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Simple Tips To Have More Energy Everyday

Do you have difficulty waking up in the mornings,
Do you always feel tired?
Do you always complain of fatigue?
Do you wish you had more energy during days?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to increase your energy levels.

The following are some of the advantages of having high energy:
1. Stronger immune system
2. You stay younger longer.
3. The energy tends to increase year after year.
4. You can easily develop a more positive outlook.
5. You develop stronger ability to cope with change.
6. Your body can more easily rid itself of stress and its affects.
7. You can work more, putting in more enthusiasm and using your energy for constructive purposes.
8. You feel lighter and more joyful.
And many more benefits.

Below are given simple tips that may be helpful for increasing your energy and enthusiasm levels.

Tip #1: How to wake up energized in the morning:
If you have trouble waking up in the mornings follow this simple exercise to freshen up which you can do while in bed:

Unroll your ears! Beginning at the top of the ear, gently smooth out the creases. When you get to the earlobe, give it a gentle tug. This simple exercise is a great way to start your morning with plenty of energy!

Tip #2: Almost all your movements throughout the day should begin with your legs and hips.
This can free up energy which could have been otherwise locked. Whether you get up from a chair, sit down, walk, bend down etc. try to start the movement from your legs and hips. If you do this consistently then you would likely feel less exhausted at end of the day.

Tip #3: Know your personal energizers:
Notice things that make you feel relaxed, joyful and energized (any particular job, activity, people, time alone or time with others, certain food etc.) Try to spend more time doing things that energize you.

I am including some examples below to help you in identifying your personal energizers:
Spending time in nature,
Physical movement (walking,running,exercise, etc.)
Being with babies and young children,
Doing anything you enjoy,
Serving others,
Sufficient Sleep,
Water (without adequate water, energy can not flow in your body),
Thoughts of joy and gratitude,
natural scenery,
Other things.

Make a list and then everyday try to include at least one of them (preferably more) in your daily schedule. If you cannot do something then it can help if you just visualize it, for example - if being near an ocean watching the waves has a soothing effect on you but you are not physically near a coastal region, then spend some time visualizing it in detail as if you are really there.

Tip #4. Recognize what drains and depletes your energy and try to spend less time doing those things or if possible avoid them completely. A few things that can drain your energy are:

Trying to meet other's expectations of who you are, stress, hurt, negative emotions, panic and anxiety, negative self talk, anger, physical pain, illness, eating unhealthy food etc.

Tip #5: Instant Energizer:
If you would like an immediate burst of energy at the end of a long and tiring day at office, here is a simple solution to get the much needed energy:
Drink a mixture of grape and lemon juices in equal quantity and watch the feeling of tiredness go away.

The above given tips are simple and practical. Make a habit of following them on a daily basis if you want to see improved results in your life. In addition to the above tips, you also need to have a good night's sleep. For tips on having a good night's sleep, read my articles:
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Read this article on 5 tips for more energy and confidence and also check out the complete program to end tiredness - Get rid of tiredness now, so that you can enjoy new energy and stamina.

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