Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just Do It

This post is about how to overcome fears and panic by implementing the Nike strategy. In my previous post, I had mentioned details about how we can overcome fears by educating ourselves. You can read that post here, it is a very useful one.

Another very effective method of overcoming fear is to feel the fear and still do the task anyway. The important thing here is not to try and overcome this fear you are feeling, but get up inspite of the fear and do it. Do not keep high expectations from yourself initially.

If you have fear of public speaking, still try to go on stage and deliver the speech. Do not have over-expectations from yourself that you will deliver a great spell-bounding speech. Just focus on going on the stage and saying something and getting the task done. Do not worry about whether you will be good or bad.

Just going on stage a few times and speaking would help in reducing your fears, then you can concentrate on improving your public speaking. Initially the trick is to try and get the thing done no matter how you do it. In this way you will not be overly worried about your performance, which can prove to be helpful in making you feel a lot more relaxed.

It is important to remember the following points for overcoming fears:

1. When you feel afraid of doing something, feel the fear and still do it anyway.
2. Do not worry about how you do it, just get the task done even if you do not do it properly.

Hope you found this article useful. An excellent resource to check out for overcoming fears, anxiety, panic is - Panic and Anxiety Help

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