Saturday, February 6, 2016

Entrepreneurs - Don't Take Advice From People Who Don't Understand Your World

If you are  a person with an entrepreneurial bent of mind you will have noticed from quite an early age that you are somehow different than most people. You want to do things that are different from what most others would do. Your ideas and plans seem impractical and even crazy to many. If that is the case then read the advice that follows very carefully. It can save you tons of frustration, anger, wasted hours and wasted energy.

Whenever you plan to do something, like starting a new business venture or are thinking of something crazy like quitting your job to start your own business, it is of no use to go to such people for advice who have never been entrepreneurs, those who resist change and who shun and run away from novel experiences.

In such cases, it is far better if you do not speak your intentions but rather keep them concealed within your breasts, and go on to do what you want to do because if you tell others they are going to stop you in many different ways.. So it is better not to tell them when they will not understand you. These people are not used to going against social conditioning or going against the stream to do things which they like or live life according to their terms.

What is the use of taking advice from people who have never lived life fully, who don't know the meaning of living and who are just following the norms of society and do what everybody else does or just do what they are told. They lack the courage to even think otherwise, even in their minds and imaginations, let alone actually doing the deed of going against popular customs. You and them are not the same. They will never understand why you want to take such a big risk and leave a good job to start your own business. They will think you are crazy or someone has brainwashed you.

The elders among them, who like to think themselves as wise and experienced, would tell you that you have not seen life, you don't know its ups and downs, you are immature and impractical. They will say that you would do well by listening to the advice of seniors as you are not fit to make your own decisions. These are timid, poor souls who cannot understand your crazy whims nor can you look at the world from their viewpoint. Their well-meaning words of wisdom are unlikely to resonate with you.

It is then best not to discuss your entrepreneurial plans or  ideas with them in the first place. However if you commit the mistake of mentioning the ideas then the next best thing is not to argue with these people as that will only drain you needlessly of your energy. These people will make you feel stupid and crazy to even think the way you are thinking. Better to stay quiet and say nothing. Eat your words and just listen silently to their 'sound' and 'practical' advice. When they are done, politely ask their leave and do what you desire.

If you are really seeking advice then ask people who will understand you, who think like you and who have done similar things in their lives. But be warned that such people are very few. They are rare to find. If you can meet someone who has done something similar to what you wish to do, you can speak to that person. Otherwise keep silent and keep your own counsel. Not consulting anyone or taking advice is better than taking it from fools.

I am not implying that you should not take advice and do whatever comes to your mind and act irresponsibly on impulse without second thought. But take advice from the right people. Who have done what you wish to do, have been there where you want to go. Or at least they should have an open mind and you should know them to be wise and understanding. You are welcome to discuss your matter with such people. At the same time, don't forget to consult yourself! It is important to think hard, maybe ponder repeatedly before taking any major step which can have huge impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

People with an adventurous or entrepreneurial spirit usually like to give things a try on impulse. If any thought comes to their mind and they find it interesting or fascinating, they don't care much about other things and just want to give it a try. They are more readily willing to experiment with new things. They actually want to have rich and varied experiences in life so that they can live life fully and experience all it has to offer. These people are almost always the first to get up after they have fallen down, try one more time after they have failed on previous attempt, and be willing to take risks to get to where they want to go.

They do not want to live life according to rigid set of rules passed down to them by their peers or parents. To them living is all about experimenting, experiencing, learning, growing and enjoying. They prefer to enjoy the thrill of a new experience rather than just stick to old ways. They might even get bored easily and crave new things. Are you one among them? If yes join our entrepreneur's group on Facebook.

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