Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stop Binge Eating Disorder - 1 Succesful Technique

One of the ways to stop binge eating disorder forever is to slow down the pace at which you eat. Whenever I eat uncontrollably and find it difficult to stop eating even when I'm full, I have noticed that most of these times I eat at a frantic pace.

It is as if I want to finish the food as quickly as possible and eat as much as I can. Slowing down eating can really reduce the food cravings and uncontrollable urges to a great extent.

But when you are having a bout of binge eating attack, then it can be very difficult to reduce your eating speed. You really have to force yourself to slow down. You may slow down for a couple of bites, but again unconsciously pick up speed. I know it can be very difficult to control your speed while eating.

Eating Slow is Very Important
But reducing the eating speed is very essential in order to eat less and control binge eating. While binge eating, we are not really enjoying the food. We are just gulping down as much and as fast as we can.

Slowing down means to take smaller bites, chew them more, and take more time between successive bites. When you are eating slowly you will enjoy the food more, chew it properly so that it is easily digested and will not tend to overeat. So slowing down your eating pace is of paramount importance in order to stop binge eating disorder permanently.

An Easy Technique I Have Tried .....
I will tell you one technique to easily reduce pace while eating. Just before you start eating, take a moment to close your eyes and visualize yourself eating the food which you have in front of you at the moment. For example, if you are sitting down to eat apples, visualize eating them in your mind first.

Notice the pace at which you eat in your visualization. I think that if we are eating at a higher speed in our visualization, we will tend to do the same in reality and vice versa. Imagine that you are watching yourself eating the food on TV. Now try to run the movie in slow motion so that you are watching yourself eat very slowly in your imagination.

Carry this exercise just for a minute or so before eating. You may notice your eating speed has automatically decreased. If you can successfully reduce your eating speed then you can stop binge eating disorder successfully in a short period of time.

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