Sunday, February 11, 2007

How to write faster and better

Let us discuss some ways of how you can write better and faster. Whatever it is you want to write - whether an exam paper, article for magazines, newspapers, writing a book etc., the tips here should help you put your in putting your thoughts on paper.

Step 1:
The first step is to list down all the important points you want to make in your article. Go through the list in detail so that you do not miss any important point. You may just write down a keyword or phrase to remind you of the point, no need to write complete sentences at this point of time.

Step 2:
After listing all the points, arrange them in a logical sequence now - which point should come first, which should come next etc.

Step 3:
You have now done the preparation work for writing the article. It has been said that effective people spend more time on preparation than on doing the actual work. You now have the outline of the article. The remaining steps should now be simple to implement.

Start going through each point in your list and explain them in a brief manner. Try to make the explanations as brief as possible because the readers may not have enough patience to read if the article is too lengthy.1-3 short paragraphs for each point should do the job. But make sure that you have made your point clear, do not sacrifice clarity for the sake of being brief.

#While explaining the points, make sure that you write down as fast as you can. Writing down fast can help prevent mental blocks. Do not worry about spelling mistakes, grammatical errors etc. at this stage (you can correct the errors in #Step6). The trick is to write fast without thinking much, if you think too much then you are likely to get stuck. Just focus on explaining each point and moving on to the next point. Focus on completing the task at hand.

Step 4:
Make sure that your article has appropriate headings, sub-headings or sections for easier readability. Many people just scan through articles without reading them in full. By dividing the article in sub-headings and highlighting them, you are making it easier for people to scan through the article as they can read in detail whatever point interests them and skip the rest.

Step 5:
Only after finishing the article,try giving it a suitable title. It is not recommended to begin with a title as that may restrict your thinking to just the title. Its better to think of the title at the end, then it is more likely to be a suitable one for your article.

Step 6:
Re-read the article. Make any desired changes, improvements etc. Check for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors and correct them. You can keep re-reading and revising your article till you are satisfied. Finally you should be ready with your article. Congrats! (By the way, I used this same 6-step method of writing this article, and it took me less than 10 minutes to finish it).

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