Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why Are Our Lives Stressed? The Root Cause of It All

Today I read a truly excellent article related to stress. This article completely changed my thinking about stress management.

Nowadays there is a lot of noise and cry about stress management. We are told to find the causes of stress in our life and then learn how to handle it efficiently.

I had read a great deal of such articles and wrote a few of them myself. But this article I read today completely changed my thinking on this topic. It made me realize the true cause of stress in our lives.

Too often we think that our jobs, work pressure, family relations, financial problems etc are the cause of our stress filled lives. Even I used to think so. We were busy finding ways to reduce stress in different areas of our lives.

While it may be true that these outside factors might be contributing a lot towards our feeling stressed out, but the real reason lies within us and not outside of us.

Outside factors do have an importance. But think about this for a moment - 2 persons with similar work pressures or family problems might feel different levels of stress. One may be greatly stressed while the other may be coping with it a little better.

What is the reason for this? The reason is because the latter individual has better control of his emotions and is not willing to let stress ruin his life.

This has been a big awakening of sorts for me. My focus has completely shifted from outside factors to our inner selves for dealing and overcoming stress in our lives.

Its true, we do have to find ways to eliminate problems in our lives and solve various issues. But whether we let outside factors affect us or not is our decision.

The real reason why we are worried and stressed out is that we let these factors get the better of us. We are letting our problems create havoc in our lives. If we decide not to get disturbed and not to lose peace of mind inspite of problems, then the problems would probably lose all power to destroy our peace.

Our worrying and fears do not do anything positive in solving our problems. So why spend time and waste energy in needless worrying.

I am not saying that you should not take steps to solve your problems. Infact, do your best to resolve difficulties and problems that come your way. But do not waste your energies in worrying and panic.

Learn to take positive steps for dealing with any difficult situation without getting bothered too much or getting desperate. If we can learn this self-control, then many problems of our lives will not be able to affect us mentally or emotionally.

We can become mentally tough individuals who can handle difficult as well as easy situations with strength, resolve and a positive attitude. Stress might get far away from our lives. We may not need to read stress related stuff or try pills to reduce our anxieties.

Self control is the key. We should try and live in the present, without being too much bothered about what the future holds for us. Let us try adn do the best we can today.

When tomorrow comes, we shall meet the problems and challenges that come with it with this same attitude. This way we can lead our whole lives without being consumed by stress and panic.

The main cause of stress in our lives is ourselves. Being affected by problems, constant worrying about problems, worrying about future, blowing things out of proportion and imagining the worst - these are some of the root causes of stress.

If we work on these habits, then we can attain permanent relief from stress. Sure, problems will still come and go in our lives, but they will hopefully not affect us in the way they have been doing so.

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