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Make feet soft - Home made feet lotions to get nice soft feet

A person spends a lot of time each day walking or standing. The feet support the whole body and also affect gait and posture. Still we tend to neglect them. In order to take proper care of your feet you need to do the following:

(i) Exercising :
The first important point to remember is to buy shoes of right size and also consider the length of heels. It is preferable to buy shoes in the afternoon or evening when the feet are swollen from the day's walking so that you get the right size.

Next important point to remember is to exercise your feet. Just because you have been walking all day long that does not mean your feet have been exercised. You need to relax your tired feet muscles. Sit comfortably in a chair and clench your toes, then relax them - do this about 5-10 times each day.

Next draw circles in the air with your feet, one foot at a time - first in clockwise direction then in anti-clockwise direction. This strengthens the ankle muscles.

(ii) Bathing the feet :
Besides exercising, also have a footbath in the evenings on a regular basis. Take a basin of warm water and add a little salt to it. Then soak your feet in this. This should provide instant relief to your aching feet. You can also apply a lotion of glycerine and rose water. After your feet dry, apply talc.

(iii) Massaging the feet:
You can massage your feet with useful lotions. Below you can find some recipes to make feet lotions at home.

Home-made feet lotions for soft, clean feet:
You can make lotions for softening and cleaning your feet from common home products, you do not have to buy expensive products from market. Below are some recipes:

1. Mix together (in a bowl) half water and half lemon juice, then gently dip a paper towel into the mixture and apply to feet. This Softens and smooths the feet and removes foul odors.

2. Take 1 tablespoon almond oil,
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon wheat germ oil
12 drops eucalyptus essential/fragrance oil

Mix all the above ingredients in a dark colored bottle, shake extremely well. To use just rub into the feet and heels. Store in a cool dry place.

3. For soft feet, rub baby lotions all around your feet including the sides, inside of toes etc. Rub each feet for a minimum of 2-3 minutes for best results.

Learn more about making pleasant-smelling bath products at your home - click here

Cracked heels:
Cracked heels, peeling and itchy skin etc. indicate lack of attention to feet. Cracked heels are common for people who are constantly on their feet thus exerting pressure on the feet pad. Below are given some home remedies for cracked heels:

1. Apply pulp of a ripe banana on the dry or cracked area of the heel. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it clean.

2. Soak the feet in lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Do this on a weekly basis until you see an improvement.

3. Mixture or glycerine and rose water which is mentioned above in the footbath can help in healing cracked heels.

4. Orange scrub: This is an ideal foot scrub. Take two oranges, one cup of oil (any vegetable oil will do), and one cup of sea salt. Mix together salt and oil. Thickly slice the oranges into rings. Dip them into this oil and salt lotion and start rubbing all over the feet. Use generously on the hardened skin areas. Keep rubbing vigorously for 10 minutes, then rinse off. This cleans your feet, cools and softens them.

5. Rub the soles of your feet, toes, heels etc. vigorously in circular motions with a lemon sliced into half. This can cure calluses on the feet.

Other suggestions for overcoming cracked heels is to keep the feet clean from dirt, avoid walking barefoot as much as possible, exercise the feet regularly and take regular foot baths.

Shoe bites:
Shoe bites can be caused due to ill-fitting or new shoes. You can follow these preventive measures whenever you buy a new pair of shoes. Apply petroleum jelly to the inside of shoes, leave it overnight then next day clean it with a cloth and wear the shoes.

You may also apply a little coconut oil to inside of the shoes for 3 consecutive nights in order to soften them.

Smelly feet:
Do you or any of your friend or relative suffer from smelly feet? If so, you may find this section helpful to get rid of the problem.

What causes smelly feet? The main thing that causes feet smell is sweat. The feet contain nearly three million sweat glands. Though sweat is just salt and water and it does not have a smell of its own, but the smell can be caused due to bacteria present on our skins. The main reason some people's feet, socks and shoes smell worse than other peoples' is that some people sweat more than others.

Try the below suggestions to get rid of smelly feet problem:

  • Regularly have a footbath according to the instructions provided above ( under the heading - foot baths)
  • Always wear a clean pair of absorbent socks, preferably cotton.
  • In severe cases, you can wash your feet in green tea at the end of the day.
  • Massage your feet regularly with the home-made lotions as mentioned earlier.
  • You may apply an antiperspirant to your feet.

If you have a yellow layer on your finger or toe nails and you want it gone, use this tip:Rub the inside of a lemon On your nails, when they have a layer of lemon juice on them soak them in a bowl of warm milk for 10-15 minutes, the milk will eat away at the yellow on your nails and you will be rid of it! This technique can also be used to strengthen your nails.

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Good one. Apart from this i kw some more remedies : Cracked heels are perhaps one of those problems which majority of the people have to face yet it mostly ignored. They not only look bad but also are extremely painful and become a perpetual problem due to lack of care.
The best way to prevent them is to keep soles clean. Wear shoes which cover the whole feet while going out especially in sandy and dusty or dirty places.
Wear sleepers at home because there are dust particles on the floor also.
Keep feet in warm water for 10 minutes and then scrub them with pumic stone. It will remove dead cells and keep the foot skin soft and healthy.
Dry the heels properly. Moisture left in cracks is injurious.
Apply some good moisturizer or foot creams and wear soft socks. The best time to do the cleaning is before sleeping as feet will take rest and will not be in touch with dust. They will get time to heels.

Cracked Heels