Sunday, February 11, 2007

Easy Anger Management Technique

If you have a wild temper and want to tame it, here is a simple technique to help you eliminate the habit of anger.

Find out something that you love doing. It can be any activity like fishing, gardening, swimming, cooking, going for a walk, stitching. Any activity which keeps you busy, which you enjoy doing and which can take your mind off anger for some time will do.

Now after you have chosen an activity that suits you best, make sure you keep doing it every time you fell anger building up within you. Move away for some time from the situation or person that is making you angry and use this time to indulge in your chosen activity, long enough till the anger vanishes. If you keep doing this, the frequency of your temper outbursts is likely to get reduced. Eventually you can become more controlled and can conquer your anger habit quite easily.

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