Saturday, August 18, 2007

How to stay positive in tough situations

It can be difficult to maintain positive attitude in tough situations. Here is a very good method of doing our best to stay positive despite things not going the way we want them to.

Whenever we are faced with a challenging or seemingly negative situation, we can ask ourselves - "what positive stance can I take in this situation?". Then try to think of positive replies. By asking yourself this simple question each time you are faced with a tough situation, you can avoid becoming negative and maintain a positive attitude.

You can ask yourself this question for each failure, weakness, setback, difficulty, negative outcome etc. that you face in life.

After I started using this method, I have really been able to focus my concentration on positive things I can do in any undesired situation instead of dwelling on the negatives as I previously used to do.

This method has proved useful for me to stay positive at all times, and it should also be useful to others. Try it out yourself and see the results.

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