Tuesday, January 2, 2007

An important attitude for success

There is a very useful attitude that you can have when you are
trying to achieve any goal. Try to have the following attitude for
any goals that you consider worthwhile and useful:

"I will try to achieve this goal no matter how much time it takes".

You may be determined to achieve a particual goal. However there is
a slight difference in the above mentioned attitude that makes it so
much more useful.

There are two powerful things in the above mentioned attitude and they are:

1. You are committing yourself to the goal for a very long time - this is important to develop persistence,

2. You are not keeping any time frames for achieving that goal. This is also
very important. When you lift the time constraints while trying to achieve something
you become more relaxed and positive. Not just that, your whole
approach to the goal may change.

You will now pay attention to a lot of details which you might have neglected before, you will take the time to gain information that is essential for your particular goal. After removing the time constraint, you may realize that the quality of your work has improved.

If you have time constraints, then you would try to rush things. You would try to achieve things quickly, try shortcuts and miss important steps in between. You may also not give sufficient time to learn new things which can be helpful in the pursuit of your goal.

So allow yourself time to gather information, learn the important stuff, do things at a pace with which you feel comfortable, so that you dont get overwhelmend.

If you take out the time limits and commit yourself for long time to your goal, and say to yourself that you will keep trying no matter how much time it takes, you are sending a message to your brain that you are not going to give up. This is a very powerful message and your mind is likely to respond in a similar fashion by becoming more focussed about your goal.

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