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Is Fat Loss 4 Idiots a Scam? Fat Loss 4 Idiots Reviews From People

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Reviews from Many People - What They Have to Say

There is one diet program which has been getting a lot of attention and positive feedback. It is the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet program. Also known as Weight loss 4 idiots.

So what exactly is this program? Is "fat loss 4 idiots " a scam or is it really as good as it claims to be?

I was researching for both positive and negative "fat loss 4 idiots" reviews on the internet. As it happens with almost every product, program or anything - you get both positive as well as negative feedback from people.

However I was pleasantly surprised that fat loss 4 idiots reviews were mostly (more than 70%) positive. Even the negative fat loss 4 idiots reviews were not so much negative (you can see a few negative points towards the end of this article). If people were not happy with 1 or 2 aspects about the program, they mentioned it in their feedback.

But most of them reported to having found atleast some success in losing weight after following this program.

And many people who gave the "fat loss 4 idiots" reviews seem to be those who might have tried many other diet programs earlier and were not satisfied with the results etc.

So it is nice to see some program which seems to be somewhat effective for weight loss. A good thing about this program is that it does not make tall or unnatural claims and the methods it employs may not adversely affect your health.

If you follow crash dieting or the unhealthy fad diets, then your health might get affected. The weight loss you may get with the unhealthy fad diets might be temporary and you might gain back the lost pounds later on.

But this does not look to be the case with the "weight loss for idiots" program. There are some special features of this program which set it apart from other such programs. You can read about them here: Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review - Does it Work

So is fat loss 4 idiots a scam?

I certainly don't think so after seeing a lot of reviews over the fast few months. To check out more details about this plan, visit - Fat Loss 4 idiots Download
Even though this program might not be a scam, and people might have really benefited with this program, but still there are a few shortcomings or faults which are important for you to know. They are given below.

Some Drawbacks of "Fat Loss 4 idiots" Program:

Keep some things in mind while going for this weight loss program. First of all, you can lose weight by following this program. But this does not mean that you can go back to your previous careless ways once you have lost the weight. It can come back again if you are not mindful.

If after following this diet program for a few days, you do lose weight and then stop dieting and go back to your previous ways, chances are that you may gain weight again after some time. In order to keep off that weight, you would need to get into the habit of healthy eating.

Secondly, this program recommends atleast 30 minutes of walking. If you want to stay healthy, fit and slim permanently, you would definitely need to keep up this habit even after you have quit this "fat loss 4 idiots" program.

Thirdly, the program says that you can lose 9 lbs every 11 days. But this may be a little bit over-hyped claim. It might not be possible and also not advisable to lose weight such rapidly. All persons are unique and each will lose weight at his/her own pace.

So saying that you can lose 9 lbs within 11 days can be wrong. But you should be able to lose 3-5 pounds in the 11 day cycle which is very good too. And you can keep repeating the 11 day cycle till you have lost all excess weight.

Conclusion - The Final Review of FL4I:
In the end what matters is that whether you are really losing weight or not, and doing so in a healthy manner and at a fast enough pace. Since many people have reported fast and easy weight loss after using this program, it can definitely be given a try.

My final conclusion after having "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" reviewed is that this weight loss program can definitely be given a try, and its quite cheap to try out too. Since it comes with a money back guarantee, you don't have much risk as well.

You can order this program from here and start on your fat loss mission:
Fat Loss 4 Idiots Website

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fat loss 4 idiots blog said...

Good post on the fat loss 4 idiots diet with pros and cons alike! If you'd like to submit a guest post to our fat loss 4 idiots blog sometime, let us know!

Fat loss 4 idiots diet said...

Fat loss 4 idiots is no way a Scam..

There are millions of people who must have used FL4I and lost unwanted pounds

Fatloss4idiots Diet said...

I really believe fatloss4idiots is one of the best weight loss methods that you can find on Internet .. and it is consistent .. if you follow it .. you will not only lose weight but find yourself living a different lifestyle .. and that's what counts in the end

Truth About Six Pack Abs said...

Yeah, I thinks by now it was tested by many people and founded useful.

Jeff said...

One of the nicer aspects of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan is the online menu generator. You plug in several of your favorite food choices and the menu generator gives you an 11 day meal plan with 4 meals a day.

In addition, unlike many other popular diet programs, Fat Loss 4 Idiots does not require you to buy any special foods or the expensive pre-packaged foods. You are able to simply continue buying fresh foods at your grocery store as you normally do.

So, what kind of meals will you be eating with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan?

Although everyone is different, here is just a quick sample of a few choices you'll have for a typical day.

Meal 1: Banana milk shake or Oatmeal

Meal 2: Tuna salad or fruit salad

Meal 3: Fish Filet or a sandwich of your choice

Meal 4: Cottage cheese or scrambled eggs meal

At first glance this may not seem like a lot of food, but keep in mind that with Fat Loss 4 Idiots, you are not limited to portion sizes. Also, you are eating 4 meals per day and not the more typical 3 meals a day we are so accustomed to.

One of the goals of this diet plans to become filled up when eating, but not being overly filled. Add in plenty of water and you will be surprised at how easy it is to get through the day. I think we all know what it's like to be on diet programs where you feel starved and struggle to just get through the day.

Of course, most everyone can only take a few days or weeks of it and they quit. This is just one of the reasons Fat Loss 4 Idiots is different. You get to eat foods you enjoy and you get to eat enough that you're not walking away hungry.

**Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots Work?**

I can say that the people I've spoken too have mostly been very pleased with it. I've spoken to people who have lost 30 pounds and more on this diet in a relatively short time and were absolutely in love with it.

It doesn't work for everyone (nothing does) but it works for most of the people I've spoken to and I believe that you should be no different.

You can find out much more about this unique diet program here:

Good post, seems were pretty much in agreement on things - I just figured i'd post up a sample diet plan from there and some more info, etc.


Anonymous said...

I'm in my second cycle of the 11 day plan. It's day 5 and I haven't lost any weight this time yet. But the first 11 days I lost 10 pounds. WOW! I need some encouragement. I'm not sure why I haven't lost yet this time.

Anonymous said...

I just finished my first 11 days and now I am on my second. So, far I have lost 11 pounds. The second round has been slower as far as weight loss but I do like the diet.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Scam said...

I have been using this diet for about 3 weeks and I have lost about 11 pounds. In just 3 weeks. Its a great diet.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots said...

The best Fat Loss product I've encountered in my entire life is fat loss 4 idiots.
It is revolutionary diet system that uses the new calorie shifting method. And guess what? You can get SLIM by eating the RIGHT FOODS at the RIGHT INTERVALS each day.
It's not really any more complicated than that, that’s why it’s called like that :) and the way to start losing weight has nothing to do with starving yourself or jogging!
The reason you cannot lose weight by starving yourself (using a low calorie diet) is because your metabolism will detect any major drop in calories and it will then ADJUST ITSELF by burning fewer calories each day.
Low FAT diets do not work!
Low CALORIE diets do not work!

Fat Loss said...

thanks, your article is very informative.

Anonymous said...

I just started using fat loss 4 idiots and I can see a difference in my tummy area! It also gives me energy! It's only my third day, and I must say I love this diet, even though i cheated really badly today :(..but that was my fault, i was having a party! But, i haven't foubd one bad review on fat loss 4 idiots, I just really hope this will help me lose weight before school. If anyone has tips on how to lose more weight on this diet, please let me know :)!

Alisha said...

Is the 60 day guarante legitimate to those who did not benefit?