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How to Stop the Procrastination Habit - Its Easy to Stop Procrastination

You can stop the procrastination habit to a large extent with 1 simple technique which I will disclose in this article.

This technique is very simple yet effective to cure procrastination. I have tried it many times with good results. This technique can be used for any work which you feel like putting off because you are not in the mood for it right now.

The Simple Technique to Stop Procrastination Habit:
You are now going to learn how to stop procrastination habit in 10 Minutes. I will explain this technique with the help of an example.

Suppose, you have to write a lengthy report which has to be submitted within a few days to your boss. You really want to start writing it now but when you sit down to write, you immediately feel bored, sleepy and do not want to continue further.

Does this situation sound similar? Most students face a problem like this when they sit down to study, right? No matter how much they try, but they are unable to open the book and study.

All the parental pressure and exam fear cannot motivate them to endure the boredom of studying seriously for their exams.

What we can do in such situations is that decide in your mind that you will do this activity for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, if you want to quit you will quit or continue if you want to.

Do the thing that you are putting off for some time and then quit after some time. This is a very simple strategy.

Just try and force yourself for just ten short minutes. If you try to motivate yourself to start a thing and continue till completion, you are likely to fail in motivating yourself.

But if you try to motivate yourself for just 10 minutes, then it shouldn't be such a big problem - isn't it? Now force yourself to do that task for those 10 minutes without distractions. Focus fully and seriously on that task during these minutes.

After the time is up, do not force yourself to continue. You can continue or quit depending on your mood.

The Effectiveness of This Technique:
When you try it out a few times, you might be really surprised to find that once you begin and dedicatedly do an activity for some time you will not want to quit it in the middle. Most of the time you will continue more than 10 minutes. Just try a few times and see for yourself!

This can be called as your 10 minute technique. Now if you are really unable to force yourself for even 10 minutes then reduce the time to 5 minutes.

You can even have some other variations. Like instead of doing a task for 10 minutes, decide that you will write 1 page of the report today. Do not set time limit but set some other goal in place of it.

While studying, you can decide that you will study 2-3 pages atleast or finish a particular topic. Then when you have done so, think if you want to continue further or quit.

This technique has been tried out many times by me and most of the times I have been satisfied with the way I was able to overcome by moods and distractions and get some important work done which I might not have finished otherwise.

The main trick is to break down your work so that you can do a small chunk at a time without feeling overwhelmed. This technique achieve that same thing.

The beauty of this technique is that it can be equally effective on making you do things which you absolutely hate or dislike immensely. You might have found it extremely difficult to do them in normal situations.

Eliminating Bad Habits
If you liked this technique, then you might also be interested in knowing how to overcome other bad habits you have which might be proving a hindrance in the way of your success or dreams.

Would you like to know how to eliminate bad habits like overeating, smoking, procrastination, bad habits in relationships etc. You name it.

Ending bad habits requires a change in the way you think. Just forcing yourself to stop a bad habit may be very difficult and many people might not be able to do it.

If you want to learn how to eliminate bad habits within 21 days by changing your attitude, then I definitely recommend you to check out this resource today - Bad Habit Busting Program

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