Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ways to Improve Memory Naturally

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Whenever we try to remember something - like an idea or a conversation or an event, the first thing we usually do is to recall the place where we were when it happened.

Can you guess why we try to recall the place when it does not have anything to do with the information we are trying to remember?

It seems that we are programmed to associate places with experiences. According to 'Scientific American Mind', we have special cells in our brain which keep track of various places we have been. These cells communicate with others that have the job of evaluating what we were doing at the time.

How can we use this information to improve memory naturally?
Since our brains may use places to trigger memories, why not pay special importance to our surroundings at all times so that we may remember and recall important information better. Thus we can improve memory skill.

We may follow various strategies or tips for remembering information we might need to recall later - like a telephone number etc. We might repeat it till it becomes drilled in our memory, or write it down etc. Let us add another technique to our memorizing.

Lets start paying closer attention to our surrounding.

How to improve long term memory?
By making a habit of being aware of your surroundings and observing small details within it, we might be making our memories stronger. Improving your observation skills might improve your short term and long term memory.

Lets consider this as a game to improve memory. From now on, lets start honing our observation and concentration skills. This can be one of the best ways to improve memory naturally. I came across this useful tip in the following article - Boost your memory

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