Sunday, February 11, 2007

Suffering From Poor Sleep Quality? Keep a Sleep Diary for Better Sleep

Do you suffer from poor sleep quality? If you do, then you probably are not alone. A lot of people nowadays, even youngsters suffer from lack of quality sleep and irregular sleep patterns.

Not just the quantity, but the quality of sleep is also very important. Lack of quality sleep can result in illnesses and other problems over time. So you have to pay attention and realize the importance of quality of sleep.

So how to improve sleep quality?
If you have trouble falling asleep at night, or do not have regular sleeping pattern then the following technique should be very useful. Keep in mind that you would need to follow this technique atleast for a few weeks in order to see some good results.

The technique is simple and involves maintaining a sleep diary. A sleep diary helps you to monitor your sleeping pattern and become aware of irregular sleep schedule and bad sleeping habits. Becoming aware is the first step to developing better sleep habits.

In your sleep diary you should make note of the following things daily. The more detail you add in your diary, the better:

1. What food you had for dinner?
2. Did you drink something after dinner?
3. When did you retire to bed?
4. How long did it take you to finally sleep?
5. Had you taken any naps during the day? If yes, how many and for how long?
6. What time did you wake up in the morning?
7. How fresh did you feel on waking up in the morning?
8. How would you rate the quality of your sleep on a scale of 1-10?
9. Did you get up anytime during the night? If so, how many times?
10. Do you follow almost the same sleeping and waking up schedule everyday?
12. Is the room where you sleep at night dark and comfortable?
13. Does your mattress and pillow feel comfortable?
14. Any further observations you might like to add.

Sleep diary can give you very powerful information regarding your sleep habits and sleep, wake schedule.

When you maintain it for a few weeks, you shall soon notice a pattern emerging. Once armed with the knowledge, you can take steps to start developing healthy sleeping habits.

Sleep diary can help you in the following ways:
1.It provides you valuable information about your sleep patterns and habits.
2.It can improve the quality of your sleep.
3.It can help in reducing stress levels.
4.It can help you in maintaining sound health by eliminating sleep inconsistencies from your life.
5. You can gradually overcome poor sleep quality and develop strong and healthy sleeping habits that can stand you in good stead.

Below are mentioned few resources to help you further improving the quality of your sleep so that you can have more energy everyday.

Improve the quality of your sleep with the following resources:
1.Get Rid of Insomnia Naturally and sleep better.

2. Making Sleeping pills at your home - avoid side-effects and get rid of sleepless nights

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