Sunday, January 21, 2007

7 Tips to Manage Stress At Workplace:

A common complaint nowadays is about too much stress at workplace. I am providing below few tips to help you deal better with stress at your workplace. Hope you find the tips useful, you may also check out my previous post : 22 Tips to Handle Stress (Opens in a new window).

Try these tips to manage stress at your workplace:

1. Take frequent breaks throughout the day. It will help clear your mind and relieve pressure. It can be something as simple as going to the water cooler for a drink or tea.

2. Try pacing your activities. Do more demanding work in the morning, when your energy level is higher, and easier work later in the day, when you may be tired. This way your day can go smoothly.

3. Vary your routine to work. Get to work early sometimes or stay late once a week. You may be able to accomplish more when you vary your routine.

4. Relax the face : The body has an effect on the mind and vice versa. If body is relaxed, the mind also follows suit. And the face leads the way for the body. If the face is tense the musles in other regions of the body too tend to tense up. So whenever you feel stressed, begin by relaxing facial expressions, get rid of the frown and smile more often.

5. If you are in an argument with someone, before you say something which you might regret later get away from the stressor and collect yourself. You can look away for a moment, or put the caller on hold. Use your time-out to take a few deep breaths, stretch, or count to ten.

6. Boosting your vitamin intake can help in dealing better with stress. But try aAvoiding stress formulas, which often contain large amounts of randomly formulated nutrients such as the B vitamins, but little else.

7. Try tea which can be a good stress reducer. Tea contains caffiene is much less quantity compared to coffee. So it should not be harmful to have a few cups of tea per day.

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