Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Information on home remedies for diabetes

A 3 year research by Malaysian University has confirmed that cinnamon has the potential to reduce blood sugar levels. The spice seems to bave a positive effect specially on Type II diabetes. Studies by Agriculture Research Service in United States have also found that certain substances in cinnamon helps cells become more responsive to insulin.

Type II diabetes causes cells to lose their ability to respond to insulin, the hormone that tells the body to remove excess glucose from the bloodstream. This condition usually develops in people in their middle age and prematurely kills an estimated 100 million of the world’s population every year.

Dr. Mohammad Roji who is the research and development manager at UTM (University Technologi Malaysia) has further added that cinnamon extract was found to improve blood circulation, heal wounds, reduce pain spasm and prevent ulcer and allergies.

Cinnamon is an ingredient used in cooking, and in cakes, pastries and beverages like coffee and tea.

Various Home Remedies for Diabetes - Herbal medications for diabetes
1. Regular grape juice can cure diabetes.

2. Boil 3-4 fresh mango leaves and drink each morning.

3. Regular intake of two tender leaves each of neem and bilva in the morning can help in reduction of blood sugar levels.

4. Soybean which is full of proteins, iron, calcium and Vitamin A can be helpful in diabetes.

5. Soaked almonds taken in morning on an empty stomach.

6. 45 mins to 1 hour walk each morning can help in maintaining proper body weight and correcting insulin resistance.

You can try the above home-made herbal diabetes care remedies.

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This is a great remedy. I never knew that mango was a helpful fruit. I will pass the information on to my aunt, she has diabetes.

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