Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Fun, Exciting Way To Decorate Your House Walls With Wall Plates

If you want to do something crazy and fun with your house walls then stick plates on them to make them look beautiful and novel. This might seem a crazy suggestion but you will be surprised how many people around the world do it to decorate their walls.
Many interior decoration experts specialize in this. Decorating your walls with plates is an inexpensive way to beautify the look of your rooms. Plates can be an alternative to using large paintings or wall papers. If you do not like paintings or if you find them too expensive, then plates may be just the thing for you.
Still not convinced? Let us see some pictures below to show you how others are doing it: 

Let’s Get Started:Now that you had a good look at how walls look with plates on them, let us explain a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to implement this idea.
1. Use a lot of white plates while decorating the wall. The white plates look good and are a safe bet for people who are not sure which color would suit their walls better. Moreover, if you have dark-colored walls, the white plates would look super cool on them.
Some people would like to put plates of many different colors together. If you want your room to look lively and colorful you can employ this strategy. This can look very pretty if done properly.
2. Don’t use plates on all walls of a room. If you have a big hall or living room, then sticking plates on one of the walls may give it a good look. It will bring that section of the room into focus.
3. While symmetry is good in design, sometimes being wild and asymmetrical can be fun. This is specially true with the case of wall plates. Having plates of different shapes and sizes can give a lively and fancy look, rather than having all plates of same size and shape.
4. You can use disc hangers or wire plate hangers to hang the plates. The disc hangers are a good option if you want a clean look. You may also use a paperclip and super glue at the back of the plate to stick them to the walls. You can search online for suitable plate hangers and decide which one among the many options suit you better.
5. The next thing to consider is the design in which you are going to hang the plates. There are many ways to go about this. You can form a square, rectangle, circle or diamond shape with the plates. Or you may go for a totally different or fancy shape.
If you are feeling really creative or wild then you may just start hanging up plates on the fly without any plan or pattern. The results can be sometimes mindbogglingly amazing and gorgeous!
6. When you choose a design, take measurements of the plates and trace out the design on paper which you can stick on the wall. Once everything is to your liking, you can remove the paper and put the plates in their place, fixing them with hangers or pins.
7. Make sure, while hanging the plates, that the color on the walls does not come off as it would spoil the whole look. First of all, you have to be careful so that the paint does not come off due to your mistake or rough handling.
Secondly the paint should also be of good quality so that it does not come off easily. If you want your house painting job to be done in a professional and neat manner then you can check out this service — house painters
8. The next thing to be careful about is to make sure the plates are securely stuck to the walls without any danger of them falling. If they are not properly stuck in place, there is a danger of them falling on someone. The plate may fall on the head of somebody or it may fall on a little child. To avoid such unpleasant accidents, take proper precautions to ensure safety.
9. Proper lighting can enhance the effect of the wall plates. Test and experiment with different kinds of lighting to see whether the plates look more beautiful in a bright room or when the lights are dim.
10. Selecting the right kind of plates is an important job. You can select either plastic plates, ceramic or fine china ones. You may go for artistic plates which have intricate designs on them or plain ones with little to no design or pattern on them. Many of the wall plates come in vintage or middle-century styles.
11. If you want any help or assistance you can also check the various online resources at your disposal. For example, if you are unsure of what type and what color plates to use, you can check out different home decoration sites for ideas. You may check out Pinterest where people have shared images of their rooms with plates hanging from the walls.
Explore the various ideas and use them as inspiration to spark your own creativity. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can check what others are doing. I am not saying to copy them as it is, but at least you can use some of the ideas or modify them to your liking.
While reading blogs and articles related to home decoration, you may come across tips and information which might prove useful. Make a note of these so that you can implement them. Next, you may look at shopping sites like Amazon etc to order specially designed wall plates.
All in all, have fun with decorating your walls with plates. You may impress a lot of guests who come to your house. You won’t find this thing being done in lot of houses, so there is a huge likelihood that people may be very impressed when they see something so rare and uncommon such as this. Have fun!

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