Friday, February 9, 2007

How to learn new skills fast

People who mimic the actions of successful people can learn similar skills very quickly. If you want to improve yourself in a particular area, look for and identify people who are successful in that area. Then choose 3 of their activities that seem to be highly effective.

Mimic those 3 activities as much as possible during the day. While sleeping att night, our brains rewire new skills based on what we did during the day so that they can become part of our future responses in similar situations.

So choose 3 of the best actions, habits, strategies etc. of succesful people in your chosen field and keep repeating those actions till they become a habit with you. This is a real fast way of learning new skills skipping a lot of trial and error.

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fatima said...

Thats seems to be a good idea to learn new skills faster.