on the essential things so that you are not distracted, confused or frustrated.

Instead of giving suggestions on how to simplify your online life, I will provide a link to such a post which has advice for you written in a much better way than I can - Simplify your online worklife

3. Beat the procrastination habit - Many people use different methods of beating the dreaded procrastination habit. Use whatever works for you. You can even get ideas here - Procrastination Beaters

Learning to beat procrastination habit is very very essential for your online business success. You need to be able to do things that matter on a regular basis.

Sometimes you will not be in the mood, other times you will be too tired or busy with some other things. There will also be thousand distractions for you, specially if you are working from home.

All these can make you procrastinate. You have to have a plan to counter it, otherwise you won't be able to complete important tasks specially since you do not have any boss over your head to shout when you don't complete your tasks on time.

4. Learn to kill distractions: The online world is filled with scams, products with big promises and tall claims and thousands of other distractions.

You may subscribe to a lot of newsletters, may download a lot of ebooks or softwares etc. All these will steal away your time. You will browse and land on many websites which will attract you and capture your attention.

It is so easy to get distracted when you are browsing the net. It is important to stay focused and with patient determination you should follow dedicatedly a well-tested plan. You should not be distracted easily and leave things in the middle to pursue some other plan.

Carefully choose a master internet marketer to learn the tricks of the trade from him/her. And follow their advice seriously without distractions. Give their advice sufficient time before you reject it or try something else. Its no use trying out hundred things and leaving each in the middle and moving on to the next thing.

This guide may help you set goals and stay motivated and focused to achieve them - whether its online business or any other goal in any area of your life: Goal Setting Guide

You can find more tips here - 46 Productivity Tips for Work-at-Home People

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