Monday, February 12, 2007

3 Simple Diet Changes to Skyrocket Your Energy Levels

Poor diet can drain your mental and physical energy. If you fill your body with junk food, it can even affect your moods and mental clarity besides affecting your digestive system. It has been said that the digestive system in the human body consumes most of our energy for digesting food. Therefore it follows that the less burden we place on our digestive system, the less energy it consumes and more energy will be available at our disposal.

Below are given simple diet changes you can make in order to overcome lethargy, become more active, healthy and also boost your immunity.

Tip #1: Eat more salad:
Eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. Start having more salad at every meal that you eat. This should not be hard for you to do, and you can notice considerable difference after just a few weeks of including more salad, fruits and grains in your everyday diet.

Tip #2: Increase juice intake:
Drink fresh fruit juices and make this a part of your everyday diet. Ideally, fruit should be eaten raw, with its skin or with the skin peeled off on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before meals. But if you are not so keen on eating fruits, the second best method would be to squeeze its juices. This way you can get used to enjoying the benefits of fruits, and with time your appetite for raw fruits may increase.

Tip #3: Do not eat your fill:
This is very important. While eating, finish your meals with just a bit of room left in your stomach. Eating till you fill your stomach will put a lot of burden on the digestive system & drain a lot of your energy.

Did you ever notice how sleepy and lazy you feel after a heavy meal? Avoid heavily stuffing your stomach, instead, make a habit of not eating before you feel very hungry and stop eating before you have filled you belly. Research has shown that 6 small meals a day can better for health than 3 big ones. Always be kind to your stomach.

If you make the above 3 changes to your diet, and keep at it for a few weeks, you may soon notice a surge in your energy levels and mental alertness, enjoy immunity boost and radiant health. All the best!

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