Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Accept Yourself and Improve Self-Esteem Doing a Simple Exercise: It Takes Less Than 10 Seconds

People with low self-esteem always find fault with themselves while people with healthy esteem are aware of their shortcomings but still accept themselves as they are and do not worry too much about their weaknesses. This article talks about a technique which can help us start accepting ourselves fully and loving ourselves despite out shortcomings so that our self-esteem improves.

I happened to stumble upon a good technique to improve our self esteem and accept ourselves as we are with our strengths and weaknesses.

The real secret to healthy self-esteem is that we should be able to accept and like ourselves despite our weaknesses and shortcomings. This is easier said than done, so here is a technique which should make you accept yourself for who you are.

I read this technique at some website and instantly liked the idea behind it. Lets call this the 'mirror technique'.

Everyday, stand in front of the mirror and look directly into your own eyes. While staring at your eyes say the following words with conviction:

"I completely and deeply love and accept myself just the way as I am right now".

Say the above words with strong feelings and conviction. It may not help much if you just say the words mechanically. Repeat 3-5 times.

Do the above exercise every morning and also in the evening. After a few days you may start noticing that your self-esteem is really improving, you are starting to accept yourself along with your weaknesses and still going on in life with a happy and positive attitude.

Your relationships with other people may start improving because a person with a low self-esteem cannot keep proper relations with people. His/her insecurities, fears etc. get in the way and may spoil relations with others.

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