Friday, February 9, 2007

How To Deal With Negative People

You may have a friend or relative who is always complaining about something or the other. Such complainers are usually negative people who look for fault in everything and everybody. They do not know how to enjoy life and sulk over the minutest of things. They have little confidence in their themselves and may also try to discourage others.

If you just listen to them silently go with their complaints, it can affect your thinking also. If you try to stop them, they may take offense. Even trying to reason with them may not help much. So what can you do if you run into such people?

The best way would be not to argue with them in order to bring them out of their negativity. Instead, respond to them with your own optimistic views. Listen calmly to their complaints then give a positive response. After some time they too may start seeing the positive side of things. Even if they are unwilling to accept your positive views, atleast they will stop bothering you. This approach is far better than mere arguing with them to adopt more positive outlook.

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