Monday, March 17, 2008

Do Calorie Based Diet Plans Work?

There are many kinds of diets popular in today's society (specially calorie based diet plans) which are not at all much effective against weight loss. That is why people struggle with these diets and fail to lose weight.

Finally they end up frustrated and disappointed. Below are examples of few diet programs which do not work much effectively for losing weight.

Low Fat Foods Diets:
Low fat foods are not good for weight loss. Want proof of this? Just take a look at our society, it is getting obese day by day. People are going on low fat diets still the society is facing this problem. Isn;t this proof enough!

Low Calorie Diets:
Low calorie diets might be one of the worst things for you, because it can slow down the body's fat burning engine and lessen the chances of losing weight. They might work for a few days initially, but soon come to a halt.

Low Carb Diet Plans:
Low carb diets are extremely difficult to follow and strict for the average people. And they would rob our body of too much energy.

Want to know about one of the best weight loss diet plans:
You now realize that most of the calorie based diet plans and low fat food diets do not work, so what to do now?

People are usually overweight for the some simple reasons -- like eating wrong kind of foods, and other wrong eating habits.

What if you can lose weight by eating the right kind of foods and by following a pattern of eating instead of starving yourself or dieting? Wouldn't you be interested? That is what "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" diet program is about.

Our brain controls the release of Fat Burning Hormones after each meal. So each time we eat something there are 2 types of hormones released into the bloodstream, and together they control fat burning and fat storage.

These two hormones are controlled by the foods that we eat. The "Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan" manipulates the fat burning hormones of the body in order to lose weight.

So this diet plan works in a way that other diet plans in the market do not. It makes food your friend and not the enemy for losing weight. It claims that within 11 days you can start to see considerable differences.

Another excellent thing about this diet plan is that it is quite easy to follow unlike other diet programs. Many people have reported success with this program and have given positive reviews.

You can check it out here - Fat Loss 4 Idiots Download

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