Friday, February 2, 2007

3 Easy Steps to Benefit From Failures

Failures are said to be stepping stones to success, but they can only be so when you learn from them and avoid them in the future. It is bad enough to fail, but worse if you do not learn from failure. You can make each failure count by learning something from it.

How can you learn from failure? I am providing below 3 simple steps which can be used to make each failure count, so that you are better prepared next time.

Step 1 : Analyze Your Fears: Whenever you fail, take a piece of paper and write down atleast 3-5 important lessons that you learned from this failure. This exercise will force you to ponder on your failures and focus on lessons from them which you may have otherwise missed.

Step 2: Move on: Now that you have learned some things from your failure, its time to forget about it and move on in life. Don't dwell on your past mistakes. If anytime thoughts of past failures come to your mind, read from the paper and recall the lessons you have learnt from these mistakes. Reminding yourself of the lessons learnt from your mistakes helps in taking your mind off the failure and instead dwell on the positive side (i.e. the lessons learnt).

Step 3: Do not be afraid to try out new things: Now that you have learnt something from your mistakes and are better prepared than before, use these lessons while attempting similar things in the future. When you keep in mind the lessons learnt from previous mistakes, you lessen your fear of trying out new things because you know that you are now more prepared than earlier.

Use the above 3 steps for any major failure or mistake you have made in your life whether it is in professional or personal life. Failures, though bitter, help us to learn and grow. But we can derive positive effects from failure only when we make an effort to learn from them and improve ourselves.

If you still feel negative or resentful of your failures, think about a time when you achieved some worthwhile success. Think about how many times you failed and how many mistakes you made before finally succeeding. This will help you realize that failures are a part of learning curve and there will be obstacles and dissapointments along the way of most endeavours you undertake. Learn to accept them as part of life and use the above 3 steps to benefit from failures rather than getting disheartened about them. Download free E-book about success and failure by clicking - here.

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